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Chaos Warlord
25-04-2009, 23:04
I am well aware of the fact that beasts atm are at the bottom of the power chart, hopefully this will change to some extent with the 7th ed armybook.

sure they might be at the bottom now, but a beast tactica is still useful and enjoyable.

a few:

skrimisher herds could be spread out in a linear formation to cover your other regiments, soak up most missile fire.
if used as meatshield i recomend the free choice shield, not the costy shield for wretched ungors.
(alltough the below average-LD may puncture the lines of your elite bestigors & minos etc other herds, i recomend your general inside a unit that is being covered, and perhaps with crown of horns - i dun remember if it was +1 for panic tests on the unit was with or units within range - xx"?, either way its 5+ ward and +1 when rolling panic, so its a must)

all combat herds shuld be equipped with 2hw.

dual bestigor regiments, fantastic for flankcharges. one goes to the front the other flank

or if dealing with a real heavy hitter, destroyes any regiment with flankcharge from 2 directions.

chariot armies?........... not really a tactic.. but hey, ill add it here till 7th ed comes around and changes all your views on BOC.
so the typical idea is: you charge everything, if you can do it flank, and just run everything down with your army of chariot doom :rolleyes:

centigors made fast cavalry in 7th ed will undoubtably bring about alot of cheering and braying from the forests :D

i must confess, i can't wait till 7th ed boc, the multitude of tactics for lords with that sweet 100/100 magicitem/mutation choice... aaaah the possibilitys:chrome:

26-04-2009, 01:21
I have heard rumours so don't take these as confirmed...

No Shaggoths or Dragon Ogres. I told my friend this and I said, "wow, GW has to completely rewrite the fluff behind Gorthor the Beastlord." Here are the rumours going around.

The return of the gorgon - The 5th ed bestial banshee returns as a new choice to our very small army.

Possible new Bestial units - I have heard of more furry pals of chaosness.

Return of non skirmishing and skirmishing units - I have heard that there could be non skirmishing herds and skirmishing beast herds.

Special Characters

Chicago Slim
26-04-2009, 15:37
Right now, the best Beast build I've come up with is the Tzeentch Chariot army: All four characters are either Tzeentch-marked or Shamen, backed up by 6-8 Tzeentch-marked chariots, plus several hundred points of whatever else you choose to bring (Minotaurs, probably)

That's 18-20 power dice, and a couple of opportunities to drop 2d6+2 or 3d6+3 impact hits on a target through a combined charge.

Over the top? Certainly-- but that's exactly my point: Beasts can definitely still build an over-the-top, min-maxed army of beardy, cheesy doom that'll be every bit as abusive as anyone else... So what's to complain about, for us beast players? :)

26-04-2009, 17:04
The build you posted is not only over the top, its also illegal. If you read BoC you will note that BoC chariots do not have the option to swap their MoCU for god specific marks. This also means that god specific marked characters can not read in BoC chariots period. Back when we had HoC to get units from you could a similar build by running four Chaos Chariot (as special) with MoT, the four casters, and all your core as BoC Chariots. It was still cheesy and scary, but now that we lost HoC units we are kinda stuck. I have been playing BoC since they came out with a stand alone book and they are my favortie army (also run HE, TK, and Liz). But while we can still put up a good fight in fun games, I don't think the cheesiest list I could build would stand up for a second against any of the big three (DoC, DE, VC). Maybe back when we had the full three chaos lists, but not anymore. We lost our flyers (furies and screamers), we lost our decent fast cav (marauders), we lost heavy chariots, we lost heavy cav (knights), and our raiders no longer rank up in a rank bonus formation (we rank at 4 per rank instead of the 5 needed unless the enemy is a wide enough frontage to warrant it).

As for a fun tactic that is still viable with BoC I would point out that our spawn are the best out there. Four 3d6 movement (with MoS) 360 degree charge arc unbreakable spawn in a 2000 point game is a godsend until we get the new book. Throw them into a side of a unit a knights and call it a game.

Another fun tactic I have done in the past is to use funnels for my MoK frenzied mintaurs. Put a pair of dirt cheap beast herds on both sides of a hammer minotaur unit to ensure they can only see things in their front arc. Place them across from the enemies main line and you won't have to worry about getting drawn off to the side by flyers, fast cav, or scouts.

26-04-2009, 19:26
BoC has been FAQ'd, so you can certainly have 6-8 Tzeentch chariots.

