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03-05-2009, 13:15
Hi everyone, i'm starting a new army! woo.

The proposed initial armylist is;

What I need help on is the army colour schemes really. Most brettonians i've ever seen follow the schemes in the book - which me being me - don't want to follow.

My fluff is that the force is from a town called D'antille, and ruled by Earl Swinden who is both merciful and compassionate. The lands are being overrun by raiding dark elves and beastmen, and the Earl has decided to the raise an army to protect his lands.

At the moment, the force is mainly comprimised of knights of the realm, and peasants as they're the most likely peoples of the town. I'm not including grail knights/reloque/questing knights as I don't want to be a questing force.

Instead they'll be reclaiming farms, protecting villages, and defending the forts. Hence i'll be using trebuchets for the siege defenses, and lots of peasant archers.

Should I paint the army in dark colours, as they're mostly a rabble and new army. Or conversely because they're new should they be in parade style uniforms and colours?

What colours would suit the above force?

My current armies are;
Skaven - green (brown fur before you ask :P)
Tomb Kings - red/green
Daemons - white/purple

Thanks for your help :),

Duke Georgal
03-05-2009, 13:57
Bretonnia uses six colors (five in the newest book, no green) as follows:

Green, Red, Blue, Black, White, and Yellow.

They are divided into two groups:

Metals: White (silver), Yellow (gold)
Colors: Green, Red, Blue, Black

Unbreakable rule: Metals never on top of metals, colors never go on top of colors.

I paint mine so Metals never touch and neither do colors. If you follow this basic set of rules your Bretonnians will look good no matter how you paint them.

I would suggest a 5th edition Bretonnia army book for good references. It has a much better painting section than the current edition.

03-05-2009, 17:03
I saw someone painting their knights like the 40K Black Templars. It was pretty good.

As for the Heraldry, Black was representative of Iron, a metal, but I think the exception when it comes to joining up with other metals.

03-05-2009, 20:00
Theyre french so use the old french heraldry colours

04-05-2009, 14:24
I always thought my state flag (maryland) would make for a cool knight but by the time I was good enough to paint a coat of arms my 5th ed starter box brets were sold...