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23-04-2009, 17:37
This is a competitive game vs. a good friend of mine, so it wasn't in a serious tournament environment. We were kicking back and having a lot of fun :)


The sky clears.. the trees tremble.. the light of the Old Ones shine upon the battlefield. The battle between the High Elves of Ulthuan and the Lizardmen of Lustria has begun.

Joe's Lizards

Slann w/ huge block of TG, FC.
w/ Mystery of Focus, Focus of Rumination, Becalming Cognition, Soul of Stone, Rod of Storms, Bane Head.
Saurus with Great Weapon and Charm of the Jaguar Warrior.

EotG w/ Scroll, Bloodstatuette
EotG w/ War Drum of Xahutec

3x 10x skinks
3x Salamanders.

Larry's Elves

Lv.2 Mage (Seerstaff, Scroll)

20x Spearmen (FC, Lion Standard)
10x Archers

20x Phoenix Guard (FC, Banner of Sorcery, GoC)
5x Dragon Princes (Banner of Ellyrion)
1x Lion Chariot

3x RBT
1x Great Eagle


Joe's Slaan picks Lore of Beasts. He knows all spells because of Mystery of Focus.
Joe's EotGs both roll a 1, 6 on the Lore of Heavens: Portent of Far, The Comet of Casandora.

Larry's Teclis knows all spells from the Lore of Shadow.
Larry's Lv.2 picks The Crow's Feast and The Beast Cowers because he has the Seerstaff of Saphery.


Joe gets +1 to his roll to go first and he rolls higher than me. The Lizardmen will take turn 1.

TURN 1 - Lizardmen
No charges.

--- The left most EotG moves up the left flank and makes about half way across the field. He elects to lower all casting from the Lore of Heavens by 1.
--- The left most Skink group moves up slightly by the terrain on his side of the field, the Skink group closest to the Salamanders skrimish shield the advance, and the other group pushes towards the middle of the map.
--- On the far right, the EotG goes behind forrest. He elects 5+ ward vs. missile fire for everyone within 12"
--- The Slaan's unit moves up by the Forrest and gets within 24" range of the Elves.

--- The left most EotG casts a Comet. I let it go. Joe places it between my Phoenix Guard and my forward Bolt Thrower. I cry a little inside.. but knowing that I can dispel it with my PD next turn, I remain confident.
--- Joe casts Bear's Anger with his Slaan onto the Saurus hero. I let it go. It's a 4+ remains in play and basically makes his Saurus a beast in combat (more so than he already is).
--- Other EotG casts Comet of Casandora but I dispel it. NO! You will NOT get another Comet in play!
--- Slaan casts The Beast Cowers on my Lion Chariot. I let it go.
--- Slaan casts The Crow's Feast (24", 2D6 S3 hits) on my Spearmen. I try to dispel it and fail because I roll a 1, 2 and 4 with my dice and the Slaan overpowers me. The missiles hit my Spearmen; killing 3 of them after armor saves.

No shooting or combat is done.

TURN 1 - High Elves
No charges.

--- My Dragon Princes advance 16" up the front of the map to attempt to survive a round of Skink shooting and charge into his flanks next round. I move through terrain due to Banner of Ellyrion. Unfortunately, my Princes are out of range of Teclis' attempt to Unseen Lurker.
--- My Phoenix Guard faces the Slaan's unit and obtains 24" missile range.
--- The Eagle flies 20" to where my Bolt Throwers are in fear of charging the skinks and getting shot down by poison next turn. His march blocking will be important in the next few combat phases.
--- Spears align towards the right most EotG. Chariot sits and watches as he's cowering.

--- I cast Beast Cowers on the left most EotG with my Lv.2 Mage.. dispelled.
--- The Lv.2 immediately throws out Crow's Feast onto the Skinks LoS blocking the Salamanders and Joe lets it slide. I kill 5 Skinks with magic missiles.
--- Teclis casts Pit of Shades on the Temple Guard, miscasts, but ignores it because of his Warcrown of Saphery.
--- Teclis casts Creeping Death (3D6 S1 missiles, no armor saves) on the Temple Guard, but is dispelled.
--- I use all my power die to cast meaningless spells and forget that there's a big ass Comet coming down. I'm terrible at this game.

