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30-04-2009, 09:46
So, I'm thinking about trying this game out. Partially because I'd love to paint these models and have a LotR army to display. I play a number of wargames, so I think it's time to dip into this one.

The armies that interest me are Kingdom of Rohan, Forgotton Kingdoms (big daddy bombadil AND a hobbit militia? Awesome.), Isengard and Mordor. Can anyone give me (or direct me to) a synopsis of the different armies playstyle, and their pros and cons? (yeah, pros and cons questions. Can never get enough these, right?). How competive they are?


30-04-2009, 12:16
you can't have a forgotten kingdoms army. They're the only list of the 10 that specificially states they can only be taken as allies.


Rohan are lots of cav. You can get some good charges off and have good mobility. The characters are servicable, but I think they're probably the weakest set out of the good guy lists. The problem is that they can get bogged down and have problems with protracted fights, especially if your opponent gets to charge them (which can be easier then it sounds).

Isengard are really fighty. I think they're a really good all around list. The infantry are tough and fight well, they have access to orcs for numbers and wargs for speed. They also have 2 great characters in saruman and lurtz, have good legendary formations and grima can be a great wildcard. If they really had any cons, the main one would be that if you wanted to focus on the uruks their list can be a little more bland as they don't have a ton of options. If you add in the dunland guys (all metal which is bad), trolls or the orcs the problem is alleviated a bit.

Mordor is what I play. They have a ton of options so you can go in a lot of directions with your lists. They're more of a horde army and you'll fill the table. They also have lots of magic and have access to almost everything in the game (cav, monsters, artillary, flying monsters, magic...). The problem is that most of the troops have a low courage value and most of their characters are magic users with low might. Hence you have to buy a lot of captains to help out on the might/courage front. The nazgul can also be pretty discouraging to your opponents because their strengths are very visible and tend to hide their weaknesses against non-veteran wotr players.

30-04-2009, 13:59
Emissary's post is pretty good. Though given how new wotr is i wouldn't be using the concept of a wotr veteran because people are still finding out what is good and what is not. On that note it isn't quite clear what is competitive and what isn't but morder, isengard and rohan definitely look very competitive and don't seem weak (mordor especially is very strong)