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04-05-2009, 00:45
I actually have no opinion on this as I'm just now starting to paint up a Gondor army. But a few times now I've seen people say that they consider Gondor to be the weakest WOTR faction. Is this true? Any experiences to report as far as having problems winning with them or anything?

04-05-2009, 02:26
Well I can tell you pretty conclusively that this isn't the case. I play only Gondor at the moment and am having a blast with it - I'm not winning everything but I'm not losing all the time either.

I think people just assume that because Gondor is an army of men, it is the most average and normal - as people have done with Guard/Empire in 40k/WHFB - but they'd be wrong. Trying to approach the WOTR system in the same way that you approach 40k/WHFB is impossible - it's its own unique system. And unlike 40k/WHFB, where certain armies are obviously stronger than others, no one WOTR army will automatically be better than the next.

That's the benefit of a massive simultaneous release - the system is wrought fairly.


04-05-2009, 03:45
My thoughts:

1 - Gondor has some of the best heroes in the game. For raw power, it's hard to top Aragorn or Boromir, and in terms of cost effectiveness, Faramir might be the best hero in the game. Gondor is loaded for top notch hero choices.

2 - Gondor has some very tough rank and file. Warriors of Minas Tirith, Knights of Minas Tirith, and then the various archer and artillery options mean you have a diverse and tough force even before you get into the fiefdom units.

3 - The other units Gondor has access to (from Dol Amroth, Arnor, etc) are all varying degrees of awesome. The pikes and knights of Dol Amroth are insanely good, while some of the legendary formations like Grey Company and Osigliath veterans are ridiculously useful as well.

4 - The only real weaknesses of the Gondor list are lack of monsters (all of Good suffers from this) and lack of casters (all of good that aren't Elves suffer from this).

04-05-2009, 05:05
Definitely not a weak faction.

For example, have you looked at the warriors of arnor entry?

Same stats as an easterling -1 courage for 5 points less for company. Stick an inspiring leader in 1 company and put run 3 formations of 6 with the heroes company in the center? Very very solid infantry block there. And since its rather inexpensive you can then build up lots of cool and powerful units around them to support. Deadly deadly deadly.

If I had the money to play gondor (I picked dwarves for my good army...on further thought I would of liked gondor more however I would end up playing them a lot like my easterlings) I would run a list like this:

1x Prince Imrahil - 125

1x Faramir - 90

6x Minas Tirith Warriors -150

6x Minas Tirith Warriors -150

6x Minas Tirith Knights -180

4 Knights of Dol Amroth -235
Banner Bearer

6x Osgiliath Veterans -330

4x Grey Company -235

Total Army Cost: 1495

In my opinion gondor & arnor is perhaps the most powerful army list for the good side as it has tons of variety and lots of good but cheap units and heroes that work well together.

04-05-2009, 05:37
I would say the other way around... Gondor is the most powerful list on the Good side, espacially when you count 25% allies. I also think that we should remain in the third age, otherwise lists can become strange fast.

Elves are too expensive, so very hard to play with. A single big mistake and you lost the battle.

Dwarves are good but a little slow and therfore lack in reaction abilities, plus they are somewhat expensive.

Rohan have good cavalry, but not that much better than certain evil counterparts.

Gondor has both good and cheap troops. When you combine that with extremely good Epic Heroes and you have a very strong army that are relatively easy to play with. You can make a mistake and recover from it. You usually can afford to keep reserves to bolster you defenses where needed.
From a newbie point of view I think that Gondor is the easiest army to win with, and with an expert player it would probably be the hardest of the Good armies to play against.

With 25% allies you also can add casters, such as Gandalf and elves if you need to. But in my experience it is not always necessary to do so. Magic don't win games in WotR like it can in other certain GW games. Use of Might at the right time can stop some of the magical effects, that is usually enough to help you win the day.

04-05-2009, 11:07
I'll chime in my agreement.

If $ wasn't an issue, I would have built a Gondor army. They can field a large force with terrific flexibility.

Lord Asuryan
04-05-2009, 16:29
Gondor is GREAT, speaking as someone who plays it. they have really hard troops, great legendaries, and awsome heroes. there's only a few things that I find lacking.
monsters (easily remedied by allying, ents/great eagles/king's champion...heck, even glorfindel!
magic (allying, you can get gandalf, possibly the best caster good can get.)
fiefdom troops...I'm not particularly convinced about they're usefulness, at least dollars-awesome ratio. lamedon does damage but dies easily. dol amroth is expensive (money and points--for the cost of three dol amroth knight companies, (150 points, ~100 bucks) you can have 5 normal knight companies for just over half that $$$ amount. Arnor is metal, yes, slightly better, but...$$$. Lassarnach are the only ones I'm really impressed with. pikes AND two handed weapons, for the cost of WOMT? and not particularly difficult to convert either? YAY.

other than that, Gondor has some of the best duelling heroes in the game, which are also very reasonably priced. Faramir, Imrahil, etc. Aragorn is great for larger games, and overall gondor functions very well in every aspect/phase of the game. they have heavy hitters, anvils, cav defense, fast troops, good shooting, great heroes, etc.