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23-04-2009, 12:51
I would like some feedback on my list if someone wouldnt mind

I am somewhat concerned that it isnt very "hitty" and seems to be lacking...something

Black Orc Warboss, Heavy Armour, Shield (General)

Black Orc Big Boss, BSB, Morks Spirit Totem, Heavy Armour

Night Goblin Shaman, Sneaky Staff of Stealin

Night Goblin Shaman, 2 Dispel Scrolls

20 Orc Boyz- Choppas, standard and musc. (I have the old Starter set with 18 or so of these fellas)

5 Spiders

5 Spiders

24 Night Goblins, msc, 2 fanatics

23 Night Goblins, msc, 2 fanatics

10 Orc Arrer boyz

18 Black Orcs (Bunker for the BSB and General, I know you arent supposed to rank them tho :/) FC


4 Night Goblin Squig Herds (If I can bloody rank them)

Rock Lobber


3 Trolls


23-04-2009, 15:45
First a few clarifications:

Which chariot do you mean, and do your orc boyz have additional choppas (a good choice) or just one and no shield (a very bad choice)?

What I feel this list lacks is ranked up combat units and spear chukkas. As it stands now you have 2 main combat units: the 20 boyz and the black orcs, and both have something wrong with them. The 20 boyz with (i'm assuming) extra choppas needs to be bigger to soak up some casualties and maintain ranks and outnumber. 25-30 is good. Extra choppa boyz are also the one place I've found orc bosses to be appropriate besides character shielding because they provide a substantial increase in hitting power. 3A 5S (on 1st turn) and 4WS is nothing to be sneezed at, and I've even had him take out characters on the charge.

Black orcs are fine in my opinion, maybe overpriced but they have a function. But they are not a good place for characters. With two characters in the unit they are wasting their leadership, auto waaagh!ing and improved combat abilities, and they aren't a whole lot harder to kill to make up for it. Put the characters somewhere that needs the help- the warboss in a regular boyz with shields unit, where the boyz focus on not dying and the warboss does the killing, and the spirit totem in a different big unit. The black orc boss is also extremely expensive for not much benefit.

This list also has too much magic defense- you have 7 dispel dice +1 stolen and 2 scrolls. I'd throw away one or possibly both shamans to free up points to beef up combat units.

Spider units are good, I'd add muscians.

Night goblin throwaway units are fine, but since your list needs at least 2 more combat units I'd upgrade one- 30+ guys, nets and FC. This would actually be a good place for the BSB to go.

Your army is heavy on support units, the arrer boyz would be my first choice to axe if you need to free up points.

The Naked warboss concerns me- this guy is supposed to take on the meanest and nastiest unit the enemy can throw at him? For a defensive, cheap loadout at least get a boar, enchanted shield and best boss 'at for a 1+/5+ save.

If you have points left over after beefing up a goblin unit to 30-35 and the boyz unit to 25 I'd try very hard to get a unit of 25 boyz with shields, mus and std. Only 170 points and very tough for it's cost. After that the banner of butchery on the black orcs and some spear chukkas would also be good.

Sorry to write you a book, hope something helped.

23-04-2009, 16:50
you definitely need more boyz.
drop your gobs to 21s if they are just fanatic delivery. (maybe cut 1 of the gob units)
as stuff said, 20 orcs isn't going to do very much in a 2k game.

if you want to do a black orc theme with 2 blorc characters and the big blorc unit, you can, but you are really going to be at a disadvantage, because a block of blorcs is not as good as 2 big blocks of boyz, nor can it accomplish as much over a whole game. also, as stuff said it's not a good use of your characters to put them in the blorc unit. most people take blorc characters to quell animosity in their units, and you are putting 2 such chars in a unit that doesn't test. also this wastes one of your waaagh! auto-6's. again, you can run the big blorcs, but use your chars to buff your other units.

also, if you are going to go with big blorc block, you will have to sacrifice in your other specials and your rares in favor of more boyz. and for the love of pete put shields on them. 1 extra point per but for how much they cost already you WANT that survivability

edit: regarding squig herd ranking: i pretty much had to cut all the tabs off of the herders, and position them diagonally across the base to get them to rank up. the squigs i left pretty much as is. under one of the herders front foot i put a skull so he is angling the staff upwards a bit.

23-04-2009, 21:45
No thats very helpful stuff guys

I knew it wasnt a good idea with the Blorcs just thought it would look cool, but I would also like a decent chance at winning

Back to the drawing board :)


Redid the army list, taking in some of your recommendations but all I will explain

The main theme of this army is that of minimalism (hence the naked Black Orc Warboss), as I was inspired by a thread by posted a while ago http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=178880

I also want to include a unit of Black Orcs as I am looking forward to buying them and painting them. I also want my general to lead them for rule of cool reasons.

So apart from those two handicaps I also want to win games as previously stated, however I have never played a proper fantasy battle at 2k, I have played several 1k ones (enough to learn the rules adequately) and I am looking to play in a tournament in June. So I need advice :)

Here is the revised list

Black Orc Warboss, Heavy Armour, Shield 154

Orc Big Boss,BSB with Morks Spirit Totem, Light Armour 147

Night Goblin Shaman, Staff of Sneaky Stealin 100

Total Characters 401

24 Orc Boyz, shields, fc 174 (BSB goes here for a 5*5 formation)

5 Spiders, msc 71

5 Spiders, msc 71

35 Night Goblins, FC, Nets, Fanatic 185

20 Night Goblins, msc, 2 fanatics 114 (shaman hides here)

Total Troops 615

Orc Chariot 80

17 Black Orcs , FC, Shields 277 (Warboss is here, 3*6)

4 Night Gobin Squig Herds 120

2 Spear Chukkas 70

Total Special 547

Giant 205

3 Trolls 120

Total Rare 325

Total For Army 1888

So 112 Points to spare

I could shove some stuff in randomly (or bring back my Shaman) but would prefer to have more thoughts to see if I can make it a bit more competitive...protection for the General, unit of two choppa boyz as a flanker, more trolls...I just dont know