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02-05-2009, 21:14
So for the Tale of two gamer website I finally came to the decision that I wanted to do an Empire army.

Here is the list I came up with

Balthasar Gelt

Lvl 2 wizard
Crystal ball (reveal everything hidden in 24")
Sigial of sigmar (magic res 1)

Lvl 2 wizard
Staff of sorc (+1 dispel)

Doomfire ring
Hochland long rifle

x20 swordsmen
full command

x20 swordsmen
full command

x10 hand gunners

x10 hand gunners

x20 great swords
full command
banner of arcane warding (magic res 2)

x2 great cannons


Helstrom rocket battery

x3 units of 9 halberdiers as detatchments.

Now I was torn between the engineer or a warrior priest for the following reasons.

Engineers: BS 4 Helblaster..... who wouldn't want one of them, and with a long rifle being able to pick enemy wizards/assassins out from units.

Warrior priest: Hatred on the great swords would be great, as well as hopefully being able to cast the re-roll wounds spell on Gelt for some real destructive magic phases.

I also thought of taking 2 helblasters instead of one, but i'd rather play a couple of games with them before I make that decision.

As for taking Gelt, I've never taken a lvl 4 as my general before and as metal magic is in my opinion the best magic deck he seemed the perfect choice. Him being on a pegasus is not my ideal choice as it means he can be picked out unless hidden, but with a 3+ward he should be ok most of the time.

With the 2 lvl 2's they are their to draw out dispel dice. One will be taking Heavens mainly for portent of far. The other will be taking life again mostly for mistress of the marsh and any other spell as it is my second favorite deck.

I'm don't rightly know which province I will be painting them at the moment, I quite like the thought of Yellow.

I'll hopefully get some pictures up soon.

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Von Wibble
03-05-2009, 19:01
Engineers can't have magic items. Its a brave choice to take one, even with BS 4 on the helblaster - a misfire on the first shot and he's just wasted points. But warriors priests are my favourite characters so of course I'd say that.

If you are going magic heavy (or indeed have any wizards) take the rod of power. Its a great item that workls well no matter how much magic your opponent has. Staff of sorcery is generally not so good.

A level 4 metal wizard is generally as good as Gelt tbh. Balthasar is heavily priced and has very little to recommend him (a luckstone imo is about as good as the staff of volans in its current incarnation).

With so much magic you don't need magic resistance on your units.

You need some cavalry to stop enemies closing in on you too quickly. The points saved by downgrading balthasar and losing a unit of hangunners will get a block of pistoliers (never leave home without them) and vanilla knights.

Provinces in yellow

Ostermark - my own favourite, yellow (or white) and purple

Stirland - green and yellow

Nordland - blue and yellow

Talabecland - Red and Yellow

Averland - Black and Yellow

Nuln is black but if you just wanted yellow as a contrast that could work also. Or of course you could make it a border princes/ mercenary army with counts as rules and pick whatever colours you like!

03-05-2009, 23:34
Wow I can't believe I missed that engineers can't have em..... so he's dropped from the army now. In place for a warrior priest possibly mounted with pistoliers/outriders.

Gelt was mainly taken for the +2 to cast metal and knowing all the spells, because your always going to miss that 1 spell that you wanted. But yeah your right dropping those points free me up to take some cav which I am lacking, possibly outriders/pistoliers but I can play about with those units.

I'll switch out the staff of sorcery for the rod of power, drop the magic res from my units and drop characters and go for more offensive items or more bound spells to pull out those dispel dice..... (i hate dispel scrolls)

Once I've played a few games i'll get a better feel of what's working and what needs changing.

I'm going to hold off on deciding on which province I do till I get to read the new empire background book... but as it stands Averland are the front runners.