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01-05-2009, 13:37
Hey TK community. I'll be starting a TK army hopefully today or tomorrow and wanted to get an army list put together so I know exactly what I'm buying. If anyone has any tips to help me create a fun to play, fun to play against, yet still competitive list, please feel free to let a new TKer know what you think.


Tomb King
- Destroyer of Eternities
- Cloak of the Dunes

Tomb Prince
- Chariot
- Chariot of Fire
- Sword of Might

Liche Priest (Hierophant)
- Hieratic Jar
- Dispel Scroll

Liche Priest
- Casket of Souls
- Collar of Shepesh
- Dispel Scroll


3 Chariots
- FC (Prince)

3 Chariots
- FC

26 Skeleton Warriors
- Bows
- Shields
- Standard
- Musician


20 Tomb Guard
- FC
- Icon of Rakaph

4 Carrion

Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion


Screaming Skull Catapult
- Skulls of the Foe

Total: 2249

Take it easy on me! I'm new to the army and dont even have the book yet, just going by what Army Builder has.

Thanks for any help!

01-05-2009, 14:45
Take a third priest over the icon bearer, magic is the one saving grace of TK.

01-05-2009, 14:51
Not really sold on the casket of souls - just haven't seen it do too much, especially with most newer armies having higher and higher LD. I'd drop it and run another screaming skull, as well as take the third priest. If you can drop 4 stonethrower shots a turn, you'll be golden.

Gazak Blacktoof
01-05-2009, 15:00
Not really sold on the casket of souls - just haven't seen it do too much, especially with most newer armies having higher and higher LD.

I'm not sure why you'd think that. Warhammer armies haven't really changed leadership values for a long time and the casket still works against ITP and unbreakable troops.

The casket should be pretty good now that magic resistance no longer works against it though its debatable as to how good it is compared to a second skull catapult which will get to fire once a turn even if your opponent has great magic defence. The catapult also doesn't tie a priest down.

I'd suggest reducing the size of the carrion unit. They're rather unwieldy at that size and once they start taking wounds they wont be granting flank and rear bonuses and will stop being able to destroy troops that flee into them- its easier to simply charge fleeing troops in your own turn.

02-05-2009, 02:14
Thanks alot for the helpful advice, it is appreciated. I think I'll do just that and replace the icon bearer with another priest. I'm new to the army so not too familiar with TK tactics, but I was thinking that by taking the casket, opponents would be so afraid of it, they would allow alot more of my priest spells to get through just to save DD for the casket. But then again, I'm really good with guess ranged machines so the catapult may be better for me. I'll just test them both and see what works best here at my local shop.

Thanks again for the tips

02-05-2009, 20:54
I personally love your list (if you swap out the icon bearer out for a lich priest) Its everything a good TK list should be. Also the casket is very effective but its a close competetion between that and another catapult. However its mostly personal choice, I personally love the casket.

03-05-2009, 15:14
Thanks alot Nathangonmad ;)

I made a few changes to the list that I think will make it all around more effective. Increased the unit of archers to one massive block rather than two small. I was thinking of lining them up while the enemy advanced then blocking them up for rank bonus and using them as a speed bump when the got to me. Or maybe lightening up the magic item load and taking a warrior unit might be better perhaps.

I took the king out of the chariot and gave him the cloak to help get him around the board to where he's needed better. I just got done watching Vaul's reports and love the way he uses his king. My list was pretty close to his to begin with. I guess I'll see how it does like this.

04-05-2009, 12:47
I think your magic won't be very versatile with only 2 priests, 1 having to babysit a casket.

04-05-2009, 14:20
holy sh** a tomb kings army. kudos to you brave soul. were all rooting for ya

04-05-2009, 18:08
I'm not sure about the DoE and CoD combo on your King. You can't charge using the CoD so you are going to have to rely on the TKs incantation to get the charge. If it's dispelled, you are in for a world of hurt.

Also, FC on the chariots is not worth it. The standard bearer is fine since there are some excellent banner choices for chariots, but look at what you are paying for the champ, and what it earns you. One more attack for 20 points? Totally not worth it. Drop both of the champs and you are half way to another Tomb Scorpion or a ICFB tomb swarm!