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30-04-2009, 16:56
Many people have had to be put in this possition with Mumaks breathing down there armour just before that battle feild is painted a wonderful new shade of red (Black if the poor sap was an orc). But there a far few ways to stop the thing and sometimes even turn it to your advantage. A Mumaks biggest weakness is it's self really and it suffers from that old "OMG that thing is huge so kill it quick" meaning that it does a good job at sockign up every arrow fired at it while that Ringwraith runs up and kills Aragron with a Black Dart to where the sun does not shine. Here are a few ways to stop that towering behemoth of destrutcion.

Horse beats the Serpent

Cavalry have always had the advantage as they can keep a save distance away from it and still charge often thowing any thowing spears into any unfortunate Haradrim who forgot his contact lences that day. This tactic can often lead to 3 or more riders charging that poor mumak and if one was a hero (More thank likely) then the fight value all of a sudden get equaled and it becomes an avarage fight.

Ankle Weights

This is just gang rape and often is just sworm it with everything you have and hope you can get atleast 1 wound on it before it makes you armour the thinckness of a penny. This is the most common tactic (Especially for Dwarves and Elves) as most of the time all other tactics require a sertain type of unit.


A common tactic used by forces with elite archers like Elves and Gondor (Legolas is brill at this) and it often ends in every haradium landing flat on his face after falling from the howdah with an arrow in his spinal collom. The idea is to kill the commander and there by reducing the courage and there by incressing the chance of a man Mumak. This tactic often takes a long time to work and requires a fair few 6's however even failed shots are not wasted as there is the slim chance of destroying the Howdah. and then it really will be Raining men.

Ghostly image

Now everyone knows this one with the King of the dead/ The Necromancer. All they have to do it get 1 wound and bye bye Mumak but getting that to happen is not easy due to obnly having 1 attack. Throw ina Nazgul or elite hero like Faramir to give that all important might to win the fights and then will hope that that useless king rolls a 3. (Which he never does for me:cries:)

Elephants Eye

Another simple one is to shot the thing with siege equipment. However most people will often get a few cavalry around it to prevent this. However there is a flaw in there rules here which can be abused alot. that is to target the howdah. The howdah is more than 6" of the ground meaning that it can not scatter to anything but the Mumak. Even if it scatters to a man it still has to make an "in the way" roll and then if it's a catapult area effect damage will often kill atleast 3 men in the howdah (Wonders how that would happen without damaging the howdah). The key is to destroy the Howdah rather than the mumak as the Mumaks poor courage still kill it's self.

I hope that this helps anyone who was getting flateens to often and hopefuly did not get a Fear of Elephants. Take care and please let me know what you think of this review. (And my rather dry humor:D)

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Agreed. Dwarves often make it easy to protect him like people like Dain who have amssive defence of 9 and are only wounded on 5's.

The Marshel
07-05-2009, 07:14
you can't use dwarfs with the army of the dead in sbg. lome only allows them to be used with a few of the gondor list, the grey company and the fellowship

a mumak is a simple being, it charges it tends t win, if it doesn;t charge, it has issues. so might tends to work wonders with it.

07-05-2009, 09:06
I found casting command on it and moivng it off the board helps

10-05-2009, 09:46
I have faught it twice and only once has it every tryed to trample (And even then Eomer (And more shockenly his horse) suvvided. The rest of the time i been agaisnt a mumak it's done a better job of killing his allies. Here it the total (Of the top of my head) death tolll done by him.

Good - 5 Kngihts of Gondor (Yes thats it)
Evil - 2 Half Trolls, 2 Easterlings, 4 Morgul Knights & The Drak Marshal.

Often the Haradrim are more dangours than the mumka for me. Tho it has often helped that the Beastmaster was always killed within 3 turns before he could even fight.