View Full Version : An exercise in Masochism, Painting Infinity figures!

27-04-2009, 00:26
I dont game much these days, but around a year or so the game infinity came to my local hobby shop. The cool art direction and pretty miniatures lured alot of people into trying it out. The rules seemed cool (I never played but others did) but the minis were damn expensive. However almost everyone started painting their minis and were not happy with the results, and no one was $10 a figure happy. Over a year later Ive gathered a small collection of infinity figures mostly from bargain bins at conventions, and a armored cavalry TAG I won as a door prize!! I figure hey, these minis are pretty so Im going to try and paint them! Will I game with them? Hopefully in the future, but for now Ill be painting figures from a multitude of armies leading up to the big TAG.

So I knocked this guy out yesterday, he took about 4 hours of severely eyestraining work to finish, but Im happy with him! The pics are a tad dark, but i tried upping the brightness and it washed the colors out too much.



22-03-2010, 13:51
Little dark as you say but nice work nonetheless.

These fellas surprised me with their size when I got some. I expected them to be 40K scale :)

24-03-2010, 01:09
Great job! :cool: Looking forward to some more.

I found that, while painstaking, painting the Infinity minis improved my overall ability. :)