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20-12-2005, 02:49
Decided I am going to play TK's and this is my first list! let me know what you think.

Tomb King-235
Armour of The Ages, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might
Tomb Prince-153
Golden Ankhra, GW, LA, SH
Lich Priest-160
Dispel Scroll, Cloak of The Dunes, Hiero
Lich Priest-160
Staff of Ravening

12xSkeles-96(2nd Lich Joins)
23xSkeles-232 (Prince Joins)
HW, SH, LA, Full Com,

23xTomb Guard-340 (King Joins)
Tomb Blades, LA, SH, SB, Champ, Icon of Rakaph
Tomb Scorpian-85
Tomb Scorpian-85

Screaming Skull Cat-90 (Hiero Joins/stays close)

Total: 1992

Tactics are both my Liches join/stand by my shooty stuff casting incantations and firing their own stuff (staff on 2nd lich) Bows Hold middle with Tomb Guard, while skeles, Scorpian, Ushabti hold flanks. Any suggestions/comments?

20-12-2005, 08:15
Yeah, that should work. It's scorpion, though. ;)

The only thing I'm really not convinced by is the King's magic weapon setup. It just looks so... underwhelming. As his job is to add punch to the TG block I'd even be tempted to suggest the Crook and Flail - striking first means you don't lose as many TG when you get charged, which in turn means they get to strike back. Alternatively, moving to the Scorpion Armour and a great weapon improves his "punch" slightly and likewise adds to the survivability of your TG.

20-12-2005, 15:49
The flail would be nice, but would mean I have to trim my list down ever more (I had chariots and heavy horsemen in my draft of this list!) And I liked te idea of a S7 TK, but i didnt want to strike last. You're right, SoM doesnt seem very good on a TK, so I think I'll free up some points to get the magical flail. Thanks!

20-12-2005, 15:52
I like it. I wouldnt want to face it, but i like it :)

a personl fave is Skulls of the Foe, but where to get the points from?

Well done on avoiding Chariots though.makes a nice change from most TK lists i see...

23-12-2005, 09:56
I don't play with TK a while ago but one thing I have in mind, Tomb Guard are very expensive for what they worth!
If you get a combined charge into the TG unit you will see them crumble pretty fast, and even the King will not be able to save them in the CR. The Killing Blow adds some power but with the low IN of TG you'll get to be beaten up in further rounds of HtH.
Use an unit of Chariots just to get more speed into your army and to break charges from your Skellie line.