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27-04-2009, 19:42
Well, I got my 1500 points together and am trying to decide what to spend my final 500 points on so thought I'd throw some things out. Here's what I have currently in my 1500 points (I have one extra company in the shield orcs but am dropping it for ease in this discussion).

1500 point base
Gothmog (morannon orcs)
Khamul the Easterling (orcs with great weapons)
The Knight of Umbar (orcs with shields)
The Tainted (black numenoreans)
9 Mordor Orcs with great weapons and captain
6 Mordor Orcs with shields and captain
6 Morannon Orcs with shields
3 Black Numenoreans with Marshal
4 Morgul Knights with Knight Commander
Mordor Troll
1480 points

This leaves me 520 points to spend. The army is pretty much designed to take up a lot of space and the wraiths give my units options. The knight of umbar allows the shields to get stronger if need or can raise their fight to ward off attacks if needed. The tainted really helps out all the terror I have flying around and we all know what khamul does. Gothmog sits back and allows the wraiths to make use of his overlord rule to suppliment their measly might 1 (gogo wraiths that can epic strike and call out a duel). The captains in the units are there to help if the wraiths get cut down because courage 2 orcs have problems and allow the units to do heroic stuff without taking it out on the wraiths. Anyway, here's the variations I'm thinking:

Version 1
Witch King on Fell Beast
3 Warg Riders with captain
2 Orc Trackers
The Watcher in the Shadows Fate (or whatever it's called)

Version 2
3 Warg Riders with Captain
2 Orc Trackers
3 Mordor Orcs with bows
3 Mordor Siege Bows
Mordor Troll
Banner for the Morgul Knights

Version 3
3 Mordor Siege Bows
2 Orc Trackers
3 Mordor Orcs with Bows

Version 4
Witch King on Fell Beast
3 Mordor Siege Batteries
7th company for shield orcs
Curse of Morgoth or Watcher in the Shadows fate

Version 1 allows me to best fit with my Minas Morgul theme I've been carrying since SBG. The problems with it is that it doesn't have the siege bows I've been craving and I'm not using the archers I currently own.

Version 2 gives me a wide variety of things. Another troll to compliment the one I have plus I'll use everything I own. The problem with it is table space. I'm already pushing a full table and throwing more stuff in the middle can create more traffic jams. My poor knights have run around screaming curses at the orcs the last 2 games. Then again, the riders of rohan were screaming curses at them for the same thing.

Version 3 is what I'm most considering. The elements won't have to move with the main battleline so I don't have my space impacted. I get 2 ambushers and 2 ranged items, including the valued siege batteries. I'm also madly in love with shelob. She looks positively fantastic to me. What's not to love with an ambusher, master pathfinder, prowler that gets D6 attacks on the charge and gets to reroll all her misses and has 3 might for a downright decent price? Plus she's a fantastically creepy model.

Version 4 gives me the witch king back with the siege batteries, but I lose the archers and ambushers. I was hoping for the ambushers to take out their support units, but the fell beast can fly 36" plus gives me some reliability on the first turn. I'm also up in the air on the fates. Both are great so it would depend on what I wanted to do with them.

Anyway, thoughts?

Avatar of the Eldar
27-04-2009, 22:52
Like version 2 or 1 in that order more for theme/balance reasons than for leveraging maximal advantage.

Like more orcs, wargs, trackers. WK on FB in 2000 pts is about right but would expect you might take out one of the other Nazgul. That's a lot of hitters.

I'm very ambivalent about siege bows, expecially 3 of them. I get their utility. After all, they're siege bows and most armies, historical or fantasy are not schlepping that stuff to open battles. Again, a theme issue for me and that's how I roll. Full disclosure: I have two for my Gondor army that I have not fielded yet (nor even assembled or let alone painted) largely due to this issue. Perhaps it's too much like my WFB HE lists where 2 RBT's are a fixture.

Can you get the job done with more troops - maybe an elite formation like Black Tower Guard?

At 2000 another Troll or even a 3rd seems like a good choice.

In sum, more orcs (Uruks?) and trolls plus WK would be what I'd want to see across the table.

