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26-04-2009, 21:14
This is going to be brief based on I didn't do a good job logging the battle. It became apparent at deployment we were both very serious and the game got stressful. We both REALLY wanted to win. Not that it wasnt a lot of fun still, but I found myself concentrating more on the game and forgetting to log what was happening.

And my apologies now to my opponent for all the indecision, vacillating and time spent deciding what to do. Turn were quick except for the length of time it took me to actually decide to do something. :)

First the lists:
This was my challenge of him. In the previous game his WoC combat focused had annihalated our DE player. My goal was to beat that list, or somehting similar in like fashoin. I challenged him to beat me and I had strategized for a couple weeks. I finally decided on the following list:

Old Blood, Carnosaur, Burning Blade, Mirror Shiled, Aura of Quetzl
Level 2 skink on EotG
Skink Chief, Stegadon, Warspear

20 saurus, fc, spears (sa1)
20 saurus fc spears (sa2)
10 skink skirmishers
15 ranked skinks
3 terradons
3 kroxigor
1 salamander

SO the plan was basically krox and carno on oppposite flanks. saurus would flank my 2 stegs in the middle. they would go forward, dual charge units or charge with the saurus if able. terradons were baiters. skinks were just to potshot knights and what not to take out 1 or 2. Salamander was because i love them, they are my favorite painted model I have and I wanted to try them with new rules. I never ever take only 1, and never will again. :) Tetto'ekko is there because the IDEA is great. In execution he blows. I planne don throwing out comet of cassie early and letting it decimate him. Problem is... i got it confused MAJORLY with Ruination of cities and thought it would half his movement if hit. Nope. lol

Before the battle I was seriously second guessing myself. If he brought his dragon I needed to find a way to charge it. It was changing everything. and if he brought a magic heavy i was in trouble. this is my first time in the new book not bringing a slann w/ tg and i was wary.

Warriors of CHaos
He surprised me somewhat with his list. Here it is:

Lord on manticore mark of nurgle, hw, chaos armor, axe of khorne, chaos runeshield

sorceror lvl 2, nurgle, steed - solo
spells: cloying quagmire and rot, glorious rot (what a cool ******* spell)
dispel scroll, power familiar

exalted hero, khorne, juggernaut, solo

exalted hero (in exalted unit)

14 warriors, full comm, hw & shield, mark fo nurgle, festering shroud (cwn)
14 warriors, fc, hw & shield (cw1)
13 warriors "" (cw2)
10 chosen, halberds
1 warshrine
5 chaos knights

So my thouughts... I was concerned he would bring either a dragon or a level 4. neither 1 made me happy but that manticore could still prove troublesome. none f the rest of it suprised me except all the nurgle rot. my priority was the lord and the sorceror. i'd worry about the rest as I could.

26-04-2009, 21:30
Deplyoment was interesting. I set up a lake on the right side, but everythign else was pretty open. I had been hoping for more terrain, but needed to keep it free for lanes for my stegs.

from my POV, left to right:


CW1 CW2 CK Jug Sor Exal


Carn Terr Sal Sa1 Steg Eotg Sa2 skinks krox


So after deployment i rolled Tetto's redeply and got 1 unit. It wasn't goign to make a difference redeploying 1 so I left it. I was already down on the go first roll. If I had rolled 3 I would have moved carn, terr and sal to the right.

Another little trick. I only deplyed 10" up, not the full 12". SO starting I was 26" away. He could tell I was not full up unfortunately, but still he ahd to guess on ranges and distances.

I have a few philosophies in Warhammer.
1. Don't get fancy. I don;t mess with a lot of fleeing, baiting, running away and what not. I go forward and charge where I can when I can.
2. Destroy a unit whenever possible. if it means overcommiting resources do it. never assume 1 thing will do what it's supposed to.
3. If you fight in your deployment zone you lose.
4. Take risks whereverv possible (i'm a very lucky roller)

So even though i was trepidatious about the battle I decided to follow my philosohpies and see what would happen.

