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28-04-2009, 21:01

Archers x2
Archers x2
Rangers x3

Durin x4
Drars x3
Murins x4

King's Champion x1
Ballista x2
Vault Wardens x1

Fortune: Wise Council

Points: 1995/2000

Floi is perhaps the nicest character - 90 points to dismiss almost any ability of a formation - per turn. That is a steal.

Dain and Balin are nice rock hard characters - I like Gimli and perhaps I will mix and match between Balin and Gimli - but Dain is a no brainer in my book.

other no brainers are at least 1 ballista, vault wardens, and king's champion. Each of these are vital in dwarf forces - D10 on vault wardens anchors a flank for staying power, 2 ballistas to take care of monsters, and the king's champion to take care of monsters who get too close on 1 flank.

I focused by points in the legendary units as they are the best for the money - you get lots of special rules, more might, and a cool looking character too boot.

I kept my core to a minimum and the units are small to flank and shoot at undefended flanks or just to harass units. Drar's Hunters are very nice - their good shooting ability, bows, and ambush make them vital to slow moving/non moving dwarf armies.

28-04-2009, 21:37
id say the list looks pretty solid overal, i wouldnt change anything.

29-04-2009, 05:35
really? hmm well then thanks ;)

I really want to build a battle of 5 armies with the good armies (Elves, Humans, Dwarfs) - Elves will comprise of just Mirkwood archers/sentinels and Thranduil (maybe Legolas... don't know) - but there aren't too many mirkwood units in the elven list - which is a pity.

The humans are easy enough - lots of rangers and a good character (as discussed in the general forum) that represents Bard. I figure these armies will get a face lift or introduced (men of dale) when the Hobbit movie comes out. And since the most fleshed out army of those three is dwarves I think this is a prime opportunity to start collecting early. If they don't make anything for the Hobbit (which would be strange) I'll at least have dwarfs built as a good force.

and yes I know that only Dain, Balin, and Floi were at the battle of 5 armies - Durin and the rest are "Count as" - I am pretty sure Gimli was not at the battle, but I could take him as Thorin till the rules (and model) come out for him.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
06-05-2009, 02:20
What is a kings champion? Its in the book but I dont know what it is :S

06-05-2009, 17:49
it's a single dwarf that absolutely ruins things - seriously they are some of the coolest things Dwarves have going for them!

08-05-2009, 20:24
This is off topic to the dwarven army (which looks great BTW), and addressing the idea of a Men of Dale army.

I have been reading through the Middle Earth Unfinished tales and the history sections of the source books, and the Men of Dale were closely related to the Men of Rohan- being both offshoots of the Men of Rhovanion.
That said, I think it might be worthwhile to consider using the Rohan Oathsworn Bowmen and Soldiers to represent the generic men of Dale, to emphasize their difference, you would simply give them a different sort of shield.

If you want to make a "counts as" for Bard, you could either use the profile for Legolas (who has great Archery abilities and feels like the sort who could take down Smaug in one shot). Or, alternatively, you could use the Dunedain of Arnor and swap in a suitable Bard figure for Arathorn. The "take aim" ability of that unit certainly could also give the feel of the the mighty Bard the Bowman and his "black arrow".

Hmmmm.... I might have just convinced myself to start one...

Da Black Gobbo
08-05-2009, 22:45
What is a kings champion? Its in the book but I dont know what it is :S

Is a kick ass lonely one army hombre. ;)

Dragon Prince of Caledor
11-05-2009, 01:36
Good army and I think that battle of five armies would be sick.

11-05-2009, 18:26
Thanks, yeah I am sorely tempted to put my Angmar force on hold and build a Misty Mountain force - as they should get some cool Hobbit stuff as well. BUT I don't wanna spend the extra cash on more GW stuff.

The dwarves will suffice for now - then I will build men of dale and THEN possibly elves - it would be sick if they came out with an expansion book for the Hobbit - you know it would!

18-05-2009, 11:19
The kings Champion would need to be a significant model with all those stats!! What suitable figures do you think could be used for this character??

19-05-2009, 16:32
I would say perhaps you may need to beef your units up slightly. I find the norm that most evil players take a minimum of 3 Wraiths at that level plus Gothmog before troops. A single Wraith could kill your flank guard with Strength through Corruption on a good roll leaving you with 2 Vault Warden. Your theorey is sound I will not deny it you seem to have every aspect covered but look into allies perhaps? At least then you can get some diversity. If you are going for a defensive line Dwarven Army I would suggest looking into Elves for Thranduil and Haldir. Those 2 guys 200 points (Yes I know a small amount) but they give you 2 epic shoots, 6 extra might grant 2 units terror in essence and also for the hell of it a spell caster which could drain some enemy might before they hit your lines.