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30-04-2009, 23:48
so i've got a run in against empire on sunday, and i've decided that i want my lists to be a bit risky. i haven't played vc since i think 3rd edition, and even then i wasn't playing them correctly. obviously these hinge on being able to get off some early invocations or i'm completely done. i expect my adversary to have one caster...

please forgive any fuzzy math.

option 1, 996 points

vampire -160
enchanted shield, dark acolyte, lord of the dead

vampire - 140
dread knight, black periapt

vampire - 145
cadaverous cuirass, dark acolyte

2x12 skeletons - 232

13 grave guard - 199
great weapons

5 black knights - 120

option 2 (999 points)

vampire - 195
enchanted shield, book, dark acolyte, lord of the dead

vampire - 173
black periapt, nightmare, dark acolyte, avatar of death

2x14 skeletons - 264

6 dire wolves - 48

13 grave guard - 199
great weapons

5 black knights - 120

the obvious tweaks are to get rid of the dire wolves and/or the book for more skeletons. i could also get rid of the dire wolves, the book, and one of the dark acolytes for another vampire (or get rid the dire wolves and make the necro a vampire in option 1). i'm really not sold on the dire wolves, so they'll probably go. just seems like the 50ish points would make a bigger difference in the skeleton blocks or on the vamps.

clearly these lists are overreaching, but i want to do something other than just throw down three level 2s and magic phase everyone to death. i plan to run the grave guard 7 wide, 2 deep. i have no idea if that will work...


edit: my awful math overpriced 10 skeletons with fc by 20 points, so i'll update this in a few minutes... 8x10 = 80 + 20 = 100 hooray.

01-05-2009, 00:29
ok, should be fixed. sorry again.