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01-05-2009, 01:14
Ok so this is a 2k point list. I want it to have a rough theme around rivendell/carrock (beorn was so cool in the hobbit). I'm partially constrained by money and the models i have (hence no Rivendell guard).

Gildor's Household (3 companies)
Wardens of the Carrock (3 companies)
Mirkwood Sentinels - Captain (3 comapnies)
High elves with glaives - Captain, Banner bearer (4 companies)
high elves with longbows - Captain (4 companies)

This leaves me with 105 points to spare and i'm not really sure what to get. I think I have enough named characters (maybe too much with my legendary formations). So i think more troops or maybe a fortune. The other option is i can cut some stuff somehow to get enough for another formation (i really don't think formations of 2 companies work)

I really like Gildor's household even though i'm not really sure if it fits the theme. I am not dead set on including the banner bearer with the glaive elves. I also am worried that 4 companies of bowmen might be too much. My rationale is that they are actually good in combat too and at only 5 points more than those with glaives you lose the glaives but get shooting!

01-05-2009, 09:16
If I were you I would simply mix my Longbow and Glaive elf models and give all formations longbows. The longbow are so much better than the Glaive. The elves really need to wear down their opponent before they get into melee because of their lack of numbers. Archery is a very good way of doing that.

I would also try and get a few more tactical elements in the army and reduce the High Elf formation down to three company formations. I would probably try and fit in three formations of High Elf archers with three companies in each. I would not bother with a Captain in one of the formations and simply put Elrond and Radagast in that formation to start with.

01-05-2009, 15:32
I like it as a concept very much.
How are you modeling the Beornings?

I think that Gildor's household is fine for the theme, maybe more so than the Mirkwood Sentinels. Gildor and his people seemed to rove quite freely throughout the western lands and also were very much "involved" with the works of the Istari and Elrond- so teaming them up with the Beornings and Radagast makes sense to me.

01-05-2009, 22:45
I am not sure how i am modeling the beornings yet :(. But i really like them so i'm determined to get them in.

02-05-2009, 11:39
you could always consider Gildor one of the elf groups in the Hobbit that the dwarfs ran into. JRR left a lot of room for captains or heroes in the wood elves. - I think the only named elf in the book in Mirkwood is Thrandial(sp?) plus their rules match mirkwood elves very well with ambush/longbows etc. or a captain of the Rivendell guard would work I am sure JRR has enough named elves in his books you could find someone of minor importance and label him as such.