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26-04-2009, 07:31
Hey everyone, today was a big day of rings at my LGS.
i got in two games, but for now here is the first game. My opponent was Gondor, we played at about 1670 points (random I know but its what he had with him). We rolled Shieldwall and High Ground, and the board was a desert board completely with a few rocky desert hills and some Harad huts. Unfortunately the harad had been busy the prior night celebrating the start of the rainy season and were still too hungover to fight in the morning's battle.They left all of the fighting up to their Rhuinish, Khandish, Black Numenorean, and men of Umbar allies. Hopefully everyone can garner some insights from the game and enjoy the report.

My list was:

1 Amdur, Lord of Blades -165

1 Ringwraith [Khamul the Easterling] -125

1 Ringwraith [The Knight of Umbar] -125

1 Ringwraith [The Betrayer] -125

1 Easterling Cohort - 215
6 companies
Dragon Knight

1 Easterling Cohort - 215
6 companies
Dragon Knight

1 Easterling Cohort - 245
6 companies
Dragon Knight

1 Morgul Knight Regiment-190
4 companies

1 Corsair Arbelasters Formation - 75
3 Companies

2 Khandish Charioteers - 200

Total: 1670

His was roughly:

1 Aragorn

1 Boromir

Warriors of the Dead
5 companies

Knights of Minas Tirith
6 companies

Warriors of Minas Tirith
4 companies

Rangers of Gondor
3 Companies

Warriors of Minas Tirith
2 companies

2 Avenger Bolt Throwers


Riders of Rohan Eored
4 companies

The terrain was laid out with a hill in the center (The High Ground), A hill on the left flank in the middle, and the harad huts on the right flank in the middle.

I won the roll off and let him deploy first and choose first turn priority.


He depolyed his WoMT in the middle, his dead and the Eored with Aragorn on the left flank. His knights of minas tirith, Archers, and rangers were to the right of the WoMT. His one bolt thrower was on the right flank by the archers and the other was behind his rangers.

I deployed Khamul and the pikemen on the right directly across from his knights. I deployed a cohort of Swordsmen in the middle eyeing the hill. The other cohort was on the far left flank behind the hill and had The Knight of Umbar with them. The Arbelasters were directly to their right with the betrayer with them. My morgul knights were on the right board edge looking to squeeze around the huts on the rightmost flank. I had 1 chariot behind my arbelasters and 1 between my knights and pikemen in support.

First Turn:

Movement Phase:

He gave me priority for the first turn. Khamul cast wings of terror on the pikemen and moved them up towards the knights, blocking up the space between the middle hill and huts on the right Then they At the Doubled and moved even closer to his lines. He remained focused and cast a Strength from Corruption on his own unit, getting +2 strength and taking 6 hits. 1 of those hits was redirected onto the rightmost bolt thrower. He also tried to cast Transfix on the knights. Boromir tried to resist and failed, however passed the courage test. The Swordsmen in the middle moved forward 6 then at the doubled, taking them within 3 of the high ground on the hill. The Knights moved forward 10" around the huts on the right but failed their at the double roll. The Swordsmen on the left moved forwards via the KoU's wings of terror, reformed into a tighter 2x3 formation as to allow the arbelasters a firing lane. The KoU remained focused and cast Strength from Corruption on his own unit, which went off on a 6. So they got +4 strength and took two automatic hits. The Arbelasters moved forward 6 and successfully at the doubled. The Betrayer then cast Strength From Corruption on his Ent. it went off, giving the ent +2 strength however also hitting it 6 times! So 3 rolls on the hard to kill chart. The first was a 5, giving 2 wound counters, the second was a 1, and the final one was a 6. The ent exploded spectacularly. The betrayer remain focused again and cast sunder spirit on his WoMT. He didnt resist and it went off on a 6, giving him a - 3 courage for the turn. The Betrayer focused again and cast transfix which he tried to resist but failed, and subsequently failed the courage test (as unfortunately he was outside of 12 inches of both Aragorn and boromir so could not use their leadership). My chariots moved up behind my infantry.

He moved his Riders of Rohan and dead backwards to be out of my charge range, however he couldn't get the dead out of range due to the board edge behind him and space. His WoMT were stuck in place for the turn. He moved his Rangers half speed to give his bolt thrower LoS to my formations. His knights moved outside of my pikemen's charge range, positioning themselves for a flank charge if I charged his rangers or bolt thrower.

Shoot Phase:

I declared a heroic shoot with my arbelasters so that they could shoot even though they had moved. They shot at his dead, killing 9 due to rerolls from the betrayer.

He shot at my pikemen with his rangers, both bolt throwers and his archers. He missed with 1 Bolt Thrower, got 2 hits with the other (one of which I deflected back to the Bolt thrower), got about 5 hits with the rangers, one of which was reflected back to him, and 2 from the archers 1 which was reflected again and killed the last crew member from the one bolt thrower. His riders shot their bows but failed to hit anything.

