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24-04-2009, 14:47
Hey guys, here is my current 1000pt Fallen Realms List and my thoughts of what I will take going to 1500pts. I to am primarily an Easterlings Player.

1000pt Fallen Realms Army List

Ring Wraith (Khamul, Dark Marshal, or Shadow Lord)

(4) Easterling Pike Cohort w/ Captain
(4) Easterling Cohort w/ Captain
(3) Easterling Kataphract Cohort w/ Captain, Standard

(3) Watchers of Karna

Cave Troll

The idea of this army, at least in standard setup scenarios is to have the Pike lead supported by the standard cohort joined by the Ring Wraith. The Kataphract act as flank protection/ flankers as does the Cave Troll. Dalamyr Joins the Watchers of Karna and ambushes with them early to soften the enemy until the Easterlings get into combat. Then jumps to a different unit that can benefit from his abilities.

For 1500pts, I plan to add another Ring Wraith or Amdur(need to pick him up still), fill out both Infantry Cohorts, add some Archeblasters, and maybe a chariot.


24-04-2009, 21:03
Do the watchers have bows? Even with that unless I'm missing something you are only at 970 points. Why not skip the cave troll for a khandish charioteer? Or if you'd prefer a troll, a mordor troll.

Otherwise, its looks good. And the move to 1500 is good as well, very similar to what I take, and it works well

Nu Fenix
24-04-2009, 22:24
I am curious what makes you put Dalamyr with the Watchers? Is it so they have a hero to support them? I ask because even with his ability to negate the benefits from charging, with their low Defence they might die quite quickly and risk you losing Dalamyr.

Boosting the normal Cohort so they don't care about charges, as well as enhancing their combat prowess with Epic Poison may be more beneficial.

I'm also curious if the Watchers will have bows, as they would be better off with them, so they can stay inside the terrain they ambushed from and pepper the enemy from behind. Nothing is more frustrating [and suitably Evil] then appearing from the shadows and shooting people in the back where their shields are useless.