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23-04-2009, 10:52
On the Balrog thread in the tactics forum people were talking about heroes such as Boromir and Aragorn spending their all their might to add large modifiers to their duel total. Such as +4 or +3. From what I can tell, you can't do that.

Heroic Duel on page 67:

Both players roll a D6 and add their relative fight values - the hero that initiated the duel adds +1 to his score. If the score is a draw, nothing happens - the heroes' efforts cancel each other out. Otherwise the hero with the highest score cuts a swathe through the enemy to reach his foe. The winning hero rolls a number of D6 on the duel table equal to the difference in the scores and applies the results

Might points can be used to alter the dice in a heroic duel just as they can any other dice roll made by a hero. However if both players wish to use might, both players must secretly indicate with hidden dice or written notes how many points they are going to spend (to a minimum of 1) and reveal simultaneously

Might on page 65:

Each point of might that is expended can be used to adjust a single dice score up or down by one to a maximum of 6 or to a minimum of 1...Rolls for charge distances and on tables have no upper limit - might can be used to modify these rolls beyond 6 if the player wishes

From what I can tell, if the Boromir with epic strike duels a Balrog and both roll a 6 for their duel result, both have a total of 16 and cannot spend any more might to make one the winner. The reason is on a normal dice result, might cannot take the dice over a 6 because it is not rolling on a table or for charge distance.

The Muster of Rohan
23-04-2009, 10:56
Yeah. That's the same as in the SBG. Can't go above a 6 or below a 1.

23-04-2009, 10:59
You are completely right.

But still, Boromir can do some real damage to a Balrog. If the Balrog rolls low and chooses not to use any Might and Boromir rolls high (relatively likely), he could use his might to turn fives into sixes on the duel table, he could do the same with dice rolls on the "ridiculous hard to kill table" as well and with a Might reserve of six he can do some serious damage to the Balrog , with some luck that is...

23-04-2009, 11:04
The most number of times Boromir could roll on the RHtK table is 3 times and that's only if he spends a might for epic strike, a might for heroic duel, rolls a natural 6 for the duel and the Balrog rolls a natural 1. He would also have to have an 8 on the RHtK table just to add 2 wound counters and needs to get to a 15 to kill it. To most he could modify on the table would be a +4 if he blew everything he had left. Overall, it's just such a odd chain of events, I wouldn't be too scared of it if I was the controller of the balrog.

23-04-2009, 11:17
Then I must be reading the Heroic Duel ability completely wrong... if you roll a 6 on the Duel Table any Heroic Monster take 2D3 hits. So in theory Boromir could win the duel by six and all of them would be sixes and you then get to roll 12D3 hits, so the absolut maximum of hits is... 36. That is a total of 18 rolls on the "Redicoulus hard to kill table" (36 for Boromir with his Mighty Blow skill)...

Granted this would be nearly impossible, but with some luck any hero could score quite some hits, Boromir especially with his Might reserve, two rolls on the duel and Mighty Blow.

23-04-2009, 11:52
Yeah, you're right. That came from me hurrying out the house this morning.

The most Boromir would get is 6 rolls on the duel table.