Nu Fenix
27-04-2009, 22:58
I'm sure there were only three options when I looked earlier. Sneakily editing in a fourth option are we Emissary ;)

I'm going to go for the third option - Shelob is a nice model, both in rules and asthetics. Which is why I am glad I won one for just over half price on Ebay :D
The combination of an Ambushing monster with bonus attacks and re-rolls, some Siege Bows for heavy firepower, and the Trackers works well to augment your army, whilst being different instead of more of the same. I'm not sold on the Orcs with bows though, and think they could be swapped for something else.

28-04-2009, 00:08
Yeah, I added the 4th option after my drive home from work when I was thinking about things.

I love shelob, but the little part of it where she's not part of the minas morgul list bugs me a little. Same feeling with me not using the winged witch king.

My biggest worry right now is clogging the board. In a standard 6x4 game with some terrain I'm already pushing things a bit. a 9 company formation, 2x6 company formations, 4 cav formation, a troll and a 3 company formation in the table is quite a bit. Hence I wanted stuff I could either throw out of their deployment zone or sit in mine.

Sarah S
28-04-2009, 00:31
You are allowed to hold formations in reserve.

28-04-2009, 15:13
Yeah, I know you can. It's just how I think and plan usually revolves around me using what I bought for a purpose and not to fill as a gap or a backup. Just something I learned about myself awhile back.

29-04-2009, 18:20
3 or 4 - the artillery can be useful!

Avatar of the Eldar
29-04-2009, 19:17
I love shelob, but the little part of it where she's not part of the minas morgul list bugs me a little. Same feeling with me not using the winged witch king.

Listen to your those feelings. No Shelob. Stricly a special scenario unit or for larfs, IMHO. What, orcs are going to prod her out of her safe lair to mobilize for open battle? Um-hmm. "Okay, Lobbie-girl, what I need you to do is execute an ambush to turn the enemy's flank. Got it? Call for reinforcements if you need them."

Now in comparison, just to show I'm not the complete theme-commissar, giant spiders in a Mirkwood/Dol Goldur scenario I can live with.

"Okay, Lobbie-girl, what I need you to do is execute an ambush to turn the enemy's flank. Got it? Call for reinforcements if you need them."

30-04-2009, 11:53
Yeah, we used Shelob last night in a 2000 point game. She was very good and tore up some dwarves but then got killed by a lucky shot from a dwarf shortbow. Why isn't she very hard to kill... The named eagle is very good by the way.

Anyway, I've settled on the following as my current list. the 4 nazgul were proving to be a bit too abusive, so until further notice I'm only using three.

Witch King on a Fell Beast
The Tainted (love this guy sooooo much)
The Betrayer
6 Morannon Orcs with shields (gothmog here)
9 Mordor Orcs with great weapons and captain (betrayer here)
6 Mordor Orcs with shields and captain
3 Mordor Orcs with bows
2 Orc Trackers
Mordor Troll
3 Mordor Siege Batteries
4 Morgul Knights with knight commander
3 Black Numenoreans (the tainted here)
Fearsome Reputation Fate for the Witch King

I'm also considering dropping the fate and an orc stand with a shield for a 4th black numenorean stand and the curse of morgoth. I'll have to see.


30-04-2009, 14:08
Keep the fate imo. Another option would be to take tormented steeds with the morgul knights because that is just a sick combo. In that previous post you forgot to put gothmog in. Also balefire arrows looks like a really good 25 points if you want a cheaper fate.

The list seems quite good and doesn't have any glaring weakness i can see.

30-04-2009, 15:04
Yeah, I added Gothmog in, just had forgotten to type him in.

The fates are up in the air. Some of them are really good. We used "there will be no dawn" last night. Causing good formations to reroll all courage tests including terror, panic and at the double tests was huge on the turn we used it, especially with the dismay spells and the tainted. I've also been enjoying "curse of morgoth" to screw up my opponent at that critical time (like will of iron tests, charge distances or table rolls). I really like that we don't have a standard fate that everyone brings like good has in the counterspell.