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21-04-2009, 21:43
here it is, 2000pts of pure destructive win, i believe this will stand up to all comers, and i cant see any glaring weaknesses

The Masque 90

Herald of Slaanesh
Level 1
Siren Song
Total 165

Herald of Slaanesh
Level 1
Many Armed Monstrosity
Steed of Slaanesh
Total 215

Herald of Nurgle
Level 1
Staff of Nurgle
Army Battle Standard Bearer
Icon of Great Despair
Total 365

16 Plaguebearers
Total 208

17 Daemonettes
Standard, Champion
Total 228

16 Daemonettes
Standard, Champion
Total 216

11 Horrors
Icon of Sorcery
Total 159

6 Screamers
Total 180

5 Flamers
Total 175

Total 1997

22-04-2009, 00:34
Man, what would you do against a lord on a dragon or a bloodthirster? then again there is the other side of the game...a magic heavy flying tzeentch army which can out maneuver you and bast you down

22-04-2009, 00:40
One of the tamest Daemons lists ive ever seen.

22-04-2009, 00:53
Looks like a balanced, rather friendly, list to me.

22-04-2009, 01:11
Is that one unit of Horrors really going to cast enough spells to matter? I am afraid you'll suffer against even moderate magic defence - and they are quite vulnerable if you don't dominate the magic phase from quite early on (i.e., blast them before they arrive in close combat).

If you don't want to go PD-heavy, you could try some of those nice demonic doggies instead, perhaps?

22-04-2009, 21:23
thanks for the comments, id personally like to think that ive made a daemon list that while playable does not make people give off a thrill shriek when i put it on the table,
the idea of the list is to disrupt and destroy, i spend the first few turns disorientating the enemy before moving in for the kill. This is done in two ways, first and formost is the magic phase, for my spells i will have the slaanesh heralds default to 1, unless they role slicing shards, the nurgle will always default. The basic idea of the magic phase to to use lots of low level magic that will idividually be easy to dispel will together start to take effect, the two heralds of slaanesh will cast there stupidity spell on their own dice + 1 army, the nurgle will cast miasma on one (this will be useless in the first couple of rounds but as combat approaches it will draw out dice), the horrors will then cast on 1, and on top of that i have the rod. This totals up to 4 spells that can be reliably cast and one that definetly will be, at least a couple of spells should get through and thats really all im aiming for, the major reason for the points investment was for magic defence. As the game goes on i can hunt enemy casters with siren song, screamers and the mounted herald.

Hopefully by the time crucial combats are starting i will have made at least 1 or 2 of the enemies best units stupid, then targeted the biggest threat with the masque, to lower their leadership. Combine this with the banner then even the best battle plan can crumble, im going to be forcing the enemy to make so many tests at -2ld (or more) that they are bound to fail some, this gives a better position to control the field and attack where i want to.

The second way of disruption involves using the masque and screamers to pick on weak or vunerable units such as warmachines while march blocking, this gives me even better chance to dominate movement. This could be very crucial with the large blocks of daemonettes which are brilliant flank units with the heralds for support.

As for the first poster, fighting either of those enemies would require tactics, id deploy properly so that i couldnt pick off units, attempt to weaken them with magic (make it stupid etc), them when it charged id counter charge if possible, i admit that i dont have a direct answer for them but i could manage it. Same with the flying tzeentch, yes it can blast me, but it cannot outmanouver, i have screamers and flamers to act as reargaurds and stop them flying in circles, the masque to hunt and siren song to force them to charge if they get too near.

23-04-2009, 11:15
Is the masque going in a unit of deamonettes or by itself?

23-04-2009, 11:24
She would go where she has to go according to her rules, I'm sure ;)

23-04-2009, 11:40
Sorry ive no idea then lol.If she goes into a unit she will burn with magic etc.By herself lots of arrows she only needs to fail the ward twice.....Slaaneshi demons are too weak when it comes to arrows and war machines.....

24-04-2009, 00:27
the masque cannot join units, therefore she will run around by herself, ive already heard countless people say that shes vunerable to missle fire but with movement 10 if shes getting shot often your doing something wrong, she is quick enough to hide, or position herself where she cannot be shot all the while using her abilities to hinder the enemy army and march block, overall i think that for 90 points she is brilliant for what she can do
and yes slaaneshi daemons are only t3, but so are bloodletters, they are also movement 6 so they shouldnt really be getting shot that much before they hit combat

any comments on changes that i should make to the list or is it fine as is?

24-04-2009, 03:23
It looks quite powerful and cheesy!

And I've even not started to read it :p.

Sorry mates, could not help it....

26-04-2009, 22:15
helpful :P

anyone else?

26-04-2009, 22:33
I can see this list struggling against pretty much anything.

The Nurgle stuff is a nice anvil unit but the army hasn't got a single hammer unit, very little magic power and below average defence but most daemon armies without Tzeentch characters suffer from lack of defence. Big expensive infantry blocks are going to get trashed by enemy chariots or cavalry, screamers aren't amazing and flamers on their own will get targeted and wiped out asap, they are only dangerous when an opponent has to worry about a dozen other things that can destroy his entire army (which is why the WAAC daemon armies are such a bad joke).

