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Guardian of the Rage
24-04-2009, 12:30
Hi all,

I've read through and i can't really understand this. The Grey Company entry states that Halbarad can take the banner of the king for +50 points. No where does it say that this specifically counts as a 'Banner' in the conventional (35 point) sense. I must say that this seems rather odd, i understand that rules lawyers will say that it is not, but in view of the other various typos and omissions is it possible that this is one as well?

Further on page 60, it specifically uses the banner of the king borne by Halbarad as an example of an army banner. '... or the Grey Company doing battle in the shadow of Halbarad's mighty standard.' So is it an Army Banner? i realise that the 'fluff' of such statements and the rules are not necessarily even related but even so it would seem odd even for GW would it not?

If it is indeed an army banner, then it is also a banner by default (page 60), 'Army banners follow the same rules as banner bearers.' i pass this over, is this simply another oversight or an intentional decision?