View Full Version : Earth Shaking Charge Question

26-04-2009, 04:26
A situation came up today where a Harradim Cav unit charged a unit of Minas Tirith Warriors and won the combat. The Warriors seperated the 1" and rolled a five on the panic chart failing the courage roll and taking an additional 4 wounds becoming disordered. The Cav made the Earth Shaking Charge and charged the same unit again. After fighting the combat against the now disorganized Warriors (warriors were fight with 1 die for each company) they lost a second time. The warriors seperated their 1" and rolled on the panic chart.

The question is what result do I go with from the two panic tests in one turn?
A. the worst of the two
B. you only take one panic test per turn

26-04-2009, 04:57
two separate fights (ruleswise) so they would take two panic tests at different times, and apply both results. If you were disordered before, the second time around you don't get disordered again, nor can disordered be negated by rolling a 6, you just won't take any additional courage checks/wounds.