Charge Phase:

I Charged his dead with my Swordsmen on the left flank and made it (barely). I also charged his rangers with my pikemen.

He charged my swordsmen in the flank with Aragorn and the Riders, and charged my pikemen on the flank with boromir and the KoMT.

Fight Phase:

The Knight of Umbar copied Aragorn's fight for the entire formation. I declared an epic duel and spic strike on The captain of the riders. He declared an epic duel and epic strike on the Knight of Umbar. I declared a heroic fight with my dragon knight. I declared epic strike with my KoU.

In the other fight I declared a heroic duel with my dragon knight on his captain of the rangers. he declared an epic duel and epic strike on khamul.

In the first fight I won the duel against his captain and took out 5 riders. In the other duel I only lost by 1 which didn't do anything. Then we fought, his cavalry caused a lot of casualties, then his dead and my Swordsmen struck simo, and at +4 strength for the phase, I was hitting at strength 7. I wiped out the remaining knights and all but 6 dead. He did some more casualities with his dead. I won the combat so then got to charge again. I charged and managed to flank his WoMT while clipping his dead. I called an epic rampage with Amdur and my resulting attacks wiped out his remaining dead and WoMT. They did a few casualities in return.

In the second fight I won against his ranger captain, killed the captain and a few men. His epic duel vs. khamul (who epic striked) did not turn out well, and he spent a point of might to win by 2. He rolled on the chart but only got 1 hit against the formation and one vs khamul (he could of used might to kill khamul here but didnt think of it). His knights then went and killed a lotf of pikemen, but some got reflected onto the knights. Then my pikemen attacked his rangers and reduced them to one company of 5 men. Overall I won the combat by two.

Second Turn:

Movement Phase:

I won the priority roll but gave it to him.

Both of his disorganized formations rallied. His knights charged towards the hill and my unengaged swordsmen cohort on the hill. His rangers turned a bit.

I moved the betrayer from the arbelasters to the swordsmen on the hill.
I moved my swordsmen close to his knights. I moved my charioteer right on his right flank. The KoU cast sunder spirit on the rangers. He remained focused then cast visions of woe, with went off on a 6. His unit ran off the board. My knights moved forward and at the doubled so they were right in front of his archers. I cast pall of night on his knights and he spent Boromir's might to try to resist it which he did. I stayed focused and then cast black breath on boromir, which he tried to resist with boromir's last might point but failed.

Shooting Phase:

I had no shots this turn. He shot at my knights with his archers but didnt kill any. His bolt thrower shot at khamul and the pikemen killing another few pikmen as well as killing its crew.

Charge Phase:

He charged my swordsmen on the hill with his knights. I charged him in the flank with my charioteer.

Fight Phase:

I heroic dueled Boromir with my dragon knight. I won by 7 or 8 or so and wiped out 3 companies of knights including boromir. My chariot took out another 3 knights. He got his attacks, did some damage, then got wiped out by the rest of the attacks from the infantry.


Victory for Evil!
Hope everyone enjoyed!

Nu Fenix
26-04-2009, 14:28
Wow, victory in two turns! Impressive!

It is always good to see the Fallen Realms chalking up a win, especially since I am failing to do it.

Good use of The Betrayer with the Arbalesters - Re-rolling crossbows is just dirty, and something I completely support.

Using Strength from Corruption as an offensive spell on the Ent was wise, since we lack Spells of Ruin, and making an Ent stronger even if it doesn't die won't make it kill most infantry any easier. But your rolls made that increased strength short lived ;)

Pulling off Black Breath against a character, especially one so potent as Boromir, only to duel them is the best way to deal with enemy heroes in my opinion.

Is there anything in your list you felt didn't do as well for you as you had hoped?

In terms of Ringwraiths, I think they were the best three you could have picked against that army, and quite possibly against most armies out there. Do you agree, or think changing one or more of them would have helped you more?

Hope your victories continue!

26-04-2009, 16:50
Nice battle report... and congratulation to your spectacular win.

Your opponent did not seem to have a very sound Gondor list, to weak units and mismatch... I think...

And about that Boromir duel... if someone Black Breath a character who has Epic Strike you don't need to dispel it. Simply use Epic Strike in the Fight phase to gain 10 fight, that effectively dispel the effect as well. I think it was an inexperienced player who did a lot of mistakes.

I think that you had a very strong list with few weaknesses. That list will be hard to beat any day of the week.

27-04-2009, 12:38
Yes indeed I would say he is still learning and he only has what he owns at his disposal. And he's only 14 haha. So its more that I wanted to showcase the power that army list composition, deployment, movement, magic, and the proper use of heroic/epic actions play in the game


Everything did well, however I don't know if 2 charioteers are always needed, as one never made it to combat during the game. However thats probably because of the way the game turned out.

Yes I believe The betrayer, Khamul, and the Knight of Umbar are very nasty take all comers ringwraiths