View Full Version : Wood Elves

22-04-2009, 15:49
what do u think i should add 2 my army next ive got:

15 Glade Guard
9 Scouts
8 Glade riders
15 Eternal Guard
12 Dryads

got any tips please reply

22-04-2009, 16:19
1 Box of Glade guard followed by another box of Dryads then a Treeman+5 more eternal guard.

22-04-2009, 16:34
thanks ill get the treeman and dryads but then i was thinking of getting some wardancers, wild riders or waarhawk riders

22-04-2009, 16:59
o - Wardancers, with either one unit of 7 or two units of 6.
o - Dryads. I think 16 is ideal, but 24 gives you more flexibility.
o - 5 more eternal guard (it will make all the difference, trust me).
o - 3/4 tree kin

Although I actually went with a Treeman at a similar stage of my army, I would advise you to leave it until later so that you can make up a 2000pt army without one. Otherwise it can get a bit frustrating for your opponent who has to find a way of taking him out every game (which isn't easy at all).

As for more glade guard, wild riders and warhawk riders, I think you can get by perfectly well without them for a while. At least, I manage without them at 3000pts as they dropped to bits and I couldn't be bothered to put them back together again :p.

22-04-2009, 18:25
thanks i think i will get more eternal guard some wardancers and maybe a noble 2 lead them and the tree kin as well i think ill get the dryads later when ive got the rest

26-04-2009, 02:05
I would say you don't even need the eternal guard, but thats just my opinion, Ive been playing for 3 years,and never used them, and do just fine. But more Glade Guard would defiantly be useful, and perhaps, and Tree Man, maybe some Wild Riders?

27-04-2009, 01:51
Wild Riders, they are fast cavalry with some punch, in a wood elf kind of way of course. Then buy way watchers or war dancers. War dancers are ridiculous in a fight. I hate them.