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24-04-2009, 21:28
Circumstances being what they were myself and my mate Neil McKay only found out one week prior to the event that we both had permission to go to said event. So, a few quick text messages back and forth based on available painted armies capable of an alliance we came up with the following combination of HE's and WE's.

High Elves
Level 2 Mage w/Silver Wand and Ring of Fury

10 Archers

5 Dragon Princes w/Banner of Sorcery
11 White Lions w/FC, Lion Standard and Amulet of Light

Wood Elves
Spellsinger w/Scroll and Ranu's Heartstone
BSB w/Asyendi's Bane and Hail of Doom Arrow

10 Glade Guard
8 Dryads

5 Wild Riders w/Standard (+ Free Musician)

5 Waywatchers

Game One - Ogres and Empire

Returning to the main hall after getting breakfast in the food court next door Neil and I found ourselves the first available table (15) and facing an Ogre and Empire army you can see below as the only magic item they had was a Sword of Might on the mounted Warrior Priest in the Knight unit on the right flank. Rolling up my spells I was very happy to get Fury of Khaine, Shield of Saphery and Flames of the Phoenix.

Turn One
With the Ogres and Empire securing first turn, the whole army (minus the Crossbows) moved forward as fast as it could, essentially in straight lines to the opposite Elven units on the other side of the table. The Free Company moved into the wood, hoping to find the Waywatchers they thought they saw. With only Warrior Priests to shout some prayers, their magic phase was dispelled every turn without issue. On the left flank, the Crossbows shot the Dryads and one fell, but the Free Company could only loose some arrows in a random direction towards the Waywatchers. While on the right a cannon ball didn't care about a couple of White Lions and their fancy cloaks.

On the Elven left flank, the Dryads and the Wild Riders moved forward into the woods in front of them and beyond and the Dragon Princes moved forward to support the centre. The Waywatchers also moved forward slightly to continue to march block and shot some Militia. In the magic phase, a Fury of Khaine was unleashed on on the approaching Bulls and wounded one and Flames of the Phoenix killed about 7 Militia. IN the centre, the BSB's Hail of Doom Arrow split into 4 mid-flight and one wounded an Irongut as did another arrow from the HE Archers. On the right flank the volley from the Glade Guard bounced off the thick armour of the Knights.

Turn Two
Knowing that the Glade Guard hadn't deployed the full 12" up, the Knights didn't charge and simply advanced along with the rest of the army. The Free Company chased the Waywatchers further into the wood and on the left flank, the Crossbowmen turned to cover the advance the Wild Riders and Dryads. Seeing the Dragon Prince advance into view, the Cannon crew aimed and fired, but the charge of power combined with a poor bounce wasn't enough to see it to it's target, however, spotting a single Waywatcher the Free Company opened fire and got him.

Seeing the Ogre Bulls in the centre of the field getting a little to close for comfort, the Dragon Princes charged them and killed two, but electing not to chase the one that fled as they would have clipped the Bruiser's unit. On the right flank, the Glade GUard retreated again, knowing that they would now have time to fire one more volley once the charge was declared. On the left, the Wild Riders ploy worked and they double-timed it back around the terrain into a formation to charge the Crossbowmen next turn. In the magic phase, the Flames of the Phoenix killed 12 Militia and then a Fury of Khaine, followed by a Ring of Fury was enough to kill a single Irongut which made his mates panic and run towards the Cannon. However, an attempt to Flame the Knights miscast and the Mage lost the spell, along with a wound. The following shooting phase saw the Waywatchers and Archers finish off the Militia and the Warrior Priest and with the range reduced the Glade Guard spotted the chinks in the armour of two Knights and they fell to the ground.

Turn Three
Eager to join the fray, the Bruiser and his unit of Bulls charged the Dragon Princes, who decided that discretion was the better part of valor and fled the charge and the Knights on the right flank charged headlong into the Glade Guard, who took aim and dismounted a further two Knights before the charge hit home. The Crossbow men again reformed to face the charge of the Wild Riders and the left most unit of Ironguts swung around the wood and faced along the Elven battle line. The Free Company moved closer to the Waywatchers again and knew there was now no where for them to go except out into the open and seeing a small Cannon crew hold the line, the other unit of Ironguts came to their senses and as they did, they opened fire on the flank of the Dragon Princes. Luckily for the Elves, there was a little too much black powder and the cannonball landed on the middle Prince in the unit and buried itself into the ground, not so lucky for him! Also, the ten Free Company again managed to find another Waywatcher and reduced the unit to three. As the Knights slammed into the Elves, the remaining Knight and the Warrior Priest struck down four, but the Elves held the line.

