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24-04-2009, 11:38
Warp Fire Thrower - 75 points

Strength 5
Flame Template
D3 wounds

Rattling Gun
Strength 4
More Shots

Looking for advice from some veteran Skaven players.

24-04-2009, 11:40
Warp Fire Thrower - 75 points

Strength 5
Flame Template
D3 wounds

Rattling Gun
Strength 4
More Shots

Looking for advice from some veteran Skaven players.

Rattling gun wins every time.

Unless you're playing the 7 knights scenario from the 6th edition big red book, then take the warpfire thrower.

24-04-2009, 11:45
Warpfire for me, in it's current incarnation. Ratling guns are good against certain things, and auto-hit is good, but Warpfire being STR5, inflicting panic, and D3 wounds on top of that? To be fair, I use 2 Ratlings and a Warpfire, sometimes 2 Warpfires, so a mix is needed - Warpfires come out slightly better me, as they can also fire over stuff.

24-04-2009, 11:53
Warpfire also does a number on regenerating models. This is no small benefit in the current incarnation of the game, VC, Dark Elves, Plaguebearers, Trolls. Being able to deal with these type of things is definitely beneficial. Besides, you still have S6 Jezzails to take out knights and other heavily armored opponents.

24-04-2009, 13:35
I take a warpfire thrower for funsies but the ratling gun is almost always better.

We will see if this changes in the new book.

metal midget
24-04-2009, 15:21
ratling for me i use 3d6 shots auto hitting s4 whats not to like

the warpfire is ok good against regeneration but thats it
plus it can fire over your intended target

24-04-2009, 15:45
Warpfire is better against hordey armies...otherwise ratling all the way!


metal midget
24-04-2009, 16:14
and you don't get much more hordey than skaven

24-04-2009, 16:17
Hmmm, I think I like the warpfire thrower more, just because it has the potential of very big harming and people will usually overlook them in order to get rid off those 'pesky' ratling guns...

24-04-2009, 16:30
Ratling gun. It's more reliable.
I've taken at least one warpfire thrower every game for 14 years. I only take it out of hope for that one odd game when it does the business. Most of the time it dies horribly without doing anything.

Erie Ed
24-04-2009, 17:15
ratling gun by far

metal midget
25-04-2009, 21:05
plus ratling gun is cheaper

29-04-2009, 12:15
Ratling guns are more reliable, but the auto panic from WFT is just too nice to pass up against certain lower leadership armies like Empire, Orcs, etc.

29-04-2009, 14:39
Rattling is more reliable but if you can get your shots off and hits something the WFT is more rewarding. They fill different roles in the army. Expect them to change significantly in the new book. For example it is probably a safe bet that rattlings will have to roll to hit.

29-04-2009, 15:00
take a mix of both, they have very different targets, people also loath ratling guns and will do everything in their power to get rid of it and while they do get your WFTs in position :)

the range on the WTf is up to 18" (10" arty+8"template), best to fire from about 12" to make sure you hit something.

I use ratlings as flank defenders, they are excellent in this role as they can take out most things that will quickly get to your flanks, and I am more offensive with the WTF, i pick thier targets (knights, regen rank and file/mosnters, large blocks i can panic) and get them where they can do the most damage.

29-04-2009, 16:13
I've recently switched to warpfire throwers. I find them less likely to blow up than ratlings (unless you never role more than 2 dice ... and if you do that, what are you fielding ratlings for?)

The fire, higher S & panic tests are also very nice!

01-05-2009, 00:24
Auto hit wins everytime, even though its kinda cheap

Daniel Skaven Blight
14-05-2009, 17:33
To be honest it depends on what you want to go for ratling guns do have reliability but are S4 against orcs, dwarfs, chaos all T4 you're wounding on a 4+, after a bit of reading I found that warpfire throwers were the better choice firstly because a they are a template and don't randomise like the ratling gun so when you fire into combat whatever is under the template is hit so a well aimed shot from a warpfire thrower can wipe out half a unit, next point is that they can produce a higher kill ratio with a half decent hit ratling guns average about 10-16 hits warpfire thrower 10-20 bare in mind please I worked this probability out based on an ideal world, but as some of the previous comments a have said each does have a particular advantage against certain units so a mix is always good,