--- Left most and front Bolt Thrower fires twice at the Steggy with solid bolts. Long range, large target cancels and I hit with both. I randomize shots and one hits a crew and the other hits the Priest! I wound both, the Crew dies and the Priest takes D3 wounds. I roll a 4 and the Priest gets impaled off the EotG and flies 30 yards off the map. Shwing!
--- My 10x Archers shoots at the 5 Skinks in front of them and kills 2 more; leaving only 3 Skinks left.
--- Panic tests are required on the Skinks but he passes with Cold blood.

No combat.


TURN 2 - Lizardmen

The Comet comes down, hits my front Bolt Thrower and my Phoenix Guard. My Bolt Thrower is destroyed and I lose 2 Phoenix Guard.

--- The 10 Skinks in front of my Dragon Princes declare a charge. My reaction is to flee, but since I'm so damn close I would need to beat his 12" charge or DIE. I get 14", which is literally 3 inches from the board edge. Phew. Skinks move up 6" for a failed charge.

--- The left most Steggy moves up some more on my flank, close to the grass in front.
--- Slaan moves up a little. Right most EotG moves up closer to my Spears.
--- The rest of the Skinks move up a little with the Salamanders and come within firing range.

--- Right most EotG casts Comet, I dispell it. He can't cast with his other EotG because his Priest is dead.
--- Slaan casts Beast Cowers on my Lion Chariot, I dispel it.
--- Slaan casts 2d6 s3 hits on my Phoenix Guard, I fail to dispel it. I lose 3 Phoenix Guard.
--- Slaan casts Hunter's Spear (a bolt thrower shot basically), I fail to dispel it again and the shot comes flying towards my Phoenix Guard. My PG takes it in the chest, the arrow falls harmlessly on the ground thanks of his 4+ ward.
--- I have no more dispel dice.
--- Slaan casts The Wolf Hunts and moves his Steggy 2" short of charge range in front of my Spears. Terror check.
--- Slaan cast Rod of Storms (bound level 6, 1 time use, D6 S4 no armor saves) on my Archers, killing 3, enough for a Panic check.
--- The Saurus with Bear's Anger (OMG) declares his Charm of the Jaguar Warrior (bound level 5, Steed of Shadows) and flies into my Phoenix Guard.
--- EotG casts Blood Statuette (Bound Level 5, pass Toughness test or take a wound with no armor save, repeats until target is dead) on my Lv.2 Mage. I have nothing to stop it so I take the test with my legs crossed. I pass on a 3!

--- Combined shooting from the Salamanders manages to hit my Phoenix Guard and his Saurus, killing 4 PG. One of the Salamanders misfires and decides to eat 3 of his handlers.
--- I pass all panic tests.

--- Seeing the Saurus charge into the range of his Lord, Caradryan roars a challenge and engages the Saurus in close combat. Always Striking First, Caradryan swings, hits twice but couldn't wound the beast in front of him. The Saurus swings back and murders Caradryan, but with his dying breath, asks Asuryan to smite down his foe. The God abides by applying 3 wounds with no armor saves on the Saurus. He dies, cheers of victory are silenced by the death of brave Caradryan.

TURN 2 - High Elves

My Dragon Princes rally. My Spearmen have a Lion Standard so they're immune to fear and terror.

--- My Mage and his remaining archers charge the skinks who are 5 inches away. He holds.
--- My Spears charge the front and my Lion Chariot charge the EotG's flank. He takes it because he's Immune to Psychology.

--- I fly my Eagle towards his Slaan's unit and I march block both the slaan and the Engine, facing the rear of the EotG.
--- Slaan moves up a little. Right most EotG moves up closer to my Spears.
--- The rest of the Skinks move up a little with the Salamanders and come within firing range.

--- Lv.2 does nothing because he's busy staving Skinks in the face.
--- Teclis casts 3d6 no armor saves onto the Salamanders with Irresistable Force. Kills 2 crew and puts 1 wound on a Salamander.
--- Teclis casts Pit of Shades onto Slaan's unit but isn't IF. Get scrolled kthx.
--- Teclis uses remaining dice to cast Terror onto the Phoenix with IF so they now cause Terror. Remains in play the entire game.