Finally tired of being pestered by the Free Company, the Waywatchers charged as did the Wild Riders, but the Crossbowmen found themselves without enough time to load their weapons and were cut down where they stood or ran as the "Elves" charged home. Despite their loss, the Dragon Princes steadied their mounts and faced off against the approaching Ironguts and the White Lion unit withdrew slightly. As the Winds of Magic flowed over the battlefield again the Mage targeted everything he had at the Bruiser's unit, but all he could manage was a single wound on an Ogre and with the Glade Guard engaged in combat, the Archers let loose at the Ironguts on the right flank, but did nothing. On the far right, the Knights killed another couple of Glade Guard and the Wood Elves ran, but were cut down as the Knights pursued them straight off the battlefield whilst in the woods to the north, the Waywatcher cut down a single Empire solider, but the Free Company fought on, with the greater numbers.

Turn Four
Angry that the Elven knights fled moments ago, the Bruiser and his bodyguard of Bulls charged towards the White Lions but gave up shortly afterwards as they misjudged how far the Elves were. The Ironguts on the left flank were now clear of the woods and were ready to take the charge from the Dragon Princes and the Ironguts on the right flank moved towards the Archers. Finally, the remaining Knight and Warrior Priest returned to the field. Looking across the battlefield, the Cannon again fired at the White Lions, hoping a good shot would bounce through them and into the rear of the Dragon Princes, but the luck was not there as the cannonball fell short of the Princes, but a further two White Lions were crushed under the shot. In the woods, the Free Company fought on against the Waywatchers, but they were simply out skilled by the Elves and lost four of their number, the rest turning to flee, however, the Waywatchers failed to catch them as the fled away to the north-east.

Sensing the moment was right, the Dryads and White Lions charged headlong into the Bruiser and his Bulls and the Dragon Princes charged into the Ironguts. Seeing them flee, the Waywatchers continued pursuit and unsure of which way to run to safety, were cut down. The Wild Riders moved back down the field to secure the left most flank. Also, knowing that the Empire Knights were coming up behind them, the Archers moved straight ahead, killing an Irongut with some nice shooting as they did so. The Dragon Princes rode straight over the Ironguts, capturing their standard as they fled and in the centre of the field, the White Lion Guardian issued a challenge to the Bruiser to save his charge from danger. Before being cut down, the White Lion Guardian wounded the Bruiser and White Lions and Dryads killed a further two Ogres and wounded a third to the single loss of a White Lion. Knowing they were clearly outmatched and outnumbered, the Ogres fled, but the Elves and Dryads simply got in each others way as the both attempted to chase after them.

Turn Five
Knowing that to stand and fight was to die, the Bruiser and his mate kept on running but didn't quite make it so safety and the Ironguts and Knights moved in to sandwich the Archers. The Cannon crew loaded a grapeshot as fast as possible to shoot the Waywatchers but their proximity meant only one died, the other two having spread out as best they could.

Trying to make sure that they didn't escape the White Lions gave chase, whilst the Dryads moved to save the Archers from the pickle they were in, but all of sudden the light faded from the sky and the helpful GW staff insisted we pack up and stop playing right there as time was up.

Win to the Elves with 1544 VP's.

Games Two and Three reports to follow.

24-04-2009, 21:29
Game Two - Daemons of Chaos and Daemons of Chaos

Securing the win put us to table 5 for our second game and we knew it would be tough. Scratch that, I was honestly beginning to panic as this was only my third time playing Daemons and neither Daemon force that I had personally played was as hard as:

Skulltaker on Juggernaut
The Masque
The Blue Scribe (on Disc)
3 x 10 Horrors
6 Flamers
8 Furies
2 x 7 Fleshhounds

Anyways, before the deployment that's shown below I rolled for my spells and again, after re-rolling doubles and swapping a spell I ended up with Shield of Saphery, Fury of Khaine and Flames of the Phoenix (and of course, Drain Magic).

