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23-04-2009, 04:38
Sorry about the noob question but i couldnt find it in the BRB, or any similar threads on here.

Played a game recently where my tomb scorpion charged into base contact with a unit of HE spearmen. I charged the scorpion so he was in base contact with a mage, spearman and champion on his corner.

My oponent refused saying i had to center my base into his unit so i was in contact with as many of his elves as possible. So he could fight first with mage + 3 elves in base contact, meaning an extra 3 elves attacking me from spears.

Whole reason i charged was because i read on these forums about people using scorpions on suicide missions to kill enemy characters. Took me ages to convince my oponent that i could allocate attacks on his mage, he was insisting only via a challenge could i attack the mage.

Anyway back to my main question does a charging unit have to position itself so the enemy can fight back with as many models as possible?

Ultimate Life Form
23-04-2009, 04:47
It doesn´t have to position itself in a way that allows as many models as possible to strike back.:rolleyes:

The exact wording is "maximum models in contact". It doesn´t matter if these can actually fight back, but this being Warhammer, I suppose everyone can do at least some fighting.

Yes, using Tomb Scorpions to assassinate characters is okay, but it still has to have as many models in contact as possible. So a corner charge is out of the question I´m afraid. You still should be able to target the Mage though.

And no, the Tomb Scorpion need NOT challenge in order to kill the Mage!:D

Nurgling Chieftain
23-04-2009, 06:27
Your opponent was correct. If you're charging four models and you could've charged five models (short of charging a different unit :p ) you have to charge five models, i.e., maximize the number of models in contact - on both sides.

23-04-2009, 10:26
thanks guys

23-04-2009, 11:01
The tomb scorpion will need to be in base to base contact with 4 elves (your choice which 4)

This would mean in your example they have potentially 13 attacks back, (fight in 3 ranks x 4 in base + champions extra attack) i htink you are also forgetting that HE spearmen can fight in one more rank than normal spearmen (so 3 ranks instead of the usual 2)

But you can still kill the mage, which is worth the points of the scorpion anyway!

Edit: Also, you are allowed to allocate any number of attacks on any model you are in base to base with (even rank and file models if you want, although this usually makes no difference) as long as you allocate ALL of your attacks to targets before rolling ANY dice.

25-04-2009, 02:33
Remember that you can still allocate attacks to models you are in corner-to-corner base contact with as well, so there's no way his mage could avoid your scorpion anyway.