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24-04-2009, 12:09
Hey might sound stupidly simple but it has confused me and a few others..

Keeping it simple..

A Nazgul on a Fellbeast has two statlines (one for nazgul and one for the Fellbeast)

both of the statlines show the specified character as a "flying monster".

so when the winged nazgul charges into combat does it count as one flying monster (both profiles count as one monster) or two flying monsters (each individual character getting his attacks).

im finding it hard to work out because at 250 points just gettin 6 attacks for chargin + 8 (4 each character) attacks on charge is pretty rubbish when the rest of the statlines involved.. but on the other hand getting 12 attacks for charging + 8 for each character seems too powerfull.. any ideas??

also.. gollum :D

is it possible to move him to another unit?

he counts as an epic hero so he is allowed to move to a unit within 18" just dont know if he can move into another enemy unit..

and it also says in rules if you have a version of the model on cavalry u can put it in a cavalry unit, and gollums rules state he can only be deployed in a infantry unit but doesnt mention about later moving into a cavalry unit.. does this mean i could move gollum into a cavalry unit if i convert him onto a warg or something??

i like being cheesey as u can tell.. but only if its legal :P

info plz

24-04-2009, 14:31
The two statlines are for a Winged Nazgul, or The Witch King on Fellbeast, as he has a different statline from an ordinary Ringwraith. Character attacks are included within their statline if they're a monster like this. As far as why they're so many points, they have spirit grasp, spirit walk, hard to kill, high strength, high defence, and the Swoop Attack. 250 points is a bargain for all the creative ways you can use a Winged Nazgul.

As far as Gollum goes, I see nothing to indicate in his rules about him moving around. Not that he can't, just saying it's not explicitly stated yes or no. Based on him being an epic hero, I'm leaning towards yes he can move around, but no to him being able to join cavalry. It's very specific about it has to be infantry, he's the only Epic Hero in the game with a limitation like this.

24-04-2009, 15:47
ok about the fellbeast i misread it :) cheers about that.

and about gollum please refer to page 68 in the WOTR book??

it says "once per turn an epid hero can travel from one formation to another at the start of his formations turn"

and just below that in the "infantry or cavalry box" it says "an epic heros type is always given as hero, dont worry about them being infantry or cavalry epid heroes are assumed to fight in the same manner as the formation they join"

and under gollums rulings it just says he has to be deployed in an infantry unit.

24-04-2009, 17:17
The fact that Gollum has a requirement in the first place indicates that the requirement would go for the entire time. And, as I said, I don't see anything stopping him from going to another formation, except for the requirement stated above. However, now that I've looked at the rule for Moving Epic Heroes, while there isn't anything stopping you from moving Gollum, you might not want to.

'If you wish to move an Epic Hero, simply remove it from the formation it occupies (return the model it had earlier displaced to the company) and place the Epic Hero in another friendly command company within 18"- displacing one model as you would if the Hero have been deployed there...'

Moving Epic Heroes, WotR main rules, page 68

Gollum is allowed to be deployed in an enemy formation, the rules do not give him the option of moving into a different enemy formation, only a friendly.

24-04-2009, 19:16
haha ok then that sucks :( so just gotta play smart.. i still think he rocks though lol. cheers for the help