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30-04-2009, 07:13
Disclaimer: In no way is this a real list I would play, just theoretical. Obviously it is VERY un-thematic and is cheesy in all aspects of the word (well except the actual real life object aspect). The whole exercise for me here was to think of a way to counter a darkness magic heavy evil list. For in my opinion perhaps the strongest tournament list one could bring, definitely for evil at least, is 3/4 ringwraiths + an epic hero (gothmog/Amdur/etc) plus lots of large troop formations. The power of the aforementioned army builds lies in the synergy between darkness magic and relatively cheap large infantry blocks. It can give you the mobility of cavalry hitting at high strength and disrupting your opponents heroes and formations.

Now, with that in mind, here is what I chose:

1 Boromir, Captain of the White Tower - 175

1 Isildur - 85

1 Galadriel, Lady of LothLórien - 175

1 Gandalf the Grey - 200

6 Minas Tirith Warriors - 150

6 Minas Tirith Warriors - 150

6 Osgiliath Veterans - 330
Lieutenant Cirion

6 Minas Tirith Knights - 180

6 Minas Tirith Knights - 180

3 Knights of Dol Amroth - 150

2 Avenger Bolt Thrower - 100

2 Avenger Bolt Thrower - 100

1 Fortunes - 25

Total Army Cost: 2000

Okay so lets see what we have. Gandalf and Galadriel are both touched by destiny councilors. So Beginning of turn 1, call a free epic renewal (see below) and either give the might to each other or to boromir. Then invoke the councilor special rule and trade might to one another. If no 6's, they come out even at 3 (or 4 depending on the target of epic renewal). If there are 6's (and statistically there should be), one or both get additional might. Any additional might can be either kept or used to again call epic renewal (see below) to give the point away.

The army deploys so that the bolt throwers are on a hill or have a clear arc of vision to most of the board, not blocked by your own troops if possible. Next the Veterans deploy in the center, either 3 or 4 wide. The minas tirith knights deploy on either side slightly behind the front of the veteran formation so as to be un-chargable from the front. The WoMT deploy so that they take up enough space to cover the flanks while still staying close to the Veterans in the center. The knights of dol amoroth deploy behind the main line or on a flank perhaps. Galadriel and Gandalf deploy in WoMT Formations. Isildur goes into the Veterans. Boromir goes into a KoMT formation.

Basically Gandalf and Galadriel are might batteries as well as counterspell any strength from corruption spells with enfeeble. They also cast blessing of the valar to replace lost casualties. The Veteran's are D7 archers so shoot when in range. The Whole Army is covered by Inspiring leaders and heroes so pretty much everything is courage 6 unless the tainted in nearby. Boromir's role is to take out the highest threat of enemy ringwraiths/magic casters. He does this through an Epic Duel/Epic Strike combo plus spending might to make sure he wins, and by a good amount (Galadriel and Gandalf can give him 2 might a turn at the least, so he shouldn't run out of might easily). Isildur is there for ESHD and inspiring leader. If somone tries to duel Cirion with ESHD, then Isildur will proceed to ESHD there captain or hero right back.

The counterspell is used when appropiate, usually reserved for if your opponent tries to get off a black dart/black breath on one of your important heroes (all but isildur really).

Now again I'd NEVER play with this list as i do like sticking to theme when possible and I do not like exploiting the rules as this list does. However, it is powerful, and is good even against armies with no magic (only 25 points wasted on a counterspell). What do y'all think?

edit: epic renewal does not bring a heroes point total above its original level. So the first turn epic renewal is out. However in subsequent turns it will work.

30-04-2009, 07:28
Looks like a very nasty army indeed, I only see that you lack the banner for your cavalry... that really are useful.

Other than that I think it will be quite competitive.

30-04-2009, 07:35
I wouldn't really know where to pull 35 points from though. But yes the banner on boromir's unit would be good to conserve his much needed might points.