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22-04-2009, 15:12
Master, armour of darkness, great weapon = 109.

Core Troops.
2*18 spear elves = 216.

2*5 dark riders, repeater crossbows = 220.

2*5 harpies = 110.

Special Units.
2*10 shades, great weapons = 360.

*18 black guard, standard bearer, standard of hag graef = 283.

Rare Units.
*2 reaper bolt throwers = 200.

= 1498.

23-04-2009, 06:27
Any better? :)

25-04-2009, 13:54
2 dispel dice, no magic,no scrolls and rbt instead of hydra?
In this list i like the dark riders, the shades, harpies and the black guard.

Dark riders are awesome keep them, as are the bg, the shades are brilliant what are you using them for? and do you really need 20 shades with great weapons these guys are so expensive, chuck a unit of shades, the master and the bolt throwers
n get some crossbows, a hydra and 2/3 lvl 2 sorcs.

You have loads of real fast cool troops,the d.riders,harpies and shades which make for an awesome agressive game but then ur back up trundles up on foot. A hydra puts a solid unit into combat on turn 2 as do the cold one knights. My only gripe with ur b.g is that against many armies their not gonna make it across the board, their gonna get shot/magiced to death and then ur left with 2 units of skirmishers and 2 units of spearman to do all ur combat. They will both get owned by cavalry, the spears cos their average and the shades cos they dont get a rank bonus n have no command.
Anyway im done rambling hope some of it makes sense:)

If u dont want magic at least get the ring of hotek in their somewhere.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
25-04-2009, 17:10
Your army will blow up quickly to anything of a magic phase unfortunately. Elves are masters of magic but when they get hit with it.... Toughness 3 and little armour save is a pain. I think units of shades that large are kind of redundant. Especially having two large units. I would reduce the unit sizes and dump some points into a magic phase.
Good luck :D

28-04-2009, 00:57
This is meant to be a defensive army btw :)

28-04-2009, 01:59
if its defensive get some Xbows and ring of hotek.

28-04-2009, 20:57
To be fair if u wanna play a defensive army play dwarves dark elves are best played offensively.
Sure their magics awesome and RBTs & RXBs can produce a reasonable gunline but your never gonna win the shooting game against dwarves,empire, skaven etc.

If u wanna play a stand and wait for the enemy to come to you game ur gonna need magic, power of darkness is an awesome advantage capped with no limit to power dice per spell.
pit of shades against dwarves, most metal against chaos n the dark magic lore is awesome against most stuff.
U have picked one of the most powerful armies in the game but its pretty much all T3 so u need to get in there n get killing quick.

Hows the gaming going?

29-04-2009, 14:19
One of the Dark Elves strengths is their VERY aggressive magic phase. Drop Half of the Shades (cut the unit in half, 10 is enough) and get yourself a lvl 2 sorceress, possibly with tome of furion (an extra spell) for some flexibility.