Turn One
As the battle was joined, the Elven battle line advanced first, with the Waywatchers moving to the edge of the wood and the Dragon Princes and White Lions moving slowly to support them. In the centre the, both Elven Archer units held the line and readied their bows, whilst on the right flank, the Dryads moved into the safety of the Woods in front of them, shortly followed by the Spellsinger and the Wild Riders moved to behind the hill. In the magic phase I rolled yet another 1 power die for the Banner of Sorcery and it would be my last roll for the day (Neil getting more luck than me). Despite all those power dice, not a single spell got through. In the shooting phase, yet another poor Hail of Doom roll had the net result of two dead Horrors and the Waywatchers killed another couple(thinking now - the map is perhaps slightly wrong as if we could have shot the Scribe I'm sure we would have). In the centre, the combined Archer shooting removed a full rank of Horror's from the unit to the left of Skulltaker's unit, which gave us one less 'mage' to worry about.

With nothing to charge, the Daemon host moved forward at full pace. The Fleshhounds on the far right flank moved forward and wheeled to move around the hill, the Masque following in their wake. Elsewhere, the Furies and the Blue Scribe took shelter behind the building, with one Fury remaining in view so they could charge next turn. Skulltaker and his hounds simply advanced straight ahead and the Horror's on the left flank moved forward at half pace, march blocked by the Waywatchers. In the magic phase, the Horror's cast their magic missile at the White Lions, but found themselves to out of range by an inch and the Blue Scribe cast Doom and Darkness on the Waywatchers, which was dispelled but the Masque did reduce the Wild Rider movement by two inches.

Turn Two
Still with nothing to charge, the Elven line advancing steadily. The Dryads and Spellsinger moved completely into the wood, but did move far enough so as to allow the Dryads to charge out at the Horror's next turn (after taking a turn of shooting from the Flamers, but we felt it was worth the risk!) The Wild Riders retreated as fast as they could and the White Lions advanced as fast as they could, with the Dragon Princes holding back and re-aligning to allow them to advance or come back to the centre this side of the building. In the magic phase, the Mage miscast (again) and lost Fury of Khaine and a wound but did cast Flames of the Phoenix at the Furies, which resulted in two dead and the Spellsinger was able to Tree sing her would slightly forward and to the left in an attempt to hinder the Skulltaker unit. This it turned out was an amazing error on our part and you can read on to find out why. In the shooting phase, only three of four Archers could see the Furies and did nothing of note, but the Glade Guard beside them killed another three, leaving three alive. The Waywatchers on the other hand attempted to land a Killing Blow on the Blue Scribe, but a wound was the best they could do.

Our mistake was spotted by our opponents and having Tree sang the woods in charge range of the Masque she gladly charged in, as did, too our surprise the Flamers, so this was going to hurt as not only have we left a unit of Dryads out there, but no doubt any overrun or pursuit will hit the Spellsinger hiding in the woods. I'm guessing the three remaining Furies didn't fancy their chances against the Stand and Shoot or ASF of the Archers and so simply landed between both units of bowmen. Who were then supported as Skulltaker left his unit and advancing toward the Glade Guard and the Fleshhounds moved towards the Archers. The Horrors closest to the Waywatchers turned to face, looking to charge next turn and the other unit on the left flank held it's ground, where as the right flank unit of Horrors moved further left, knowing that there was nothing on that flank to stop the White Lion unit. Finally, on the right, the Fleshhounds moved in for the kill with the Wild Riders, meanwhile, the Blue Scribe moved to behind the Dragon Prince unit. In the magic phase, the Masque again reduced the movement of the Wild Riders, but everything else was dispelled and the Spellsinger used her only scroll, certain that she was about to die in an overrun shortly. With no shooting it was straight to the combat and the Masque made short work of two Dryads, but the Flamers either failed to hit with everything, or what did hit, failed to wound. Razor sharp limbs at the ready, the Dryads tore into the Flamers and killed two, and outnumbering the foe, breathed a huge sigh of the relief as two more Flamers died to instability and the Masque went pop! Battle was certainly back in our favour.

