View Full Version : Can hero heavy armies be competitive?

25-04-2009, 14:30
Is it possible to use a tourney force comprised entirely of heroes? For example, how would the entire fellowship (785 points) do against an 800 point tourney force?

How about the nazgul?

Sarah S
25-04-2009, 17:55
Err... Well they would be totally unplayable because you need to have formations to put them in. So you literally could not play a game like that...

EDIT: Doh. Obviously. I think we need WotR/LotR tags on regular forum posts here.

It seems silly to call LotR forces "armies" though ;)

25-04-2009, 18:00
I think he's talking about SBG, not WotR...

25-04-2009, 18:01
You could bring the fellowship of the ring or 9 are abroad formations at 500 points apiece. They're good and can catch people off guard but if your opponent knows how to combat them it could make for a quick or painful game for you. It's more of an all or nothing approach IMO.

25-04-2009, 18:24
If it's for SBG, all hero armies don't tend to do well. Heroes are good until they get swamped and then they suffer issues. For 1 ringwraith you can get around 20 or more orcs and the orcs may lose the first battle or two, but will almost always win the war.