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22-04-2009, 10:48
This is my latest wood elf army list. Let me know what you think.
Have been playing them now for about 2 years. They are my favorit army.

I consider spellweave to be a great general because of the supporting spells he uses. And with a lvl 2 spellsinger moving trees around you have a good magic phase both tree moving and otherwise. I think my wardancers will very helped by a hero with moonstone and its a good tactic to sneak him behind enemy lines. One of my wild rider units is meant to be fighting front to front with 6 wild riders and war banner and the other is more meant to fight from flanks and with the alter. I leave out one unit of 10 glade guards and one unit of 8 dryads and instead use a unit of 3 treekins because i need som high toughness.

Treeman have been such a disappointment last games so i am not interested in using him right now. If he goes down he is almost 285 points down the drain and i dont think i need him to win.

Waywatchers are enoying because of march blocking and warmachine hunting, they have proven usefull in many games even if they dont kill a lot of other units they mess up the opponents plane. And he always have to keep them in mind when he is deploying.

lvl4,ranus heartstone, elf steed, glamourweave talisman(cheapinsurance imo)

lvl2 dispel scroll and calingors stave.

Alter Noble
great weapon, light armour shield, stone of crystal mere and helm of the hunt.

wardancer noble
Moonstone of hidden ways.

2x10 glade guards

2x8 dryads

5 glade riders

3 treekins

6 wild riders
f.c.g and warbanner

5 wild riders

7 wardancers
bladesinger and musician.

5 waywatchers.

22-04-2009, 11:20
It's very close to my list, however the only differences are down to different experiences with some of the troops you mention.

I personally always take a treeman or 2. I found them to be durable, and if they do attract a lot of attention, then great, the rest of my army just runs rings around you!

Also, I can't get on with waywaychers. Having played against them and with them they are IMO vastly overpriced. I take 6 or scouts for the same effect.

How do you find the 2 units of Wild Riders? I run with just 5...

And I'm surprised you run with 3 treekin, but not a treeman. I suppose that's just personal taste.

My armies are generally light in characters, but even so I'm not a fan of the Alter Noble. I'd sooner stick a Branchwraith in with Annoyance of Netlings, and maybe a Level 1 upgrade.

Just my thoughts :)

22-04-2009, 12:10
The treekins cost 195 points and the treeman costs 285 points, so its a difference in points. not big but still a difference. I want to use the treekins as screeners aginst things like magic missiles and RBT, hopping to sneak forward with some units behind them, like the alter or wardancers. I am also playing aginst HE sometimes and the thing with treekins or treeman is that they can charge a unit of swordmasters and thanks to high toughness not be totally destroyed by 15 S5 WS6 attacks.

But i am not supersure of this, its gonna be tried out.

22-04-2009, 12:13
I've seen the basic Alter noble (GW, HoDA, HoTH) do amazing things. I wouldn't take him out of any list (edit: just noticed you don't have Hail of Doom arrow on the Alter...might want to consider it over the Stone of Crystal Mere). As for Treemen, they can be very impressive, but personal taste is important, ofc.
As for the waywatcher, they may be a little too expensive, but they can do the job of march blocking right from the get-go, which makes the a bit more useful in that department that scouts. Also, the KB a -2 to hit makes them worth considering, at least. Just my opinion :)

22-04-2009, 12:59
Alter is great for adding combat resolution to your side. And he is a real threat aginst enemy cavalary and skrimishers. 5 S6 attacks on the charge os good. I use SoCM for additional protection. Ofc HoDA also rocks.

23-04-2009, 20:42
The list looks pretty solid, I do like it.
I like the moonstone teleport idea on your wardancer noble as well.
On the other hand a Treeman would be nice but because You don`t want him...

29-04-2009, 21:04
if you take a lvl 4 there is no reason not to use the Wand of Wych elm. The other items you selected are not as useful overall.