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26-04-2009, 03:05
Well we have the other thread started by Nu Fenix but I figure this could be dedicated more towards tactics and army comp and we can get all of the fallen realms questions consolidated into one thread.

Lets start this off, I found that a way to stick to theme/fluff while still being very very effective is to take a few (2-3ish) ringwraiths for heroes and Amdur/Suladan/Dalamyr as your general based on where your army is predominantly from. People may give you some flak that (ringswraiths are broken wah wah) but its really hard to argue. We have few epic heroes in FR, and each one represents a different culture (Ruin/harad/Umbar) so really its thematic to add in the ringwraiths. Ringwraiths give fallen realms arguably the strongest magic (except mordor since they can take the same ringwraiths), and with Darkness/Dismay there is so much you can do.

The key to magic is realizing how best to use your limited supply. Sometimes its worthwhile to cast something just to force your opponent to make decisions with their might. Always use low focus spells first unless you NEED the higher focus spell desperately. Because you have to realize there is a 1/6 chance of your spell not going off, and also if it is something effecting your opponents formation he can try to resist it. Magic is always situational. For example casting Sunder spirit/visions of woe is not worthwhile if he has an inspiring hero within 12. Casting Strength from Corruption on a big block of Easterlings/Haradrim is devastating (especially with Khamul!) but only if you can guarantee a charge, and make sure that you aren't overextending yourself, as even with the added strength, getting flanked by multiple units will result in one dead formation. Now if you know you and your opponent are out of Charge Range, then cast Strength from corruption on a high defense formation of the enemies. He wont benefit from the strength if he is out of charge range but he will still take the hits.

I prefer large formations for easterlings. They arent flankers, they are meant to hit your opponent hard and grind him into the ground. Getting flank attacks with them should just be looked as a bonus.

Haradrim do best with medium/small formations. I dont usually field them in my lists, but they can be effective as a cheap flanking unit. The bowmen are superior to Easterling Bowmen

Our cavalry should be fielded behind large formations of infantry. Especially infantry that will be often using wings of terror. Keep the cavalry right behind the infantry then pop them out onto the flanks after you and your opponent's lines crash together.

Charioteer's are amazing for protecting the flanks of our formations, especially from cavalry charges. Even if they charge the charioteer they are getting hit with 4 attacks wounding on either 4 or 3+ after the Two-handed weapon bonus. And if they kill it (not a sure thing...they only get 1 company + supporting vs. defense 5 and hard to kill) they only took down 100 points and your more important units are shielded from dangerous charges.

The best way to counter cavalry? Besides taking dalamyr in a big formation of easterling swordsmen, easterling pikemen are perhaps the best in the game. For 35 points you get Defense 5(7) pikemen. Spread a large formation out directly opposite of cavalry and shadow them all game. If possible try to use wings of terror on them at the right time to capitalize on any positioning mistakes by your opponent and trap cavalry against terrain, a board edge, other units, etc. This way they will be forced to charge or be charged by your pikes and be destroyed.

I've found that its often best to go second (depending on your list of course) but with the units we have I see more advanrage in outmaneuvering your opponent with large blocks of infantry possibly with wings of terror.

Don't forget, even with all of the goodies at our command, it is possible (and many times even beneficial!) to play defensive. We have some good shooting (Arbelasters/Haradrim w/bows, Watchers) and plenty of high defense troops, along with some anti ranged heroes (shadow lord/Khamul) and plenty of mobility (Kataphrakts, Khandish Raiders, Serpent riders, Morgul Knights, Haradrim Raiders, anything with wings of terror) so we can easily make opponents come to us then outmaneuver them or go on the offensive when the moment is most opportune.

If anyone has any questions about what unit to take, how to deploy, magic, movement, combos, etc post it here and lets have all of the FR players contribute some words of wisdom.

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06-05-2009, 22:56
to stick to a theme would be difficult but personally i would still like to try. Thus there are only three theme-able sublists: easterlings, harads, and corsairs as these all have epic heroes and plastic core troops. Queen Beruthiel was a black numenorean per Tolkien lore but in game terms, could be fielded as any southrons and even as a male character!

Easterling armored infantry and cavalry can be supported by light khandish cavalry and chariots but i don't see much point for khandish infantry other than as small formation to flank with their 2-handed weapons.

Haradrims can be "upgraded" to serpent guards/riders for +1 Fight and +1 Courage for only 5 points more per company. This seems well worth it to me. The far haradrims of Mahud fluffwise i guess should complement near haradrims but their infantry and cavalry, though great models, do not seems worth the point cost or the money cost to acquire. The half trolls though do seem very interesting. The ultimate back up for the haradrims of course is the Mumak.

The corsairs have as rare the arbalesters as well as the black numenoreans infantry and calvary (Umbar was a black numenorean city after all). I think this gives them a good mix of light infantry, heavy infantry, missile troops and knights.

When taking the ringwraiths, Khamul and the Knight of Umbar seems natural for easterlings and the corsairs as well. The Dark Marshall should go with the black numenoreans (making them common formations) and the corsairs. The remaining 3, the Betrayer, the Undying, and the Shadow Lord i guess are up for grab.