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20-12-2005, 19:43
Could someone list all the possible thingd you have in a witch hunter army, because i havent yet got the codex and i have been looking on some site and they contradict each other so could someone tell me the full list of things which can be added and used in a witch hunters army? i mean like other outsider units e.g. daemon hunters ect ect


ankara halla
20-12-2005, 20:12
Depending on how you play your army, basically every Space Marine, Imperial Guard or Daemon Hunters units.

No, I won't compile a list of all the different ways you can ally between the different armies (or the ways those different ways of creating allied armies limit your choises) as there are way too many for me to care to type :)

Get the Codex and all will be made clear...

20-12-2005, 20:16
thanks, i am getting one for christmas, hopefully lol thanks for explaining that i can use all three SM IG and Daemon hunters

ankara halla
20-12-2005, 20:32
Well, to be a bit more specific... generally you can build an army consisting of two different armies (for example WH and SM or WH and IG... and there are different ways to go about this) but you can't really combine units from more armies than the two you build your force from so for example no Sororitas, Assault Marines, Grey Knights and Ogryns in one army :)

20-12-2005, 20:34
ok, thanks :P i tihnk i will base my army around WH and IG

20-12-2005, 21:21
good choice, that still allows you to have Sister fo Battle in there as well as the IG

20-12-2005, 21:31
yup, isnt it a little stupid having SM and not able to have sisters of battle?.....it would really mean its a space marine army not a witch hunter army

20-12-2005, 21:32
Only a few more days till you get the Codex.

To pass the time float around the Tactica Witch Hunters

20-12-2005, 21:45
link please?

20-12-2005, 22:42
link please?

21-12-2005, 07:40