View Full Version : 1000 point tournament blood dragons

21-12-2005, 03:10
hi all, i posted a 2k list earlier on the site to see if what i thought i should be aiming for to paint was, in all of your opinions, a decently playing army. i need your help again with criticisms of this Blood Dragon list i am bringing to a 1000 point tournament.

Vampire Thrall - flayed hauberk, great weapon, honour or death - 124
Lvl 2 Necro - black periapt - 115
Lvl 2 Necro - dispell scroll - 125

15 skellies - standard, musician, spears - 150
20 skellies - standard, musician, light armor - 215
5 dire wolves - 50
5 dire wolves - 50

4 fell bats - 80

banshee - 90

21-12-2005, 23:09
Personaly I would bulk up the Skeleton units. Although you can use spells to do this they can be hit and miss and out numbering your opponant is vital when you are banking on psychology being the deciding factor. I am not sure about the banshee either. It is OK against low leadership stuff but as it is a tournament you will be facing all kinds of stuff.


21-12-2005, 23:21
I would give light armour to the small unit of skelies then just boost them with magic, saves some vps.

21-12-2005, 23:29
Three characters is just too many for 1000 points. One is usually enough in such a small game, but since VC need a mage to be general, a second character is not nessicarily a bad idea. Characters are just too expensive to max them out in a small game.

I'd axe the Necro w/ Periphet and add a unit of zombies or a small unit of knights to bulk up, or add power to, the army. Eitherway, I would try to get both skeleton units to 20, maybe even 25.

You could consider dropping the banshee. I like em, but they are rather hit-or-miss when it comes to effectiveness. For a 1000 point game, I would probably drop it, as it eats nearly 10% of the points by itself.