Turn Three
As it was either charge of be charged, the Wild Riders charged into the Fleshhounds on the right flank, whilst the White Lions advanced slightly and then turned around to get a LOS to the Blue Scribe, whilst the Dragon Prince simply got out of his way. The Waywatchers stayed put, whilst the Archers turned to face the Furies, then added some Elves to the front rank to ensure their destruction. In the magic phase, the continuing Flames of the Phoenix left a single Fury, but he was shot shortly thereafter by the Archers. Without Fury of Khaine, it was down to a Ring of Fury to get the Blue Scribe, but this was easily dispelled. In the shooting phase, the Glade Guard shot the approaching Fleshhounds and Skulltaker, but with no great surprise, did nothing however, the Waywatchers reduced the facing Horror unit down to four models. The close combats results were split with the Wild Rider doing nothing and losing four in the process, but the last model held, whereas the Dryads killed another one without lose, but the remaining Flamer wanted to stay and fight. Skulltaker charged at the Glade Guard, who passed the Fear and elected to Stand and Shoot, but the arrows bounced harmlessly off him. At the same time, the Fleshhounds charged the Archers in the flank - not pretty. The Horrors charged the Waywatchers and thanks to the woods slowing them down, had time to Stand and Shoot also, which killed two Horrors. Finally, the Horrors turned to face the Dryads, who should be free of combat that turn. Sitting the charge corridor of the Dragon Princes, the Blue Scribe moved to their flank. In the magic phase, the Horrors attempted their magic missile at the White Lions, but it was dispelled. The Blue Scribe then flicked through that book of his in attempt to find a spell to use and settled on the Hunter's Spear from the Lore of Beasts (lucky sod!) and with nothing to dispel it with again, pure relief washed over us as it rolled a one to wound the first Dragon Prince. In the combat phase, the Dryads chopped up the last Flamer and sat nicely to charge the Horrors next turn, but the Archers, Glade Guard and Wild Rider were either killed and ran down as both the Fleshhounds and Skulltaker chased the bowmen clean off the table. Meanwhile, the Horror missed with all their attacks and were cut down by the Waywatchers.

Turn Four
With the number of units dwindling for both sides and even those left had little way of impacting the result due to being out of range etc the final turns were very quick. The Dryads charged the Horrors and ripped right through them whilst the Waywatchers and BSB moved into the woods to take a shot at the Blue Scribe who they finally got, but with needing an eleven to cast Flames of the Phoenix by a level one Mage and the Ring of Fury easily dispelled the last surviving unit of six Horrors escaped.

Returning the battle, the Fleshhounds and Skulltaker moved up the field, but they were simply too far away now and the same was said of the Fleshhound who defeated the defeated the Wild Riders, who moved up to the hill.

Turns Five and Six
Although it was possible to charge the Dryads into the rear of the last surviving unit of Horrors, an overrun would see them hit the building and be on the receiving end of the charge from either Skulltaker or the Fleshhounds over the hill and so simply moved to claim the field to the north-east. Likewise, not wanting to die horribly, the White Lions and Dragon Princes simply retreated in the face of the Fleshhounds.

It was a hard fought game between both sides and possible my favourite game of the day. Win to the Elves with 977 VP's, although due to the lack of VP's, or chances of coming first on the day were all but gone.

Game Three report when I get some time over the weekend :).

24-04-2009, 22:45
fine reps and well done on beating the demons. Looking forward to the third rep. Any chance of some army pics or similar?

25-04-2009, 10:45
Cheers for the feedback. I didn't take the camera that day (wife needed it for a kid's birthday party) so we don't have any pics of the day, but I can certainly set my half of the army up and take a few - I'll do it later on.

26-04-2009, 19:57
Nice reports, thanks for psoting.

27-04-2009, 00:13
Great reports, nice against deamons, thought that would go the other way.

27-04-2009, 19:28
Game Three - Warriors of Chaos and Warriors of Chaos

Finding ourselves again on Table Five but paired against a couple of friends from our local GW and gaming club that we've played numerous times before, we quickly asked the judges if we could swap and they didn't mind, and neither did the guys on Table Six who were happy to swap with us.

Anyway. You can see the deployment map below and seeing three units of Fast Cavalry it was a real possibility we could be out manoeuvred and could find ourselves with no where to go if flanked by them and Chaos Knights in the centre. However, we did have a massive advantage in that the all the terrain on the left flank was woods.