That being said it is also a glass cannon. Those chariots have no protection from psychology, so a couple of failed tests and they are now happily running fown your own troops. :)


26-04-2009, 21:35
Tzeentch chariots are fragile, and they make you pay to remove some protection to beasts' biggest problem: psychology. IMO there's far better builds to beasts than that.

26-04-2009, 22:00
Tzeentch chariots are fragile, and they make you pay to remove some protection to beasts' biggest problem: psychology. IMO there's far better builds to beasts than that.

Tzeentch or Khorne Chariots are pretty good actually, it can allow you to get your Tz magic pool up to 13+ PD or Kh DD pool to 12-14 in 2000pts. Re-rolling Leadership is very good but having so many DD takes care of a few frailties itself. Slaanesh and Nurgle marking is also good too for Chariots, there's an equal case for Mark of-Chaos Undivided/Khorne/Tzeentch/Nurgle/Slaanesh.

Here's a quick run-down of a couple of units that I run:

Beast Lords/Wargors:
Don't go overboard equipment-wise. These cannot go toe-to-toe with others army's hero/lord choices so give them GW/HA/Shield/Mark to ensure they're cheap.

This guy is a killing machine.
Mark of Khorne, Axes of Khorgor and Heavy Armour is a common build annd is very effective too. 7 Attacks and re-rolling misses.

Beast Herds:
Take units of 5 Gors and 5 Ungors for cheap Ambush spam
12/8 composition is good for non-ambushing herds and comes in the box so is pretty helpful

These are pretty fragile so make sure they're screened by some Hounds.
Khorne is a great mark for these guys to ensure a good damage output, I run 14 in a unit (2x7) with the Gore Banner and they're pretty solid.

Cheap 5 model units to screen and march block, pretty self explanatory really.

Tuskgor Chariot:
Undivided, Nurgle and Khorne are best in combat lists but if you're taking magic spam then Tzeentch is obviously the way to go.

Arguably the best unit in the book.
Good Leadership, strong and a nice amount of attacks.
Take units of 3 or 4, no more.

Dragon Ogres:
Fast, strong, tough and expensive.
I like to run these but there's a case for taking Minotaurs in their place. These will draw alot of enemy shooting/magic and will keep alot of your Herds relatively unscathed.

26-04-2009, 23:32
Ambush is not an option for chariot, unfortunatly.

27-04-2009, 07:46
Chaos Spawn:
Very useful unit which is typically thrown down flanks to hold up enemy flankers. It usually stays around because a while because of the T5 and Unbreakable.

Fiend of Slaanesh - In my opinion this is the best Mark for a Spawn, with +1D movement it makes the random movement more reliable and improves one of the weaknesses which this unit holds.

Firewyrm of Tzeentch -
This can be very useful, throw the unit down the centre of the board and get a flame template off on those Elves or Zombies. T5 should protect you from S3 missile fire but don't expect this to be alive after turn 3 if used in this way.

Bloodbeast of Khorne - I wouldn't reccommend this Mark, at S4 paying 15pts for S5 is pretty pointless. The role of this unit is not to kill (unless you take Tzeentch breath weapon) but it is to hold up the enemy and get into annoying positions.

Beast of Nurgle - Good for the reasons listed above but increasing unit cost by 25% to get poisoned attacks is not worth the points

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth:
Great centrepiece for the army and is very powerful in combat. I usually take this flanked by a unit of Dragon Ogres to make sure this unit hits very hard and will break through in the first turn of combat. I'd reccommend taking a Great Weapon and Light Armour

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth (Lord):
Generally I find marking Shaggoths to be a very expensive endeavour and that Slaanesh is the best one to mark with when considering the effectiveness and points cost of each.
Tzeentch - You can create a great magic/combat character if you're prepared to pay the points, it is pricey so i'd tend to reserve that Mark for large games.
Khorne - Pretty self explanatory, +1DD and Frenzy, is it worth it for 35pts? I would say it is marginally
Nurgle - +1 wound is great but is it worth it for 50pts?
Slaanesh - This is a must have marking really, ITP is pretty essential if your general is going to be Ld8 and unitless.

I don't take Chaos Trolls, Chaos Ogres or Centigors so I will let someone else give the advice on those.

27-04-2009, 15:08
I stand corrected, thank you for pointing me to the FAQ. Guess I know what next games army is going to be :)