View Full Version : Identify this print please?

19-12-2005, 23:20
I've just come accross this picture, with no name or signature. For some reason it appeals to me. I was wondering if any of you thoroughly artistcally minded folk could identify it. Its the black and white print on the left, everyone else has been id'd. (photo editing is playing up.:( )
Thank you.

19-12-2005, 23:59
Wow! I think I does like that! I've no idea, but I'll have a scout on some arty sites to get some clue. While I'm at it, thank you for reminding me of the opportunity to do some research.

ps heehee, The Mighty Boosh kicks!

20-12-2005, 00:06
Got it! It's Gustave Dore: Don Quixote dans son cabinet (1863?). There you are, the magic of Google. He was namechecked in White Dwarf recently too.

20-12-2005, 00:24

Go here, and its a big image of the illustration, allows you to see the signature.

Names it as Don Quixote in his Library

20-12-2005, 00:45
bottom right is Lord Byron (didn't even have to google that - I da man)

20-12-2005, 14:44
Thanks Ophidicus, we love the chosen one...

Kohhna,You da man?
<Runs and hides>
Oh, Da 'man'. I thought you meant the 'Man'.