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27-04-2009, 17:55
Ok so Ive revised my previous list from last week.

Ok so here goes, what do you think?
EDIT: made new list.

The Great Herd of Kralgor Great Horn, 2500 Points Invasion Turneringsliste for Jørn Andreas Opedal.
Beastlord, Kralgor Great Horn, Mark of Nurgle, Great Weapon, shield, Chaos armour, Crown of Horns, total: 194

Wargor, Brakor, Battle Standard Bearer, The Beast Banner, Heavy armour, total: 149

Bray Shaman Gulmoth, level 2, Staff of darkoth, power stone, total: 160
Bray Shaman Margoth, level 2, Braystaff, dispel scroll, power stone, total: 166
Characters total: 669

Fang of Kralgor, Bestigor Herd, Full command, 17 Pestigors, Mark of Nurgle, total: 284 (Beastlord goes here) 6 S6 and 4 S5/7 attacks!
Brakors Horns, Bestigor Herd, Full command, 17 Bestigors, total: 234 (Wargor Bsb and Darkoth wielding shaman goes here) 11 S6 and 4 S4 attacks on the charge!!!!

The Crookhorns, Beast Herd, Full command, 8 Gors with two hand weapons, 11 ungors, total: 135 (other shaman goes here)
The Licemanes, Beast Herd, Musician, Foe Render, 8 Gors with two hand weapons, 11 ungors, total: 125
The Backbreakers, Beast Herd, Musician, Foe-Render, 8 Gors with two hand weapons, 10 ungors, total: 121

Gouger, 1 Tuskgor Chariot, total: 85
Gnasher,1 Tuskgor Chariot, total: 85
The Northern Howl, 5 Warhounds, total: 30
The Southern Howl, 5 Warhounds, total: 30
Core total: 1129

Kralgors Bone Eaters, 3 Minotaurs, Mark of Nurgle, light armour, great weapons, total: 172

Brakatars Manflayers, 3 Minotaurs, Mark of Nurgle light armour, great weapons, total: 172
The Siege Breakers, 3 Dragon Ogres, Light armour, great weapons, total: 237

The Hellhound, 1 Spawn of Chaos, total: 60
The Nightmare, 1 Spawn of Chaos, total: 60
Special/Rare total: 701
Army total: 2499

PD: 6 (+ 2 stones)
DD: 4 (+ 1 scroll)
5 Spells, (4 + The Wild Call)
4 characters, 90 Infantry, 10 Warhounds, 2 Chariots, and 11 Monsters. 117 minis in total.

27-04-2009, 21:21
Bump, any feedback would be very appreciated

28-04-2009, 04:19
This is pretty brutal in CC. I will like to see this in action in a tournament scene.

28-04-2009, 10:12
I'm not sold on Mark of Nurgle for the sorcerers; sure, it gives immunity to fear to beastherds, and the extra wound is nice. However, the spell selection is sub par, not worth spending 300+ points on it.

My suggestion would be to keep your bray shamen undivided, giving you a wider selection of lores to pick from. Shadows can be a game-winner, thanks to the movement spells. Combine this with the staff of darkoth and you'll be moving units around just like vampire counts do! The magic item selection is flawless, nothing to suggest here.

On to your units: Although 7th edition seems to be the age of Deathstar units, older army books simply don't make the cut when it comes to this. Bestigors are a good unit, great models, but commiting so many points (including BSB and General) in a relatively slow infantry unit that's neither stubborn nor unbreakable isn't going to win you games against experienced opponents.

Spread out your points a bit! I'd consider getting an extra bestigor unit as a retinue for your BSB. The Pestigors with the beastlord are an able unit without the added punch of the beast banner. Thus, with a small expenditure of points you get twice the hitting power or so. (not to mention that losing one of them doesn't lose you the game)

As far as the beast herds are concerned, I think the banners are too big a risk, potentially giving away free victory points to the enemy (beast herds aren't the toughest of foes, and the 7th edition FAQ didn't help with the ranking issues). 4 units of warhounds seem excessive, but it's a matter of personal preference, I guess.

Your rare choices are spot on, it's the special choices that got me thinking: Nurgle minotaurs are arguably the best marked minotaur unit (Frenzy is too much of a liability), giving you the survivability of Lizardmen Kroxigors, but with better stats! So, why only get one unit of them? I'd go for two units of 3 with great weapons and steer clear of the champion upgrade (too costly and gives a bonus to characters riding monstrous mounts). Finally, centigors with standard are a fragile, unreliable unit that may cost you double its worth in victory points for no significant bonus.

