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02-05-2009, 09:23
I have been playing this army for a while and so far have been very satisfied with the results. Everything has its role and fulfills it just fine. The true weak spot is the fourth character, and I don't know what to do. So here is my army composition, 2500 points strong (minus fourth character):

Vampire Lord
General; lvl 3; Hellsteed
Red Fury; Dark Acolyte; Avatar of Death (Shield)
Dreadlance; Crown of The Damned

Flying Horror; Summon Creatures of The Night
Sword of Battle; Armour of The Night

Battle Standard Bearer
Dread Knight; Walking Death
Drakenhoff Banner

80 Zombies
10 Ghouls
10 Ghouls
4 Fell Bats
8 Cairn Wraiths
5 Blood Knights; Standard; Flag of The Blood Keep

Vampire flying hero goes with Fell Bats, increasing their size and going for war machines, mages, skirmishers or any other valid target. He is OK. Cairn Wraiths go in front of Blood Knights, disabling them from charging unwanted targets, and can very quickly move out of their way if desired. And they do some serious damage on their own. This group deals most damage on the field. Ghouls serve as attachments to the large unit of Zombies which is most usually 20 wide and 4 deep - to create a cork to a desired area of the table. They are fine too – my favourite and most fun group. And Vampire Lord can go on his own as he is crazy enough to do anything he wants. I hate stupidity but I won’t even consider losing 4+ Ward Save on him, so I have to bare with it. He has Ld 10 so he is mostly OK, and I have learned how to minimize the risk should I fail the test.

So, I am left with 205 points, considering one of these two options:

- Necromancer; Corpse Cart; Balefire; 2x Dispel Scroll
- Vampire; Hellsteed; Infinite Hatred; Avatar of Death (Shield); Balefire Spike; Wristbands of The Black Gold

Either I go for magic defense, which would anyway be OK with 7 dispel dice, or I go for some extra punch, which I already do pack. Necro would support infantry, Vampire would support the Lord. I also may switch one scroll for Black Periapt, which is also fine. If you have a better character combo feel free to suggest. But I want a character, not an extra unit, or to change the army in amy way. Thanks bunch!!!

02-05-2009, 17:30
personal i likethe corspe cart its another spell for your oppoent to worry once you have gotten stuck in but i would give the

Necromancer this
extra spell (IoN/vanhels)
black periapt
power stone
Corpse cart w/balefire

Da GoBBo
02-05-2009, 17:57
I don't know VC that well, but I'd take the choice that allows the most ellement of suprise. If that's equal, I'd go on the defensive since you are allready satisfied about your attackpower and VC is all about bein relliable. Were you an Orc I'd take an extra element of attackpower though. Ye can never have enough clubbers on yer side.

02-05-2009, 20:10
I dont think your vampire can join the fell bats. I think its rule that characters cant join flying units.

03-05-2009, 20:28
No, he is not joining them, he is following them so that they act as a group. Sure he can't join them.

I think I'll go for the Vamp on Hellsteed, for offense. Thanx guys!