--- Remaning 2 RBTs fire onto the Salamanders at short range/Skrimishers cancel eachother out and I hit with a ton of shots. I randomize and kill a few crew and inflict 6 wounds onto the Salamanders, 2 die. 1 Salamander with 2 wounds left and 3 crew remain.
--- He passes all Panic tests.

--- Impact hits from the Lion Chariot does an awesome ZERO wounds. Lions and crew go at the Skinks on top and kill 4.
--- 2 ranks of Spears goes at the Priest on top, who gets a 2+ armor save. Priest takes 1 wound. Steggy comes back and kills 2 Spears. I win combat, he stays on a Stubborn Cold Blood on a 6.
--- My mage and his unit of archers kill all the Skinks and overrun 12" up the middle past the Salamander.


TURN 3 - Lizardmen

No charges.

--- His Steggy on the left flank moves up a little past the grass and faces my Dragon Princes. Terror check.
--- His remaining Salamander get into a better position on the flank of my Phoenix Guard in hopes of killing them.
--- Remaining 3 Skinks (the ones that were intially shielding the Salamanders) move up on my flank and march block my Phoenix Guard.
--- Other 10 skinks goes to meet the victorious Mage unit with some shots of poison fury!
--- Slaan inches a bit closer to the Eagle. Remains in missile range of Phoenix Guard.

--- Burning Ailment from the EotG kills 3 Spearmen.
--- Slaan casts a bunch of spells but is stopped by a large pool of dispel dice thanks to Teclis' Moonstaff (+D3 in each phase).
--- One spell goes through and it's the Bolt Thrower one again. It hits a Phoenix Guard in the chest. He laughs and the bolt explodes midair before it could do any damage. We laugh as well.

--- Bottom Skinks shoot and hit nothing. Skinks at top shoot and hit nothing.
--- Salamander shoots and kills 2 Phoenix Guard after saves.

--- Priest challenges my Sentinal in my spearmen. I run like a little girl and my Spears attack the Priest. I do nothing. My White Lions attack the priest. I do nothing. He hits back with the Steggy and kills 1 Spearmen. I outnumber, flank, ranks and banner, he doesn't care because he's f'n stubborn on a 6 with cold-blood and the next round begins.

TURN 3 - High Elves

--- I pass my terror check on my Dragon Princes and charge into the Steggy thanks to my Banner of Ellyrion (ignores difficult Terrain).
--- My Eagle rear charges the Engine.

No other movement.

--- I cast Beast Wowers with my Lv.2 on the left EotG that was charged by the DP. Dispelled.
--- I gamble with Crown of Taidron and hit everything 12" (takes D6 S4 missile hits) around Teclis. I lost 2 Spears, he lost his last crew on the right EotG, 1 Skink and I put another wound on his Terradon.
--- I cast Pit of Shades with Teclis at the Slaan with IF. He passes his look-out sir, but 5 TG fall into the dark abyss of the void. A tint of fear creeps into the Slaan's cold-blooded veins.
--- I cast with IF 3D6 S1 missiles w/ no armor saves and kill 2 more TG.

--- I forget to shoot this round because of all the talking and laughter.

--- My White Lions, Spears, Eagle and my grandma attack the Priest and finally kill it. The Steggadon finally rolls over his Stubbron leadership and flees. I persue with my Eagle and Lions but apparently my Lions were more hungry. They catch him and my units are sitting in front of the Slaan's TG (my eagle is closer). My Lion Chariot, however, is now pretty close to the Terradon.
--- My Dragon Princes put a wound on the Steggy. The Steg swings back and wounds 2 with S6. I fail both armor saves. I'm outnumbered by a Terror causer and I lost combat therefore I need double ones. I roll a 9 or something and run off the board. The Steg chases and stops 3 inches away from the boards edge.


TURN 4 - Lizardmen

--- His Skinks charge my Archers and Mage. I stand and shoot and kill 4.
--- The Slaan and TG charge my Eagle - I run of course, bringing my Eagle closer to my Spears.

--- Bottom Skinks move closer to my left most Bolt Thrower, Terradon doesnt move.
--- Steggy turns and moves behind to my Phoenix Guard.

