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Seth the Dark
26-04-2009, 12:10
I am looking into Warriors of Chaos and was wondering what advice people might have and are there any specific forums for the army. I want to go Nurgle specific.

26-04-2009, 12:52
Post in the WoC tactica for army specificadvise as the thread has several experienced WoC generals who can help.

If you want to go nurgle specific the simplest advice i can give you is to direct you to;

Sorc - General as he has a 1+ save.
lvl 2, MoN, Puppet, Enchanted Shield

lvl 2, MoN, Power familiar, Scroll

lvl 2, MoN, Book of secrets, Scroll.

For the points this is incredibly efficient magic set-up, 570 pts for 10 PD, 5DD + 2 scrolls. You dont need combat heros because WoC troops hit hard enough and you can buboes enemy characters if your really worried.

Then to complement this a VERY common 'nurgle' unit to be seen is;

6 Chaos Knights
Standard, Mus, MoN, Banner of Rage
335 pts

Get them a unit of marauder horse/warhounds to screen them and they will always serve you well.

This set-up so far runs at 905 pts with strong magic offence/defence and one of the hardest hammers in the game.

Core selection can be massivly varied. Anything from;

3x 12 chaos warriors +3x hounds


3x 25 marauders + 2x horse

can work. Its all up to you at this point, might i ask what core units take your fancy?

Something like;

12 Chaos warriors
Stand, Mus, Raptorous standard, MoN, Shields, Halberds
272 pts

2x 24 marauders
MoN, shields, light armour, FC
194/388 pts

This leaves 435 pts to play with, which i have to admit im suprised at lol.

A second unit of knights run as;

6 Knights
Standard, Champ, MoN, Warbanner
325 pts

3x 6 chaos hounds
108 pts

puts you 2 pts under the 2K bracket. That looks like a pretty decent army with 3 infantry blocks, 2 hard hitting cav units and a nice magic offence/defence.

26-04-2009, 12:58
Tactics forum.

26-04-2009, 16:49
Take a look at this forum: http://z4.invisionfree.com/cotec/index.php?


Seth the Dark
27-04-2009, 02:39
Thanks for the help guys!

27-04-2009, 15:37
Unfortunately a lot of that data for tactics is really old and outdated. We should make a new, concise tactica. That would be sweet.

27-04-2009, 20:48
Warseer has an active WoC 7th edition tactica.