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03-05-2009, 22:31
I would like some advice on equipping my prince and noble. I am working on a competitive 2,000 point list. My main opponents are lizardmen, warriors of chaos, and vampire counts. My biggest problems is having trouble killing an oldblood on carnosaur, stegadon, chaos lord on dragon, and vampire lord on dragon. I plan on taking 2 fighty/killy characters:

1) Prince on Star Dragon with Star Lance, Talisman of Loec, and what else?

2) Noble on barded steed with
a) Foe Bane and Helm of Furtune
b) Sword of Might, Helm of Fortune, and Gem of Courage
c) Blade of Sea Gold, Enchanted Shield
d) he could be on foot with a Great Weapon, Armor of Caledor, and Guardian Phoenix

This is what I have thought of so far. I would greatly appreciate any advice.

*edit - changed the title to "Elf" from "Eld", oops

04-05-2009, 02:16
In my 2k star dragon list i take.
For the prince you want to keep him alive, just give him a halberd, vambrace of defence and armour of celedor. He can throw out as much hurt as he takes.
For the prince helm of fortune is a great option, give him that and a lance and mount him on a steed, give him guardian phonix, hes also a bsb)
I also take a level 1 wizard with the item were you steal a power dice and add it to your dispel and jus throw 2 dice at drain magic each turn and 1 dice at shield of saphry on a unit within 18".
Talisman of loec i usualy stick on my sword master unit champ and chalenge, iv killed manythings. Including hydras and vampire lords with this suprize attack.

If you want to be uber sick.
Put nobel on an unbarded steed give him heavy armour and a shield and the star lance and the talisman of loec. and charge him out at the oponents general (18" charge is sick) make sure hes close enough so they cant flee from you. And make sure your not in base with a unit champion so they cant try and re direct your missile.

These are the combos i take i hope this advice helps.

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04-05-2009, 21:45
My dragon lord is always equiped vambrances of defense and armor of calodor and a lance this makes him almost unkillable against most attacks..

As for the noble I like the mounted helm of fortune and foe bane and have used it several times,
it killed characters flat out and didn't work too well against river trolls. I really like this setup.