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27-04-2009, 12:25
Hello all,
well i have an isengard force that, with very little adjustements, will be suitable for WOTR.
It lacks, however, bite.
I am considering taking Trolls (despite absolutely not liking their models, but they pack such a punch!), and consulting their entry i read they carry shields.
Now their defence lacks the upgraded value in the brackets, typical of all shield carrying models or formations.
Should their correct defence be 8 (9) then?
Now on to fates.
I am thinking of a stone giant ally from the misty mountains as an alternative to a bunch of trolls.
It is a decent critter profilewise, its only drawback is very low defence.
I could make it better with the fate "armour of udun", increasing his defence by one and allowing me to use a (painfully) scratch built model i am really proud of (a 70 mm uruk hai made from green stuff and some bits from whfb years ago).
I cant find any restrictions on monster being given fates, am i blind?
Another question on models: we have no actual stone giant, and i dont think GW will make one anytime soon.
Mine is about 3 times a lotr model in height, considerably larger than a troll.
I cant, however, find base sizes for lotr models...where do i mount it in order to use it as a playing piece?
A dragon base maybe?
Again: i used an highly converted archive demon prince head (the one originally coming with very small horns and very human looking but for the fangs, i suppose it is a 97/98 model) and several other bits from the WHFB range.
I know several years ago you were forbidden to mix other gw ranges with lotr, but i know since new line cinema was cut out from the agreement (some years now) this rule was never repeated anywhere and is "de facto" dead.
Do you know if it is actually true?
Thanks a lot, hope i may soon be able to challange some of you!

27-04-2009, 12:34
Trolls are on round bases so they don't have facing arcs, as such their bonus for their shield is just part of their profile.
On the subject of Trolls they definitely need supporting in combat - against a reasonably tough opponent they'll keep bouncing them but not actually doing much damage.

27-04-2009, 13:15
Hmm...so much for trolls and shields then.
I never loved the whole troll thing in lotr movies however, so no problem.
Ok, so the giant is getting a better option by the day.
Any idea if i can give him the armour of udun fame?
What about his base?

Nu Fenix
27-04-2009, 14:17
The Stone Giant is a formation, and as such can be given the Armour of Udun. As long as it isn't restricted to a hero, it can have it.

One of my local players is using the old Warhammer metal giant, painted grey to make it a Stone Giant.

In terms of base size, I say go for what it would reasonably fit on. If it would fit on a Troll base, then fine. If it needs a bigger one, so be it.

28-04-2009, 08:21
Well, had a look at the dragon base, and its a bit too large. Balrog one, i think, would fit better.
Has your friend had any success with his own giant?

Nu Fenix
28-04-2009, 14:31
Unfortunately for me, yes.

He uses it in combination with a Dragon in a 1500 point army, and does quite well. It was my first game when I played against it, so I lacked little that could stop it.

The one weakness I think the Giant has, but is also a benefit, is that it is not a hero. So whilst it doesn't have Might points and can't declare Heroic Actions, it also can't be targetted in a duel.

29-04-2009, 11:47
Huh, yes his ridicolously high fight and respectable attacks surely are a pain for all but hardest and best supported formations.
I am a bit worried about shooting, however.
That's why i would go for the armour of udun.