26-04-2009, 22:19
I went first, miracle of miracles and moved everyone forward at a regular move. skinks marched into the pond, krox started aorund the edge. they were my only marchers, aside from the carno who moved ot the left to try to flank the CW1 and walk down his line. The terradons moved right into the middle in front of his knights. My only spell from the priest, forked lightning was dispelled. Tetto got off Comet right in between the Warriors of Nurgle and the Warshrine. I had gotten an irresistible thanks to Tetto's special power. (2,2,5). In shooting the traadons hit the knights but armor saves ...s aved them. Great bow missed the sorc. Well it hit, but next turn he remebered the Mark of Nurgle was -1 to shoot, so we took back the wound. Not a big deal, but inconvenient. Salamander misfired and ate 2 skinks. I had bought 2 extras thankfully. THAT is an awesome option.

My comet came down with tetto's reroll but did NO wounds to any of the 4 units it hit. lol In response to my ineptitude the Woc Moved up unphased. The knights charged the terr, as did the juggernaut. The lord FAILED his handle manticore roll and got frenzied and charged as well. The knights did like 897 wounds and slaughtered the terradons. Key here was with pursuit the knights were straight up and showed their meaty haunches ot my sa1. The juggernaut was moved just to the side and behind them. the lord ended up all the way over, in arc of my carno's side if i charged the warriors.

Having the enemy redirected as I (kind of) wanted was nice. But that lord was problematic. I didn't like his 20" flying charge against my carno's movement. and even inadveterntly he had positioning. So i ran like a little scaly girl and went sideways to come at the CW1 from the other side. Also I went right in front of the other side of the knights, in case the Sa1 broke them from their flank charge. sal moved over to shoot at his lord, but anothe rmisfire and I had 1 skink remaining. Sa1 had charged the side of the knights, sa 2 moved up a bit as did the stegs. Skinks came out of the pond and shot at the warshrine to no effect. great bow on steg did nothing. Burning alignment only went 7" fromt eh EotG and did nothing. Tettoekko Uranons the sorc and kills him, but the rpiest does nothing. ******* great.... I was not feeling confident witht eh positioning, but that sorc dead was nice.

Heres about what it looked like now..

REar edge.............................................

Exal Skinks Krox
Carno Knights Sa1 Steg Eotg Sa2

REar edge.............................................. ..

So my saurus did 1 wound in combat, which is all i needed. no attacks back, i won combat by a lot and they ran right into the carnosaur. mmmmm.....

In his turn the jug charged the sa1 in the rear. i don't know why the hell id id,, but i ran... 2". They were caught and destroyed. the salamander panicked and ran, but they too were caught by the rampaging juggernaut. i was not a happy boy. he brought his general over just behind my eotg. this was cool with me. my carno was now free to open up some cans of warriors. warshrine made someone stupid. nurgle warriors i think. stooopid and stinky now, awesome! his exalted charged the Eotg, and his exalted hero killed my priest he did no wounds to the Steg and I did 1 back. I lost combat though and passed a stubborn on a 6.

Now it got messy. Carno charged CW1. Steg charged the Nurgle warriors. sa2 charged into the exalted/eotg combat. Krox moved up to position a charge on the side.rear of the shrine. skinks failed terror and were gone for the game.
spells did nothing as I failed to cast with Tetto. 255 points of air! woohoo!
the carno was challenged and he just wiped the floor with the champion. I won combat, he broke and ran 11". I pursued 15". Brought me out of charge arc of CW2. woohoo! steagdon... at this point i broke the news of the warspear. he was like "what the hell....?" and then i rolled my hits. 10 impact hits, 8 wounds, i think 7 died. 2 or 3 more died from my attacks. to add insult to grievous injury my skink chief killed his champion outfight in the challenge. needless to say i won, and he ran and was trampled beneath my powerful dino feet! bwahahah. :evilgrin: in the last combat the saurus killed a couple chosed and the stegadon killed another. He killed 1 saurus and the champion. I had a couple key armor saves,a s I went with sword and board instead of spears. they ran, and again were caught. he was just NOT rolling well.

