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30-04-2009, 20:55
Ok as the topic says I have made 2 lists for the ETC side event tournament. The Beastmen list is a solid list with several hard hitting units, average magic and it has redundancy. The Empire list is a list Ive spent much less time with. Its a kind of list that I would normally never take to a tournament as it goes against my Warhammer values. However I will be travelling to another country, and so I will use the best list I can come up with, so yes the Empire list has got a lot of mouldy :cheese::cheese: to it. Anyway tell me what you think. The Beastmen list has been posted here already http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3527963&posted=1#post3527963, with the changes suggested by myself in the last post of that thread, implemented in this list.

2500 Beastmen list:
Beastlord Mark of Nurgle, Great Weapon, shield, Chaos armour, Crown of Horns, total: 194

Wargor, Mark of Nurgle, Battle Standard Bearer, The Beast Banner, Heavy armour, total: 189

Bray Shaman, level 2, Staff of darkoth, power stone, total: 160
Bray Shaman, level 2, Braystaff, dispel scroll, total: 141
Characters total: 684

Bestigor Herd, Full command, 17 Pestigors, Mark of Nurgle, total: 284 (Beastlord goes here) 6 S6 and 4 S5/7 attacks!

Bestigor Herd, Full command, 17 Bestigors, total: 234 (Wargor Bsb and Darkoth wielding shaman goes here) 11 S6 and 4 S4 attacks on the charge!!!!

Beast Herd, Full command, 8 Gors with two hand weapons, 12 ungors, total: 139 (other shaman goes here)

Beast Herd, Musician, Foe Render, 8 Gors with two hand weapons, 12 ungors, total: 129

1 Tuskgor Chariot, total: 85
1 Tuskgor Chariot, total: 85
5 Warhounds, total: 30
5 Warhounds, total: 30
Core total: 1016

4 Minotaurs, Mark of Nurgle, light armour, great weapons, total: 221
4 Minotaurs, Mark of Nurgle light armour, great weapons, total: 221
3 Dragon Ogres, Light armour, great weapons, total: 237
1 Spawn of Chaos, total: 60
1 Spawn of Chaos, total: 60
Special/Rare total: 799
Army total: 2499

Power Dice: 6 (+ 1 stone)
DD: 4 (+ 1 scroll)
5 Spells, (4 + The Wild Call)
14 Deployment slots.
4 characters, 74 Infantry, 10 Warhounds, 2 Chariots, and 13 Monsters. 103 minis in total.

The Empire list is perhaps a more solid choice as it has some things the beastmen list lacks. Its got a solid shooting face but not totally OOT(I could have gone for more crossbows instead of archers and 5 more outriders and 5 more handgunners, also could have gone for 2 hellblasters or hellblaster and rocket battery instead of Steam tank). Its got solid magic. And the Steam tank, Great Swords, Flagelants and Arch lector are all tar pits who can deal damage and win fights (the AL cant win against ranked up units I grant you but he is unlikely to die). The Swordsmen with the bsb will be supporting the Greatswords and act as a safe haven for my wizard. The WP goes with the greatswords. These guys with the bsb closeby, become stubborn immune to fear, reroll break tests. The knights are there for support/taking out fast cav and that sort of stuff, I wish I could squise in another unit of these guys, but I am unwilling to cut any stuff that I have.

2250 Empire list of Cheese :cheese:.
Arch Lector: Kaslain von Khrest, War Altar, heavy armour, enchanted shield, Van Horstmanns Speculum, Hammer (sword) of Battle, total: 291

Warrior Priest: Benedickt Stern, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Icon of Magnus, Great Weapon, total: 144

Captain: Wolfram Holst, Battle standard bearer, Full plate armour, barded warhorse, total: 97

Battle Wizard: Ludwig von Drakwald, wizards staff, level 2, dispel scroll, total: 135
Characters total: 667

Core: 22 Swordsmen, full command, total: 157
Detachment: 9 Milita free company, total: 45
Detachment: 5 Crossbowmen, total: 40

