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21-12-2005, 11:13
Well im making my return to the RPG forums (dont sound to disapointed:p ). So i thought i would start off by creating an RPG ive been thinking of for a while, character restrictions are pretty simple, something imperial thats not a marine or Inquisitor.

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Archius
Equipment: 2 gauntlet bolt pistols, Power Fist, Power Sword, Artificer Armour, Sacred Incense, Grimoire of true names.
Background: Classified.

A whistling sound preceded the explosion, and more dust and rubble was kicked up over the occupants of the trench. Archius lifted himself up his weapons at the ready, he knew what was coming next, as he looked over the edge of the embankment the first of the cultists appeared out of their trenches.
"Men ready your aim, here they come again." within seconds the first cultist reached the trench with supernatural speed. Its tongue darted out and wrapped itself around a man, lifting him off the ground and chocking him half to death, before a bayonet was forced through its stomach. As the cultist died it let out a scream that seemed to pierce reality itself forcing men to collapse to their kness giving enuogh time for the next of the horde to reach the trenches nearly untouched.

21-12-2005, 12:11
Could I possabily have a Tech Magos?

21-12-2005, 12:23
ooc// as long as its an imperial tech magos

21-12-2005, 12:46
Trooper Vaasen Skalth of the Halkonian 9th
Appearance: 6' 0", fairly large build. Wears the heavy black flak vest and bandana of the elite Halkonian 9th. Dark green, short sleeved tunic, black fatigues, black boots, Vaasen has short-cropped dark brown hair.
Equipment: MkXIII Draeg-pattern Autogun, flak vest, combat knife, laspistol, 3 Frag grenades, 2 Krak grenades, spare clips, removeable long-rifle attachment.


Vaasen moved up to the edge of the embankment alongside his master, covering the Inquisitor's advance with his heavy autogun. Several deranged heretics loped towards him, daemonic tongues lolling out of corrupted mouths. He turned to engage the advancing beasts, swinging his weapon around and bringing it to bear.

Skalth shouldered the autogun, sighted and fired, spraying the advancing enemy with high velocity rounds. Mud and blood spat as bullets dug into mutated flesh and churned up ground. Still they came, closer and closer. "Could use some fire support over here, boys and girls!" yelled Skalth as he continued his barrage.

21-12-2005, 17:53
[Incoming Message]Storm-Trooper Vetern; Veteran Sergeant Corran Helm of Cadia, reporting for duty sir. General Vaccan requested I join you upon your mission at this moment in space. My back ground files are located in Paragraph CV-B591/JJQ9.8172T, Sir. It will be a honour to serve with you.[Message End]

[Incoming Message]Veteran Sergeant Corran Helm of Cadia's brief historic background;
Birth, Cadia.
Military record; Servant of the Emperor for fifteen Standard Terran Years.
Major battles; Battle of Canavie. Battle of Felcan IV. Mars Expeditionary Team on Xeno IV.

Corran Helm grew up on Cadia, and before he was fifteen, he was conscripted to defend against a Chaos Cultist attack. He killed three Cultists in that battle, and his face still shows the mark. He joined the Cadian 312th soon thereafter as a full Guardsman. His first off world mission was one at Canavie, where he assisted a Grey Knight Inquisitor and three of his Brethren in purging a Sanction of the Emperor that was full of Tzeentchian Cultists. He lost him arm, and had it replaced by a Tech Magos named Gean Juruj. His next major battle at Felcan IV was a mass suicide. The General had no experience in commanding his troops, and the men were defeated. Out of the nineteen that survived, Helm was one of them. He was promoted to Veteran Status to help train new recruits, and three years after, he was the lead of three Squads on Xeno IV, so named for a Tyranid infestation.
He lived, and was then assigned to General Vaccan's personal guard. Thereafter, Vaccan was told of an Inquisitorial Warrior that needed help, and that after looking through Helm's records, the Inquisition wanted him during a mission, and Corran accepted, for the alternative was death, and that's no alternative at all.[Message End]

[Incoming Message]Corran Helm's personal Hellgun is like any other standed to an Imperial Storm Trooper, with one exception. Helm's belt consists of seven Grenades of varying types, three of which are Fragmentation, another Krak. The other three are either Smoke or Flash Grenades.
Helm's armour is hardened Carapace, covering his chest, back, arms, legs, and head, which is further covered by a visor.
Corran has a melee sword strapped to his belt for quick use if needs be, as well as a specially made holster for his Hellgun.
Helm's Hellgun's Modification is simple. It holds a five second burst Flamer pod, and after that, it can be discarded. Corran holds no other spare Flame Pods, and no other equipment.[Message End]


"Incoming, eh?" Corran said, blasting away at the Cultists with his Hellgun. The first three or four fell with burning laser fire straffed along their torsos, before Corran stepped backwards, wheeling his Hellgun into it's holster and ripping his sword from it's strap. The first Cultist lost it's mutated arm as Corran brought his sword down heavily, and then brought it back up to spill it's guts.
"Inquisitor, we'll need backup if we don't kill these things quicky enough!" Corran roared, thrusting his sword forwards into the guts of another cultist. "Or we'll be overwhelmed soon enough!"