Turn One
Confident that the enemy cavalry on the left flank was marched blocked, everything from the Glade Guard to the Dryads moved forward, with the White Lions wheeling slightly to allow the Mage to see the Chaos Knights. On the right flank, unsure as to the movements of the Marauder Horsemen to the right of the tower, the Dragon Princes trotted forward slightly. Finally, having sneaked this close to the enemy, the Waywatchers darted out the woods and parked themselves directly between the enemy units. In the magic phase, both a Fury of Khaine and a Ring of Fury were unleashed on the Chaos Knights but not a single Knight fell to the magical energies. In the shooting phase, the Waywatchers took aim to the nearest Knight and found the eye socket of his helmet, killing his instantly. In the centre of the field, the Glade Guard unleashed on the Marauder infantry, as did the Archers and four wild men dropped to the ground.

On the right flank, the Marauder Horsemen reformed and move through the gap to face the Dragon Princes and the Chaos Knights marched across the field and did the same. In the centre, both infantry units came forward as one, and the ignoring their loss, the Knights followed suit as fast as the could, aware of the accuracy of the Elves to their right. Also sensing the threat, the leftmost unit of cavalry moved behind their clansman to stop the Waywatcher advance and the unit directly to their left, turn to face the Wood Elf scouts. In the magic phase, a magic missile directed at the Glade Guard was dispelled and Treason was cast on the Dragon Princes, although we found ourselves with no dice after the dispel, we choose to let the spell go and sure enough, the thick armour of the Elven Nobles saved them from harm. In the shooting phase, the War Alter gave the Knights on the left flank +1 Attack.

Turn Two
Being a little outnumbered, the Waywatchers were more than happy to move back into the woods where they came from. On the right, the Dragon Princes backed up slightly, ensuring that the Chaos Knights couldn't charge next turn. In the centre, the Glade Guard stayed put, knowing that they would know be in close enough to the Marauders that the power of their bows would be at full effect. On the left flank, the Wild Riders moved around behind wood with the Waywatchers, ready to charge the Marauder Horsemen next turn. The Dryads followed suit as fast as they could. The White Lions also moved forward slightly. In the magic phase, the Mage again attempted a Fury of Khaine at the Knights, but the magical energies backfired, racking his mind and draining the Winds of Magic from the field. In the middle, both units of bowmen again concentrated their fire of the Marauder unit with the General and eight men fell to the ground, and although that made them think about running, the thought of the Chaos Gods retribution made them re-consider.

Eager to slaughter some Elves, the Marauder Horsemen on the right flank charged the Dragon Princes who held steady and drew their swords and either confident in the ability of the Marauders, or having contempt for the skill of the Elves, the Chaos Knights left them to it and wheeled around to charge the Archers in a few moments. Furious at his pathetic troops for being unable to find five Elves in some woods, the Chaos General left his unit and proceeded towards the Waywatchers, passing the Knights as they moved around the woods towards the White Lions. Leaderless, the Marauder infantry line moved forward at half pace. Meanwhile, behind the Chaos lines, the Marauders turned to face the charge of the Wild Riders and the War Alter moved to support them. The magic phase came and went with both spells failing to cast, and with no shooting it was on to combat. Striking forth with typical Elven grace, the Dragon Princes slew four of the Marauder Horseman before the final warrior of Chaos fumbled his attacks. As he turned to run, the impetuous arrogance of the Dragon Princes shown through as they galloped after him. Had they held themselves in check, they would have certainly been able to flank the nearby Knights.

Turn Three
As the Wild Riders charged home, the Dryads moved to the left of the woods with the Waywatchers, careful to stay away from charge of the Chaos Knights approaching the White Lions who directed the Mage and Wood Elf Noble to leave their unit so they could adopt a proper fighting formation for the Chaos Knight charge moments away. As instructed, the Mage retreated into the Woods next to the Spellsinger and the BSB moved into the small wood in the middle and drew his Hail of Doom Arrow out of his quiver and notched it his bow. Facing the bulk of main enemy force, and knowing they could not escape and at the same time acknowledging their superior Elven cousins, the HE Archers moved forward directly in the path of the oncoming Knights. On the right flank, the Dragon Princes wheeled around to face along with middle of the battlefield. Again, the Mage directed both his Fury of Khaine spell and the Ring of Fury at the Chaos Knights with no return. Frustrated that the foul Gods of Chaos were watching them, he drew all the power he could and unleashed a Flames of the Phoenix at the large block of Marauders and the enemy Wizard, but again he simply tapped into too much power and cried in pain as his mind was overcome with the magical backlash. Drawing back on his Hail of Doom Arrow, the Noble watched as the arrow split into five separate shots and struck down five warriors, which was shortly followed by the black shafted arrows of the Glade Guard and Archers who destroyed the unit. Finally the Wild Riders charged into the Marauder Horseman and powered straight through the unit and into the unit behind them.

