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28-04-2009, 07:46

I have an all mounted sorcer list that consists of 1 Tez sorcer and 3 nurgle sorc which if very hard (14PD + 1 bound). Works on assination with Nurgle. Good against demons and vampires. However the comp i have been preparing for has thrown a spanner in the works - Comp counts. Comp is worth 36 points, painting 36, sports 36 and general ship 120.

Normally I would take the hard list weather the comp hit as the standard armies are demons (flamers, Greater slanesh with siren, alure and the other ld based test + -ld banner), vampires (high PD) and go for high general ship and painting score.

However this year if you do not score atleast 20 in comp you cannot win best general. This puts me in a position where I need a strong list that is not considered cheezie so I can get at least 20 comp to be eligable for the win. Also the play pack has given the following as example cheesie lists:

High PD Vampire or Demon lists
High Flamer count Demon lists
All mounted WOC

So already behind the eight ball as I have all mounted WOC which I cannot change because I have nothing else painted. So I have changed my list from the Nurgle assination list (which is considered cheezie) to:

Lvl 3 Sorcer Lord
+1 Lvl
Mark Tez
2 dispel scrolls
Power Fam
conjoined hum
25 points spare on magic items

+1 Lvl
Mark Nurg

+1 Lvl
Mark Slan
Demonic steed of slanesh (worm)
Spell Fam (to try and get a decent non phys spell
Book of Secrets

Mark of Khorne
Magic armour (immune killing blow)

5 Maruader cav slanesh with throwing spears
5 maruader cav slanesh with throwing axes
5 maruader cav khorne flails + stand + muso
5 dogs
5 dogs

5 Nurgle Knights +standard +warbanenr
5 Khorne Knights +standard +banner where double make ld rolls

1 hell cannon
1 scyla

Special characters are aloud :(

To keep my comp ok I have no special characters, taken slanesh magic (which is hard considering I will be facing atleast 3 demone and 3 vampire armies out of 20 players) and taken a exhaulted. Its also 12 PD no bounds and 6 dispel with 2 scrolls.

Do people consider this new list cheezie and how would you comp it out of 6.

Also I have a 25 spare points (which I can spend lords magic items). What magic item would you give the lord for 25 points.

28-04-2009, 08:53
Golden Eye of Tzeentch (but that wouldn't do good for your comp score prob ^^)

I'll cross my fingers and hope you'll roll Ecstatic Seizures every battle
(and be able to cast it ofc)

28-04-2009, 09:00
[...]To keep my comp ok I have no special characters,[...]

Isn't Scyla considered as a special character? Perhaps you should take two normal spawns instead for a better comp score?


28-04-2009, 09:34
if your wanting a good comp score your very best bet is to go mono god, or one god with undivided units then make sure you stick to the theme of whatever god youve chosen. At at push you can probably get away with two non opposed gods.

At the moment even though your list is not amazingly strong you still wont recieve to high of a comp score, all of your units are min number of models which never goes down well, plus youve still got a large amount of wizards and maximum number of heroes.

28-04-2009, 12:36
Also, I'd drop the puppet. People hate the puppet.

28-04-2009, 14:24
don't drop the puppet ^^

just don't add Black Tongue :D

29-04-2009, 03:31
I keep the puppet it saves my army from my own miscast's.

Scyla locally is not considered a special character as it sits in the special section?

Do people realy view Scyla as hard core? he is good but also expensive compared to normal spawn.

The main problem I have is that I have only 2 weeks and I am going to only just finish my existing models. Therefore I cannot make any large changes other than tweaking character load outs and marks etc.

I will have to keep my fingers crossed.

Also is 12 power dice considered cheezie. Our regular demon players have an average of 12. The vampire armies tend to have 10 - 12 dice. With better laws I would have thought my build was resonable? Also taking slanesh greatly reduces my potential especially if I role badly. Limiting 1 Nurgle and 1 tez caster is also a lot of control.

If I get comp hit then I go back to the hard list with 1 Tez and 3 nurgle and go straight for winning the best general (highest battle points) and forgo a shot at the best overall.

I did provide feed back to the organiser that clarifying demons and vampire lists as being cheezie if they had 16+pd and then just stating all mounted WOC was a bit unfair especialyl considering the relative power levels of the books involved.

The other clarification of armies that will be comp hit are those that make another army build (orcs) an unenjoyable game. Now how do you control this? If I am an ork player there are just some books that you struggle against. Also if the ork player has a bad game (because of his skill) he may comp hit you now because the players pack is worded in a way that indicates he can.

Most likely I wont make the top 3 anyway so it should be a great day as its the best local tornament.