Certainly not over-powered, not even powered...I wouldn't call this balanced either, it just seems rubbish to me. :eek:

26-04-2009, 23:14
fair enough, i can except critism

i dont really think that your getting the whole point of this list though, the leadership element of the army mean that enemy units fail key charges while the flamers and screamers cause as much disruption as possible, march blocking targeting support units and warmachines. By the time i engage the bulk of the enemy army i should be fighting exactly on my terms in fights that are already in my favour.

On the magic defence point i dont think that im that weak, ive got 6 dispel dice and quick units that can be sacrificed to get rid of dangerous wizards. Ive already explained my magic offence.

I would also argue that daemonttes are fairly good hammers, the are movement 6 and so act like flankers but they also have static combat res to aid them in a straight fight. Their high movement also protects them form missile fire and they can engage the offending units pretty quickly. And while i admit that chariots can be a problem standard calvary are generally no match for daemonettes, the daemonettes strike first and their high amount of attacks combined with armour piercing usually ensures that they can kill enough to win the combat and break the enemy. Daemonettes biggest weakness are in fact prolonged combats where their frailty will start to tell on them over a number of rounds.

As i said before i dont mind criticism however i dont feel you have supported your points very well, saying screamers are rubbish is all fine and good but you didnt back this up with any particular reason, or indeed any suggestions as to what would be more useful which is a not particulary helpful

26-04-2009, 23:52
My appologies.
Re-reading it my post was a bit rushed and rather crap. :(

For the points Furies are far more effective than Screamers in my opinion, for what you get stat and abbility wise with a screamer they really are a very expensive choice. Meanwhile you could probably get 4+ small units of furies for the same points, and similar damage output.

While ranks and 2 S3 armour piercing possibly ASF attack each is certainly very good compared to other basic troops that doesn't make Daemonettes a hammer, your army is really lacking in hitting power. The strongest unit for damage output in combat is probably your flamers. And yes while M6 is very fast for a block infantry unit it isn't as fast as cavalry.

Your army is very inflexible, 3 big blocks, 1 little block, and 2 units of skirmishers, I don't think a compitent opponent with an okay balanced list would have much trouble turning that inflexibility to a massive advantage through use of cavalry, hammer units and the fact that most armies will outnumber you in both models and units by a fair bit.

I'm a huge supporter of balanced daemon armies, every punch back against the WAAC players who have dragged the army's name through the mud is a highly prized one. It's just your list to me, and it could just be my style of play making me feel this way, is lacking so many things.

27-04-2009, 11:25
The furies is an interesting idea, however my main reason for taking the screamers is for the swooping attack, it allows them to harass large infantry blocks or other targets thats they would have no hope of defeating otherwise all the while still using their movement to evade return damage. For the same points cost i could get 15 furies (either 3x5, or 1x10 and 1x5) they would certainly help with march blocking and would probably be better warmachine hunters, however i fear that their role would be limited simply to this, their leadership is too low to risk them in combats which they even have a rough chance of losing and they would not reliably be able to engage infantry even as flankers in most cases.

While i admit that daemonettes by themselves do no make hammer units, the inclusion of a herald changes this significantly. They help the damonettes cause enough casualities to win, i dont necessarily need to kill a lot, just enough to win, the static combat res and the icon then do the rest. Once ive made a unit flee it is very rare that it rallies again, the masque one herald and the screamers are charge 20 which is brilliant for running fleeing units off the board and the icon combined with the masques ability can ensure that it is very difficult for key units to pass their rally tests.

I wholely admit that the army is inflexibe, however when it comes down to it most daemon armies are, their points go very quickly into 2-3 main units (one usually being a greater daemon whuch easily eats up a quater of your points) and then a couple of support units. My army is no different, the main units here are obviously the daemonettes and the plague bearers, with the flamers, horrors and screamers acting in support in their own ways. However its makes up for its inflexiblity by being very good at doing what it does best. The plaguebearers for example are an amazing anvil, very few units can hope to bring this down in a straight fight and the amount of points invested in it (nearly 600) ensures that the enemy is going to have to try and attack it. The rest of the army basically works round this, damonettes looking to pick fights where they want while the masque and the screamers wreak as much havoc as possible. All in all i believe the synergy in this is good, each unit adding something to the overall army or compensating for another units weaknesses with its strength

27-04-2009, 12:06
Well at the very least I can commend you on having a plan built around the army which really doesn't suit my style, it seems to suit yours which is far more important. :D

With the furies perhaps drop a couple of screamers for some furies then have both doing the rolls you want for them. Otherwise perhaps consider splitting the screamers into 2 units of 3, you can move them together and be just as effective as the 6 but it also gives you the option to split them up if need be. :)

27-04-2009, 12:36
thats a good idea, il try the screamers in two units of 3, i cant really see any disadvantages to doing it so long as i fly them together

just realised, if i spilt them it will drop their unit strength below 5, so they wont be able to destroy enemy units that flee through them, still might be worth it though il have to try it both ways and see whats better, the ability to split up if need be, or destroying fleeing units