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20-12-2005, 18:00
What amount of points is standard and how long does a 1500pt game take? and also what is the maximum amout of points you can fesibly play on a 4' by 4' board? and are the rules for border patrol in the rulebook?

20-12-2005, 18:57
I usually play 2k games with my friends--so for us that is the standard value.

As for length of the game--it depends on how you are playing. If you are only playing 6 turns it could probably go fairly quickly. If you are playing to the death it will take a lot longer. Furthermore, if one person doesn't know the rules as well it will take them longer to make their moves, etc.

A 2k pt horde would suffer on a 4'x4' board, where as an army of more elite troops (re: expensive troops) would be perfectly functional on that size board. In some cases a 2k elite force would greatly benefit from a 4'x4' game board.

I have an older copy of the big red book, so it does not have any rules for border patrol in it. However the Annuals do. I am uncertain if the newer prints contain those rules--or if the re-release of the brb will have rules for border patrol.

20-12-2005, 19:39
2000 points is probably the 'standard' game, as it lets you access the Lord characters. However, the real standard is just whatever your group likes to play. We generally prefer 3K games, though we play 4-6 players on a 10x16' table.

The usual board size is 4x6 or 4x8, but small games, especially Border Patrol, Flash, or Warbands can easily benifit from a 4x4' field.

Game length is very dependant on how big of a table, point totals, player knowledge, and army composition. Our 3K games on a 4x8' table tend to take between two and a half and three hours to play, with both players being fairly knowledgable.

If you want to start small, I would recommend Warbands over Border Patrol. The mini-warhammer games are all quite similar, but I like the way Warbands encourages you to build the army as you go; Flash and Border Patrol don't really do that.

Warbands (http://us.games-workshop.com/games/warhammer/gaming/warbands/scenarios/default.htm)

Crazy Harborc
20-12-2005, 21:04
Time spent "looking it up" in rulebooks and annuals as well as armybooks, adds time to a game. It helps to have a watcher to look stuff up.

20-12-2005, 22:28
I play 2500 as a usual game as this gives you more points but the character limit isnt increased so 'troops' are more important, and play on a 8x4

21-12-2005, 07:03
Asuming your learning to play with 1000pt armies do you know how long that would take?

21-12-2005, 08:30
Probably two hours, assuming both players are learning. Experienced players would need less than half that time.

21-12-2005, 08:32
Thanks, I think we'll be a bit quicker than that as we are both quick learners (a friend of mine is starting to).

21-12-2005, 17:35
There is obviously some amount of set-up time as well. Since you play 40k you are already familiar with this though.

21-12-2005, 18:26
There is obviously some amount of set-up time as well. Since you play 40k you are already familiar with this though.

I haven't played 40k in years, but I find Fantasy takes much longer to set up and take down. Putting over 150 models into ranked units takes much longer than 30-50 in skirmish formation.

Obviously it will greatly depend on your army (My Ogres take all of 2 minutes to set up), but expect a good 5-10+ minutes for set up and tear down. You can always try to just put models away as they fall on the field though, but that will slow the game down a bit.

21-12-2005, 18:36
My freind is considering Ogre Kingdoms and I will be using a deamonic nurgle legion so not much time spent setting up :D

21-12-2005, 19:21
Two words: movement trays.

Take acouple minutes before you guys actually begin the game to setup your units in their movement trays. This way, the deployment phase of the game goes MUCH quicker. Rather than placing 16 figures and trying to make them rank up correctly, you can just set down an already ranked block of troops.

In addition, as your army gets bigger and you play more often, you may want to consider magnetizing your troops, and their movement trays. This way, you can just transport them IN their movement trays, and when you're ready, just pull them out.

21-12-2005, 19:27
Can you get from GW? I think I recall seeing them.

21-12-2005, 19:40
Movement trays? Yes, GW sells movement trays, but you will have to magnetize them yourself unfortunately.

Personally, I just make my own movement trays using plasticard, and magnetize them with business card magnets from the office supply store. $5 got me 25 business card sized magnets, which was enough to magnetize ~32 28mm bases, 16 28x50mm cavalry bases, and 5 movement trays, and I still have 5 of the magnet cards left.

Crazy Harborc
21-12-2005, 21:25
I suggest buying some of GW's. Then make some, don't try to make exact copies of GW's.

Some people can use corrigated/reinforced card board. Easy to get, cut from shipping boxes. Canned foods are shipped in them. Most food stores throw them away.

As mentioned by others, sheet plastic. Foamcore board can be used too.

Several years ago, I bit the bullet and bought several bags of GWs. I matched them up to form different sizes. I glued the none "curbed" edges together. I glued full length 3 inch wide bass or balsa wood underneath the freshly glued movement trays. Mix and match. I used many, the size they were molded by GW.

I also have 10 of GW's new square movement trays. They are okay for foot units. Only 8 cav bases will fit on one of them:( They are also expensive, they are 4 to a bag for $10(USA)!!

22-12-2005, 12:56
Then make some, don't try to make exact copies of GW's.
...if someone starts suggesting that 10cm by 10cm plastic rectangles are somehow Games Workshop's intellectual property I'm going to start making low growling noises in the back of my throat. :p

I personally found that the GW trays were pretty "meh". All well and good if you like your units exactly five models wide (or four orcs), but not altogether helpful if you want, say, a frontage of six cavalry.

It's probably my horrible gluing skills showing, but I also managed a slight warp in the two 10x5 bases I stuck together for my Saurus regiment. :o

I haven't had a good look at the 10-square "pre-decorated" bases yet, but I suspect I'll be unwilling to pay the premium. :)