Core: 10 Handgunners, total: 80
Detachment: 5 Archers, total: 40
Detachment: 5 Crossbowmen, total: 40
Core: 14 Flagelants, Prophet of Doom total: 150
Core: 5 Reiksguard Knights, Total: 115
Core total: 667

Special: 18 Greatswords, full command, total: 210
Detachment: 8 Milita Free company, total: 40
Detachment: 5 Archers, total: 40

Special: 1 Great Cannon, total: 100
Special: 1 Great Cannon, total: 100
Special: 5 Outriders, champion with hochland long rifle, total: 126
Rare: 1 Steam Tank: 300
Special/rare total: 916
Army total: 2250

PD: 4 + 2-3 bound spells (actually up to 4 but because of ETC rules every bound spell after first counts as two and unless Ive gotten it wrong the ability to cast any lore of light spell counts as using 1 PD each magic phase)
DD: 6 + scroll
9 Deployment slots.
4 Characters (1 mounted and one on WA), 103 Infantry (73 CC, 30 Shooting), 10 Cavalry (5CC, 5 shooting), 2 War machines, and a TANK!. 126 miniatures.

01-05-2009, 04:44
Some suggestions on the empire list:

-Add a magic weapon somewhere, even the lowly biting blade will do. it should prove useful against Wraiths and Dryads. A good place for this would be the BSB.

-Switch the Hochland Long Rifle to the Outriders, the BS 5 of the champion enhances it somewhat.

-Either upgrade your archers to Huntsmen for some scouting ahead and march-blocking or make them a detachment to the Greatswords to avoid causing panic tests. If you go the second route, I'd consider splitting them into 2 units of 5 for maximum effect.

-Never leave home without a musician for your knights...

As far as the magic phase is concerned, I think that for the ETC your list is considered to be an 11-PD list. Perhaps you could swap the Warrior Priest for something you could use all the time? A pegasus Captain comes to mind with either the Casket of Sorcery (thus giving you the bound spell you lost from the priest back) or the Sword of Fate (portable cannon for the win).

01-05-2009, 10:05
Thanks for the suggestions

- Magic weapon given to the Arch Lector Sword of battle giving him an extra attack, to get this I cut 1 Swordsman, and 1 milita. (and the hochland switch)

- I see the point of the archers becoming detachments , so its implemeted.

- Switching the hochland around is probably a good idea, as it costs me 4pts less and give me a better BS for it so implemeted.

- It might be 12 actually (the ability to know all spells in a lore (war altar), counts as using 1 PD a turn). However theres no rules saying I cant have over 9PD available, it only says I cant use more than 9. The reason I have the WP is not for magic offensivenes. He gives me 1 dispel dice, hatred for my greatswords, and immune to fear, and his bound spell gives me some magic flexibility. However he will probably only ever use the soulfire spell, and when things clash my wizards casting abilities will be hampered so that opens up for my AL and WP.

Now if I were to follow your advice I would: 1- Loose a vital DD, 2 hamper my Greatswords and Swordsmens fighting capabilities (I would have to switch the icon of magnus to my bsb and put him in the GS), 3, What you are suggesting would cost me either 25-40 pts more than I have. I could cut my hochland long rifle but yeah, thats one more negative factor. So plainly the answer is just no wont do it, the Captasus is likely to die as well, and gives me no true abilities that I dont already have, character/monster killer? Cannons can take monsters, characters like vampires I have my AL with VHS, taking out war machines and lone casters etc, again cannons and HLR. march blocking, already have lots of detachments I can send out. So yeah I can see some positive sides but weighing the pros and cons I think the WP comes out on top even if his bound spell gets wasted sometimes.

But thank you the list is improved because of you :).

01-05-2009, 14:31
Tips for beastmean go the way i went (all khorne and trample everything) or try lots of ambush units :)

01-05-2009, 15:11
Ive gone Khorne the last 2 tournaments Ive been to and Minotaurs are way to weak when it comes to taking dmg without the save, Nurgle is the best mark you can give em all in all. Besides frenzy can be a really big liability and it sure prooved to be at hose two tournaments.

03-05-2009, 12:26
bumpery bump.