So, all in all:
-Less standards (points denial and expendability is the name of the game)
-More units (having 2 units for the same job ensures that one will eventually do it)
-Undivided sorcerers (lore of shadows is a good choice, but depending on the opponent you may opt for different lores)

Beasts of chaos are a force that requires tactical thinking more than brute force (ironic, isn't it? ). Using a deathstar may win you some games, but it will certainly prove to be your downfall once you venture into the higher tables.

Hope this helps,


28-04-2009, 13:31
Ok so Ive implemented most of your advice. And I must say I am even more happy with the list now ;).

- Removed Mark of Nurgle on my Shamans, so that gave me 80 pts.

- Ive removed centigors even though I think these guys are one of the coolest things in the army list (especially like the fluff). Altough I am not sure If I perhaps should remove a herd instead?

- Removed a minotaur and champion upgrade on the minotaurs but added a duplicate unit, so I now have 2x3 minotaurs

- Removed 2x5 Warhounds, (so I dont have to buy those now atleast :P)
- Removed 2 Pestigors, and their warbanner, also removed the banners from 2 of the herd units (left one with banner as they will be in my battleline), and added 2 ungors
- Added a new unit of Bestigors so I now have 2x17 of these, with one of em causing fear, and the other one getting more attacks on the charge. My General will join the Pestigors, and my bsb will join the bestigors and prolly a shaman as well, the other shaman will probably stick with the banner herd.

So what do you think of the list now?

EDIT: Oh and I forgot to thank you, Thank you! ;)

29-04-2009, 05:55
bumpery bump

29-04-2009, 20:59
see if you can make the mino units 4. otherwise looks pretty good :)

29-04-2009, 23:13
I think your list is now very good! Is it designed for ETC play?

I wouldn't drop a herd, as they have their uses and are harder to kill/panic than the centigors. The minotaurs can work well even though they are 3-strong each. Just remember that they should not try to take on ranked infantry headlong on their own, as beating a static CR of 5 with 9 attacks is a long shot (even if the attacks are S6).

So you have:
2x Bestigors
2 x Minotaurs
Dragon Ogres
2x Chariots

2x Hounds
3x Beast Herds (2 of which can ambush against heavy shooting)
2x Spawn

What's there not to like? Fear/Terror is mostly covered, panic could prove to be an issue but with so many units on the battlefield you can afford a unit or two fleeing.
The fact that you removed the banners from beast herds might prove to be an advantage (giving you some cheap units you can sacrifice if needed).

Your magic phase is very solid (with a potential 10 dice on a crucial turn) and your close combat ability is great.

All that's left to do is get some games in with the list so as to get used to how it works, and you're guaranteed a good placing. Do keep us posted on the tournament's result, eh? :)

29-04-2009, 23:46
Considering the limitatons put upon beasts since the split this is a very good list and should do well. I echo the advice in relation to the mino's. Unless supported the mino's just won't cause enough wounds to break a unit. Try combining them with the chariots and you should break most things you hit. If you can get both mino's in together you even have a chance of auto-breaking!

30-04-2009, 13:44
Thanks guys, yes I am quite happy with the list my self, its not untill September but since I am a slow painter I am gonna need that time, since I am doing Empire as well ;).

I wasnt actually gonna use it for ETC, but I just might, Ive registered with Empire for ETC though so not sure If I can change that. But will try a few games with it before ETC and if I am happy with how it goes I might use it at ETC.

As for the Empire list I am possibly going for at ETC, I am still working on it, but roughly its AL on War altar with HA and Enchanted shield, warrior priest with GW, AOMI, and icon of magnus, BSB with FP, and Barded WH, WIzard with scroll and wizards staff, 22-24 swordsmen with FC, 22-24 Spearmen with FC, 17-23 Greatswords with FC, 14 Flagelants, 5 knights, 2x8 Milita detachments, 2x cannons, Steam Tank, 5 outriders, + some more detachments/shooting,the list is still in thinking stage.

30-04-2009, 14:43
Hiya, nice list! Its rare to see double bestigor because of how only one unit gets to be marked.

I'd recommend you buy the BSB mark of nurgle to make him a little more survivable and to make his bestigor unit immune to fear. They are very vulnerable to psychology otherwise.

I don't have any suggestions for how to unlock the points for this though, sorry.

30-04-2009, 17:55
How about this?

I Remove the 3rd herd, remove the power stone on my non darkoth shaman (the magic rules wont let me use more than 9 PD in a turn anyway).

And add 2 Minotaurs and mark of nurgle to my bsb and 2 ungors one for each herd. One minotaur for each unit making em more resilent and killier, that way they stand a better chance against ranked up units for instance, or atleast they can take some more dmg.