Finally getting to grips with the enemy, the Chaos Knights on both flanks charged home into the White Lions and the HE Archers, and at the rear of the main assault, the War Alter charged the flank of the Wild Riders. Unable to find a target for a charge, the Chaos Champion simply milled about unsure as to why these petulant Elves were causing him some grief and the Marauders and Wizard moved towards the Glade Guard. With the HE Mage dead, the enemy Sorcerer cast his magic missile at the Glade Guard, which was scrolled and then a very poor dispel attempt by the Spellsinger failed to stop Treason cast at the same unit and unable to help themselves, the Glade Guard struck down three of their own. Despite a valiant attempt, the HE Archers were ridden down and pursued by the Knights. On the left flank, as they charged home, the Chaos Knight Champion sought out the White Lion Champion and charged headlong into him directly, though his final thoughts would always have been as to how he moved so fast as the White Lion Guardian cut him down. Unfortunately the rest of his unit were so not so successful and struggled to hit the Knights at full gallop, losing five of their own to the charge, but they were simply unfazed, each prepared to die in the name of Ulthuan and the Phoenix King. Finally, a combination of missed attacks by the War Alter and saves by the Wild Riders saw them win the fight. Watching as the Marauders fled from the table, the Wild Riders chased down the War Alter and destroyed it.

Turn Four
As they were directly ahead of them the Dragon Princes charged straight into the flank of the last block of Marauder infantry and slew nine of them. Faced with such overwhelming odds, the simply ran and the Dragon Princes gladly ran them down and overran straight into the Chaos General, who was distracted as he had just been shot and wounded by the Glade Guard that had took aim moments prior. In the woods, the White Lions and Knights engaged one another, each one killing another of the opposing unit.

Having finished butchering the HE Archers, the Chaos Knights turned around to face back up the battlefield and they watched in disbelief as the unit of Elven cavalry they allowed the Marauder Horseman to deal with slammed into their lord and slaughtered him. Finally, the White Lions, outnumbering the Knights in the woods pounced and felled the Knights with their axes like they would the mighty Lions of Chrace.

...and with the lose of all their units with the exception of the final Knight unit our opponents conceded the field.

Victory to the Elves with 2304 VP's

So, with three wins under our belts, Neil and I pondered where we would end up in the final standing. Although we knew we wouldn't win as one of the teams from the same store (GW Falkirk) had three wins and had many more VP's than us in Game Two we thought perhaps 5th or 6th, but were pleasantly surprised to find out we were second overall.

Still a good day out, with three great games of WFB against three friendly teams, what more do you want :)

27-04-2009, 20:11
Well done :)
Great reports and a good finish, especially with a daemons game in the middle!
Not sure the chaos players used their forces as well as they could have, and some hounds would have come in handy, but you dealt with them very well anyway :)

27-04-2009, 20:14
Great battles.

Too bad those last two pairs were the same (DoC and DoC/WoC and WoC), as it kind of takes the fun out of doubles games.

Gabacho Mk.II
28-04-2009, 17:32
Doubles in a tournament setting is really a treat to play. It is somewhat like playing 2 games at once!

I am happy to read you guys fared so well!

Go Elves! Elves ROCK!!!


28-04-2009, 17:55
very well done, I agree with Mal that mixed pairs make for more fun, but you can't have everything I guess

29-04-2009, 00:14
Greta battles and grats on the wins, I quite fancy a 1550 double sometime would eb a fun trip out. Though it wouldn't be Orcs and orcs ;)

30-04-2009, 09:54
Great reports , thanks for sharing :)