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21-12-2005, 09:34
News from UK WD 313 includes a Bitz service for LOTR models commencing March with advance orders taken from Jan. I know that one of the complaints regarding LOTR was the difficulty in converting due to the expense of buying a whole model for one or two bits. Initial advance orders include Balrog Wings and Head plus individual Orcs, Ringwraiths plus the engineer models from the various siege engines.

21-12-2005, 14:41
If that comes to the US I will be hysterically happy.

21-12-2005, 15:04
Another attempt by GW to prop up an ailing system? Perhaps they've finally succumbed to gamer/modellers requests?


Hmmm flying Hive tyrant with Balrog wings hmmm....


21-12-2005, 17:02
Balrog wings a troll parts, I doubt anything else will sell well, maybe wargs, but no human models, most of them are blisters anyway.


Jim Reaper
21-12-2005, 18:37
I heard about this when I was still working for GW, apparently it's something to do with a loosening of the licensing rules.