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Once Bitten
23-04-2009, 12:45
I've been playing a Bret army for just a few months now and have maybe a dozen games under my belt with them. (My usual army is HE.) I typed up my 2250 army list so that I could create my first battle report and thought that I might as well post the list here. Any thoughts/comments are appreciated.

The Nobility:

Bretonnian Lord –

on Royal Pegasus
Grail Vow (immune to Psych)
Virtue of Audacity (against enemies of 5+ strength can re-roll hits and wounds)
Sword of Heroes (against enemies of 5+ toughness have +1 strength and do D3 wounds)
Gromril Great Helm (re-roll armor saves)

Purpose: This guy’s job is to kill the big nasties. I made him fly so that he can get to where they are before they start crunching all my troops. With all those re-rolls and doing D3 wounds, he’s a monster killer. I gave him the Grail Vow because I send him in solo, and I don’t want him to auto break – or to fail a fear/terror test at the wrong time.

Paladin BSB –

Virtue of Confidence (must challenge, in challenges can re-roll hits & wounds)
Sword of Battle (+1 atk)

Damsel Lvl1 – Mounted, 2 dispel scrolls

Purpose: Scroll Caddy

8 Knights of the Realm (Champion, Standard Bearer) (BSB takes up 9th slot)
9 Knights Errant (full command)

Errantry Banner (+1 strength on the charge)

My army doesn’t really have an anvil, so these two units form a big Hammer. They ride side-by-side and often attack the same unit at the same time, delivering a pretty big whollop. More importantly, with their big charge arc, they really command a lot of attention from my opponent and can let me dictate what happens on a big part of the battlefield.

5 Knights of the Realm (Champion)
5 Knights Errant (Champion)

These are reserve units and flank protectors.

3 Pegasus Knights (Champion)
3 Pegasus Knights (Champion)

These two units serve a variety of purposes. Their most important function is to charge into units that, for whatever reason, look like they're going to be able to charge my regular cavalry units. As a Bretonnian, it is crucial that I get the charge. They also hunt war machines, hunt mages, bait & flee, march block, charge support (for a couple extra wounds).

5 Grail Knights (FC) – Damsel goes in here to form a 6-person lance formation

These guys have the job of dealing with terror causers and/or ethereal creatures. They also usually form a smaller hammer function on the opposite side of the field as my two main units.

The Peasant Rabble –

Whereas the main function of my Nobility is to kill stuff, the main function of my Peasant Rabble is to die so that my Nobility can live longer. In addition to the duties listed below, I use these guys quite a bit to bait charges and perform suicide missions in order to line up good Knight charges or protect Knights from getting charged.

Field Trebuchet

I field this war machine simply because it is so fun to play. Every once in a while it will score big for me, but usually it just misses a few times before blowing itself up. I don’t care; 90 points is a small price to pay for such a fun unit.

10 Peasant Bowmen – Braziers
10 Peasant Bowmen – Braziers
10 Peasant Bowmen – Braziers, Skirmishers

These guys don’t hit or wound much, but they’re cheap – and throwing 30 arrows around the table can sometimes take out a cannon crew, fast cav, flyers, reduce a rank, etc.

20 Men-at-Arms (FC)

For a little bit of combat resolution.

5 Mounted Yeoman (Musician)

For typical fast cavalry duties.

That's it.

23-04-2009, 12:58
i dunno much abot brets, but that seems like a nice well rounded list. would love to play against it.

23-04-2009, 15:26
use no peasents especially against HE. also lance's on the heros you may not strike first but killing on 2's is nice...

joust and a mundane lance should=3hits 3kills and try to use lances of 9 on all units. its worth the pts.