View Full Version : Tomb King special character question

24-04-2009, 22:55
Under the Settra's army special rule for Settra the Imperishable, it states that his army can not use any Liche Priests, I am assuming that also means no High Liche priests.


Gazak Blacktoof
24-04-2009, 23:01
Yes. No priests of any level.

25-04-2009, 00:14
yes, no liche priests of any rank. :)
which incidentally makes the settra army really really horrible imo.

25-04-2009, 09:40
Well, the point is that Settra is the liche for the whole army, and can cast on EVERY unit = regardless of range if memory serves. Thsi means you get combat heroes (who can still cast i think?) instead of squichy liche, but no casket.

Gazak Blacktoof
25-04-2009, 11:01
And no dispel dice and a maximum of one scroll in the form of the broach of the great desert.

25-04-2009, 16:58
well, who needs dice anyway, its Setra!!!! ;)

Mad Makz
25-04-2009, 17:06
You Also get core chariots, and Tomb Guard I think too, which is pretty rock hard (or even if you don't get core Tomb guard, you could take like 6 units of tomb guard and 6 units of chariots in 4000+ points with Settra, at which point Settra is generating 12 automatic single dice casts for my will be done, and two 3D6 casting level incantations, plus my will be done on your tomb princes (lead a screaming skull catapult with a tomb prince with cloak of the dunes and a great weapon), you are lookng at about 22 powerdice worth of automatically cast movement, shooting or combat enhancing spells. Not too shabby if you ask me.