His turn started badly. my steg had pursued just to the left of the warshrine. he failed his terror on a 12 and ran away. directly into my krox coming up on the flank. his lord charged the saurus in the back, and the jug and cw2 turned around towards their deployment zone to face the carno. his lord killed a couple saurus, but the manticore was doing it's nails. I did 1 back, with standard and numbers lost by 2 and stayed to continue the fight!

My turn I was repositioning. Carno turned to charge the warriors next turn, steg turned to charged them or the jugg depending. the artist formerly known as EotG turned ot take a charge form the Juggernaut. My saurus once again held their ground!! losing by 3 or 4 but rolling 1,1,3. And tetto failed to do anything! I got a uranons on the jugg but 1 hit and no wounds... If it weren't for a really cool conversion i did I'd never bring him again! Bastahd!

things were pretty much over here though. in his turn the lord finally beat the saurus, but pursued directly into the line of sight of the krox. jugg charged the ancient steg and killed all 4 skinks. but stubborn on a 6!!! lol that and fear was the difference in most of these combats.

in my turn i charged the last warriors with the carno and again wiped up the challenge. won by a few, but once again he broke and was caught. the steg charged the jugg, 5 impact hits and 2 wounds was enough. my krox charged the lord in the side. 2 on manticore, 1 on lord. 4 wounds on manticore and 1 on lord later and the lord broke and ran. he faile dot rally next turn and I charged again. he only ran 3" and was destroyed, the last chaos model on the table.

So I won, pretty much. I had lost both saurus, my sal and my priest, a couple wounds on my krox but that was it.

so mvp? god, either the steg with warspear or the carno. Both pretty much took out 2 units by themselves. carnosaurs are just plain gross. but if it weren't for those terradons in the beginning this would have been much different.

least valuable? TETTO"EKKO! what the crap... astromancer of the useless more like it. He should be level 3. all those spells means nothing with 2 dice. next time i'm going back to the slann/2 priest lore of heavens assault.

It doesn't seem like it but after turn 2 he was in great shape, and i was almost ready to throw in the towel. however, following my philosphies i just stuck to the plan. i went forward and got my charges. i fought in the middle or in his zone. my 1 dumb move of running away with the saurus cost me, and thats what happens when i try to get to move happy. the main thing is i created a swing trap and so drew everything into the middle as planned. once the stegs broke that he had nothing there and my big hitters on the flanks (krox and carno) just came in to clean up.

This was a tense game. there was little attrition or tit for tat. it was wholesale unit slaughter, no middle ground. it was just what chaos and lizards shoud be... especially as the good guys won! :D

Gork or Possibly Mork
27-04-2009, 10:27
Very unlucky the sally munched the skinks twice in a row. I can hardly believe that comet did nothing on 4 units. That was some really bad luck.

You kind of need a Slann with Heavens and maybe another priest with Tekko to make him really effective. The D3 redeploy is really nice. I don't think he did that bad atleast he killed the sorcerer and had that comet done some damage it would have hurt them badly early. With that said I really don't play any of the special characters because there much more specialized than other books and for the most part just not worth it.

Your were very unlucky early with alot of stuff but your Carnie, SkinkChief Saurus and Kroxigors performed really well.

Although I agree the SkinkChief and Carnie going through stuff like a hot knife through butter were probabaly the MVP's to me the Saurus holding thier ground that was pretty crucial I think.

Congrats on the smashing win and a great report.

27-04-2009, 11:35
Yeah, those saurus were amazing. they had no right to hold as long as they did, but thats what cold blooded is for. i remember when the talk was cold blooded was going to a pass on any doubles. i would have died many times over if that were the case.

i agree on tetto. he needs to be in a magic heavy force, centered on heavens. the issue with the combat specials is 2 wounds, which i dont trust chaos not to rip right through.

the comet I rolled once and got the "add a counter". I knew he was going to be moving so i rolled again for an impact and got it. then i rolled a 1, so it only hit within 1", which missed a couple units. I just rolled really poorly on it. the plan had been to out it just in front of his lines and make him come through it. but with him grouped so tight there i couldn't waste the chance. i was better off just using uranons around the board anyway, when i could get it off. and killing that mage with cloying quagmire was huge or my units would have been dead as dead.