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metal midget
24-04-2009, 15:50
what does the brass orb now do against the steam tankas it has wounds not points of damage

24-04-2009, 17:29
Empire steam tanks suffer 3D6 points of damage.


24-04-2009, 17:36
The ruling you are looking for is in the steam tank FAQ, which states that "any reference to "points of damage" should now be read as "wounds"" - so the Brass Orb now does 3D6 wounds


metal midget
24-04-2009, 21:32
WOW that should help alot thanks

25-04-2009, 21:16
es it means the steam tank fails lol.

Just remember to put the thrower 1" away from the tank, that way if you misfire you still get a partial on the tank!

metal midget
25-04-2009, 21:53
thanks spirit nice plan