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01-05-2009, 16:58
Can Kislev be a stand alone army? If so, can they take Dogs of War?

I am currently working on a Dogs of War army with a large Kislev contingent but I would like to build a stand alone Kislevite list with Dogs of War and Regiments of Renown. I would imagine they would be able to use empire rules for any dogs of war restrictions. Anyone know if this is possible?

01-05-2009, 17:22
Kislev/DOW is IMO the best way to run a "pure" Kislev army. In the background books and stories, the Kislev army consists of Kossars and a few other units like Streltsi (Who currently have no rules) and then in times of war they summon the people who form up into regiments of Lancers (for the nobility/rich) and horse archers (for the people who live out on the oblast). This is heavily supplimented by mercenaries and imperial forces.

A DOW army provides things like Pike and Cannon and the Kislev book does the rest. If you ask your opponent nicely I'm sure he would even let you use ice magic on your DO wizards.

01-05-2009, 17:44
I was originally going to try to muck around with the Allied Contingent rules, but I think my Kislev will just use the Empire army book. The only model I can't fit in is Horse Archers, there's nothing to represent them.

Priest on War Alter? Tzarina in a War Wagon.
All the other Lords/Heroes make sense, except for Engineers.

All of the core units work perfectly, although you shouldn't use too many crossbowmen and handgunners.

For special, winged lancers are knights while Gryphon Legion represent Inner Circle knights. Kislev does have cannons, so they are applicable. Greatswords can be replaced with great axemen (Converted Tuetogen?).

Rare choices present a problem, since the Kislev have nothing like helblasters or steam tanks. Still, with all the Dogs of War options you could probably find something to fit in.

01-05-2009, 19:03
Ok, but does anyone know if Kislevites can only be used as allies or as their own army list? IF they can be used as their own army, are they allowed to take regiments of renown? Would they use empire restrictions on which regiments they could field?

Marksmen of Miragliano could be streltsi except with crossbows, and then there are Bearmen of Urso who are marauders who worship ursun. I was also converting up a unit of pikemen which could be Ricco's Republican Guard, and then Voland's Venators. I think these could all be included as core choices in an empire army so I was going to do a pure Kislev army with Kossar, Winged Lancers, Gryphon Legion and Horse Archers backed up by these Regiments of Renown. And then I would take a couple of cannons as rare choices. For flexibility and larger games I could field a truthsayer and the Ice Queen along with a scroll caddy lvl 2 for a decent magic phase.

01-05-2009, 21:47
Ok, but does anyone know if Kislevites can only be used as allies or as their own army list? IF they can be used as their own army, are they allowed to take regiments of renown? Would they use empire restrictions on which regiments they could field?

I'm not sure if they can the army list entry is that they are allied contingent army list or words to that effect. What I would suggest would to use DoW as the 'parent' army list then add in a contingent of Kislev The DoW can be bare bones minimum and lets you have those wizards for a decent magical defence and allows you to take either Boris (or whatever his name is now) or the Ice Queen. In 2000pts it can be split half and half, 2 wizards nets you circa 300pts with some scrolls. Thats 'only' 700pts on the neccessary core units for DoW. the only problem I can see with it are those silly allied contingent rules where you can't use the ld values of the other allies - very irritating and not well thought out by GW, it sort of limits their use alot.

02-05-2009, 19:52
There are no rules for Kislev as a standalone army since 3rd edition. You can do whatever you want, though, as long as you have the opponent's permission.

Gorbad Ironclaw
03-05-2009, 13:12
Actually there were a 'mini' list made for 6th edition that did let you take them as a stand alone army. It was a pretty poor list though. For instance the only magic user you can have in the list is the Ice Queen herself.

03-05-2009, 22:36
You're right, the list exists, but it isn't meant to be standalone. Hell, it's even called the "Kislev Allied Contingent Army List."

04-05-2009, 03:49
Even though it isn't normally meant to be used by itself, without a parent army, the Kislev list specifically allows you to. See the first sentence on page 10 of the lsit.

04-05-2009, 13:05
You can play the Allied Contingent as a stand-alone army, but you will probably have a very hard time with it. The troop choices are limited, the only magic user is a Lord special character (with unique Ice Lore.) I'd guess you are better using them as a contingent with Dogs of War or even Empire, as BigRob suggested. You can use mostly Kislev, requiring only a General (and Paymaster) and 3 core choices from your main army, then the rest can be chosen from Kislev. Keep in mind that combined you only have X character, Special and Rares as usual, not additional spaces for the allies.

04-05-2009, 21:08
Ok, that's what I thought. I wasn't sure if I would be able to take a stand alone kislev list and then using the empire rules beef out the troop options by taking some DOW units. My current army is a DoW list with a large kislev contingent.

Thanks for your help.