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20-12-2005, 19:23
Hello fellow Portenters, or Warseers as it is nowadays!
Below is an advanced system for 40k campaigns which was written by me using feedback from old Portent. I have recently polished it further and would like some comments and suggestions about it. A nice thing would be if someone had a group to be willing to playtest, any playtesting feedback would be great!

It is hexagon, and turnbased. And allows players to build buildings and troops, and expand on other players territories using hexagon-moves and normal 40k battles, preferrably by using the "Rules of Engagement" found on GW's website. It can be used with optional, more in-depth rules or simplified and still work well. :)

C'mon now, feedback plz :cool:

20-12-2005, 19:24
Here are the files, at least they should be.

21-12-2005, 13:59
Here's a quick summary how it works:

The players takes turns doing actions on a hexagon-divided map with different terrain types on the hexes.

First income is collected from all hexes currently under the player's control, the currency is equal to "points" and called RU. The RU are used during the round to buy new units (using existing codexes) and buildings of different kinds to place on the hexes. Different hexes gives different income and has different amounts of space to contruct buildings on, and different types of terrain also look differently on the battlefield..
During one section of the round, players decide attacks in which they use existing units in their armies, these units are affected by damage in-game and killed units, are killed off from players armies aswell.
There are numerous other effects on the game, there is experience to collect for units and characters and it is possible to find artefacts and ruins that prove useful. The system gives characters and leaders a special role with an expanded experience system, and the ability to wield artefacts among other things.

The rules are worth the read, if this type of gaming appeals to you, my idea was that you could have the map on the wall in your gaming club and that battles played could have an effect on something to give more excitement than normal battles do. :)

01-01-2006, 21:49
Wow.. no feedback at all for this amount of tested work, i hate to say it but these rulesdev forums seem to suck. :cries:

02-01-2006, 01:52
very good stuff. i recommend you try and run something at your local GW store (all the players of one race on one team) and that would make for a hell of a campaign.

02-01-2006, 04:25
Wow.. no feedback at all for this amount of tested work, i hate to say it but these rulesdev forums seem to suck. :cries:

Sorry, since my local gaming group has about zero interest in a campaign I'm not much help on this one. So I didn't post.
Things do move very slowly in this forum, when they move at all. :(

03-12-2009, 18:33
It looks good, of course I wouldn't be able to give you a proper answer until after I'd tried it out, which won't be anytime soon as I have a bunch of newcomers to the game to whom I must first teach the basics, but it would be a fun thing to try out with my battle-hardened Wargames group.