--- The Slaan's magic doesn't do anything because I finally use a scroll and dispel the rest with 7 dispel dice.
--- He has no more Engines to assist him in casting.

--- His Salamander completely wiffs and hits nothing.

--- My mage and his unit kills 4 more and he kills 2. He needs double 1s to stay in the game and they fail the roll. He runs, I persue and my Mage and Archers catch his Skinks. We laugh like super nerds.

TURN 4 - High Elves

I rally my Eagle.

--- I charge 16" with my Lion Chariot into his Terradons. He opts to flee, doesn't make it, and I get free points.

--- I move my Phoenix Guard up towards the Slaan's unit.
--- My Spears march forward and pivots towards the Steggy.
--- My Archers turn around and faces the Slaan.

--- Teclis drops Pit of Shades on the Slaan's unit with IF. He FAILS his LOOK OUT SIR! roll! The Slaan's floating arcane contraption fails him and the big fat Lizard falls into the bottomless pit. 5 TG, as confused as the Slaan, fall in with him.
--- Teclis casts 3D6 S1 no armor saves on the TG, kills 1 more.
--- Lv.2 drops Beast Cowers on the Steggy now that Joe only has 2 dispel dice. Joe tries to dispel it with IF but can't beat a 15 with 2 dice. The Steggy just stands there, crying a little bit inside.

--- I shoot at the steggy with solid shots, wounding it once and killing a crew.

No combat.


We goof around and just play the rest of the game. He charges my bolt thrower crew with some skinks, I charge my PG and my Lion Chariot into his remaining Temple Guard and kill them all, I fly Teclis out of danger with Steed of Shadows, we talk and have a laugh about the game we just played. Good times, good times.

The game ended with a massacre for the High Elves.. mainly because I managed to kill the Slann and his TG. That was worth about half his army.

To recap, he's probably going to drop a EotG, drop Soul of Stone and Rod of Storms on the Slaan (replace with 1 scroll, 1 power stone). The only EotG will take a scroll and Blood Statuette. With the extra points, he's going to take some flyers and a Skink Chief w/ War-spear on Ancient Steg.

23-04-2009, 18:06
Great report!

The Saurus with Bear's Anger (OMG) declares his Charm of the Jaguar Warrior (bound level 5, Steed of Shadows) and flies into my Phoenix Guard.

Bears anger is remains in play, as soon as the Slann cast his others spells this spell (cast the previous round) disapeared.

23-04-2009, 18:08
even being a LM player, im glad to see a more balanced list take out a cheese filled LM list. nice report.

though i think the comet is rolled for on the start of both players turn.

23-04-2009, 18:15
even being a LM player, im glad to see a more balanced list take out a cheese filled LM list. nice report.

though i think the comet is rolled for on the start of both players turn.

Yeah, on my turn it got an extra counter and on his turn, it came down.

Bam.. dead dudes everywhere.

23-04-2009, 18:20
ah, sorry i must have read it wrong.

23-04-2009, 19:32
Cool report. dont think ive ever seen that much magic in a game. Its funny how some of the combats were between things that had no business being there. ie the archers/mage vs the skinks

23-04-2009, 19:39
...and a Skink Priest w/ War-spear on Ancient Steg.

Never thought about that before... giving magic weapons to mages just never seems worth it, but in this case it would be great :)

23-04-2009, 19:51
Teclis is so broken with his IF rules he should be part of the DoC army along with all the other broken cheese.

Good win though, and everyone had fun which is awesome-He deserved a teclis smackdown for taking 2 eotg's!!

23-04-2009, 19:53
...and a Skink Priest w/ War-spear on Ancient Steg.

Never thought about that before... giving magic weapons to mages just never seems worth it, but in this case it would be great :)

You prob never thought about it cause its illegal: steg war-spear is skink chief only.

23-04-2009, 19:58
You prob never thought about it cause its illegal: steg war-spear is skink chief only.

lol ya the last thing an EOTG needs is 2d6+1 impact hits. thats gross.

23-04-2009, 20:54
You prob never thought about it cause its illegal: steg war-spear is skink chief only.

Oops.. I meant Chief! Thanks for the correction :)

23-04-2009, 21:34
I think I enjoyed the humor more than the actual report, which, to be fair, was enjoyable as well :D

Good read!